No matter how cold the winter is, Baoma should not buy these three “cotton shoes” for children.

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As the winter approaches, cooling has become the main theme of temperature changes. In order to ensure that babies can warm the winter, parents from all over the country can be said to be “

Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing magical powers

Essence “From the hat to the clothes to the shoes, Xiao Mengwa was protected by his parents tightly.



“Cold from the foot”,

Moms did not dare to relax at all of the warmth on the baby’s feet, often letting children wear a pair of thick “cotton shoes”. As everyone knows, this care of Bao Ma is likely to laid hidden dangers for the healthy growth of the baby.

Is the baby who is “three steps and one slip, two steps and one pour” is sick? The doctor’s words made Bao Ma suddenly realize

Seeing that it was getting colder outside, in order to avoid the baby’s frozen, Xiao Yun deliberately bought a pair of snow cotton boots on the Internet. Looking at the thick upper, Xiao Yun felt that the baby was not worried this winter. I did not expect that just a few days after changing it, the baby had a problem.

The babies who have been lively before these two days have been quiet for the past two days. The kindergarten teacher also said that the child has been very lively before, but this time always wrestle, often walking and walking.

A soft calf, falling to the ground


Xiaoyun, who thought the baby was sick, took the baby to the hospital. After a doctor’s examination, Xiao Yun did not get any information about the baby’s illness from the checklist. The doctor said that the baby is always wrestling, not because of the baby’s physical problems, but this pair on the baby’s feet

Thick snow boots pounding ghosts.

The baby’s development is not enough to support such heavy snow boots. It is like adding a big iron ball to his feet. The baby will not be able to grasp it, and of course he will wrestle.

Xiao Yun suddenly realized that she returned home to change the light cotton shoes for her baby. The baby did not have the phenomenon of falling again.

These three “cotton shoes” have been pulled into the blacklist. Bao mom don’t buy it for the child.

1) Snow boots

Snow boots often appear in the shopping cart in winter. In the eyes of parents, this good -looking snow boot is not only high in value, but also keeps warm. If it is paired with a piece of jeans, it should not be too beautiful.

But once the aesthetics of parents add to their children, it is likely to have an irreparable impact on the child’s healthy growth. For adults,

The weight of the skeleton that has completed the development of small snow boots is more than enough

But this is not the case for the baby. The baby’s no developed bones can not bear the thickness of the snow boots.

Too heavy snow boots will have a greater impact on the bone development of the baby’s ankle and bow.

2) boots

In the eyes of parents, long boots can be said to be standard for ladies and fashion. Even in winter, high shoe tube can effectively avoid cold air pouring in and maintain the temperature of the feet.

But do you notice, when the baby is wearing a boot,

The range of the ankle will be greatly reduced

For babies in the development stage,

The restricted ankle is difficult to get enough development


3) Powder shoes

This seemingly lovely and loved puffing cake shoes are becoming the explosion in the eyes of parents: not only can it keep warm, but also effectively increases their height. But if this good -looking loose cake shoes are used on the baby, it will be hidden for the baby’s safety


Try to wear a babies who love to run and make troubles, wearing a rowing cake shoes with a thick bottom, a little bit of lameness will appear.


At that time, the baby limped, and the last regret was the parent.


In addition to wearing shoes, what small details should babies pay attention to in winter? Expert suggest

The “Four Cold” here refers to the four parts of the baby should not be cold. Do the warm work of these four parts, and the baby can spend a “warm” winter.

It’s not cool: belly

When Baoma chooses winter clothes for the baby, she must choose the kind of clothes that can take care of her belly. The cold belly can cause the baby’s belly bloating and indigestion. It will also cause the baby’s diarrhea and affect the safety of the baby.

Two not cool: top of the head

The baby’s head skin is more delicate and contains a lot of nervous system. If it is cold, it is easy to make the baby have a cold and fever. For this reason, Mom must do two points,

One is that the baby’s hair should not be cut too short, and the other is to do a good job of keeping the head warm.

Sanzhuliang: back

The baby’s back is also a key protection part. Bao Ma avoids wearing some tight or impermeable personal clothes for the baby. Avoid the baby’s sweat that cannot be discharged in time, resulting in a cold and fever.

Four cool: feet

As the so -called “cold from the feet”, there are also many nervous systems on the feet, which are vulnerable to cold winds. When Baoma chooses cotton shoes for the baby,

While considering the thickness, lightweight should also be considered to facilitate baby activity.


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