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Hello everyone, I am



The knife was a little busy today to make me a class. Of course, between “agree” and “consent”, of course, I chose “Agree”.

In fact, today is not a skin care article. Everyone knows that our articles on Friday are biased

Grass Single


When considering the theme, many students in the company mentioned the work and study of the Year of the Tiger at this time. I really want to learn about some tools, whether it is

Improve efficiency, improve health, improve comfort


Convenient for daily life.

So, today’s theme is one

Practical small object

There are no skin care products and no cosmetics, but all colleagues in the company themselves feel that they are very useful. I hope to help everyone.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

In addition, because when we buy ourselves, it is impossible to try the products of similar brands, so if you are interested in which one, we can also ourselves.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Search for similar products on different platforms

Perhaps the one that is more suitable for you.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Rather than wanting to share with you “this one is easy to use”, it is better to tell you to talk to you

“We feel very practical in this category”

, I still hope that more can play a role in attracting jade ~

That’s not much, let’s start!

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Xiaomi screen hanging light

Recommender: Xiaoyu

Reference price: ¥ 179


Official renderings, pictures source:

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Since doing

Myopia surgery

,so I

Special note


Especially with the computer for a long time, be sure to

Agreement of more than 50 cm

How many numbers are tuned, and it is 40 minutes.

Take a look at

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Light is also important

In my room, the computer only depends on the computer or natural light. It feels too dark, and it will be dazzling with table lamps. After surgery, there is a aperture at the light source.


Screen hanging light

It is too fragrant afterwards, it can be said yes

The best partner of the display

My one is Xiaomi, the appearance is simple and generous,

Hanging on the screen does not take up space

The light of the lamp is not directly shown on the screen, but to illuminate the area in front of the screen.

I won’t be dazzling at all

, And the light is soft, the warmth can also be adjusted, and the eyes will not be uncomfortable when the screen is long.

Left: Hanging light lighting, right: table lamp lighting

It can be seen that the difference is still quite big

The light also shines on the desktop in front of the screen. It is also convenient to type or write something on the keyboard.

Can completely replace the table lamp


真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

The switch is interesting

It is equivalent to a wireless remote control, press the switch to rotate the brightness and color temperature. I also developed a new usage -put the switch on the pillow,

Linking as a bedside lamp

You can turn off the light without stretching the bed at night.

Asbel ASVEL measuring cup 200ml

Recommender: Amber

Reference price: 200ml model ¥ 29


Picture source:

After using 3 kitchen scale,

The baking enthusiasts decisively started with the cup.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

This Japanese -style cup is available

Four measuring methods

, Can be used for measurement

The number of solids

(For example, flour and sugar) and

The number of liquids

(For example, milk, oil and water), common ingredients in baking can be easily taken, which is more convenient and durable than kitchen scale.

The cup body is resin material,

Heat -resistant and cold -resistant

, Basically, where to move and where to move;

Not fragile

, Super suitable for hand -slip party!

There is a tip of the sharp mouth

Drainage design

, When pouring out the liquid, not external or sputtering, plus a comfortable handle design, it is impeccable in the experience ~

When you do n’t use baking, you can throw a measuring cup into the rice bucket.

The role of measuring rice

, Even if you do n’t bake, you wo n’t be idle, do n’t lose it ~

Rotary storage disk

Recommender: Ajia

Reference price: single layer ¥ 23.9, double layer ¥ 58

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Single layer:

Double layer:

This is a single layer

This is

Slide the tray

It can be rotated, it is actually very simple, but really

Can solve many home storage problems.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Such as

Cleaning supplies in narrow cabinets

Different clothes need to be used for special products. It is inconvenient to use it in a small cabinet, but it can easily get what the need is needed.

You don’t need to put your hand in again for a long time

I also touched various bottles and cans.

My house is still

Big sauce

I like to cook all kinds of beef sauce, chopped pepper sauce, sesame sauce or something.

This sauce is really super difficult to store,

Bottle cans and cans are particularly easy to pour together

If you accidentally sprinkle the pepper oil is the scene of the homicide.

Then I bought this

Double -layer rotation storage rack

It is convenient to take each bottle of sauce, and the space is fully used.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

This is dual -layer

Also, this is practical

Skin care

It is also very convenient, especially when I like to Kaifeng many products that are used in the rotation party, it is difficult to find bottles and cans.

It’s easy to find too much

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Amiro makeup mirror

Recommender: Tomato 番

Reference price: ¥ 779


This is the style that is currently on sale

Picture source:

If let me choose one

Almost every day in 4 years

High -frequency practical tools, that must be

Amiro this makeup mirror

To be honest, when I was fashionable and young, I still wondered if I spent 400 to buy a mirror. Is it sick?


It’s so fragrant to use it


Daily skin care tie your hair in a mirror or something, let’s not say anything,

This is really easy to make up!

(I don’t know why this mirror can make people look good, so it is especially suitable for selfies 🤳🏻

3 gear light

(White light, yellow light, natural light),

5 gear brightness

, I used to stay with Yizhuang, I spent countless winter when I got up at 6 o’clock in the winter, and made me not mess with my makeup after the sun came out.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Especially for Beidiaohuhu Drifting, this either small window or no window causes uneven light.

Rental is very friendly

It is also very suitable to put it on the second shelf.

This is the old model I bought, but now it has been suspended

But it ’s a point that I bought it too early, so I did n’t sell it.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

I looked at the flagship store now there are two models,

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Limited budget

Just buy the cheaper one, all kinds of discounts are estimated

Less than 200


Consider the black one, various discounts

Around ¥ 500

You can also win it, and it is still wireless! (My wired model is still a bit troublesome to use)

In short, I think

Stocks are not losing at all

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

The practical items have been used, and I have used it for more than four years and

It’s not broken after falling countless times

Let’s say that we really don’t poke.

Daily throwing beautiful pupil contact lens storage box

Reference price: ¥ 9.9 -¥ 15.9


Let’s say why I didn’t discover this kind of fun early!

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

as a

Daily throwing beautiful pupil super large households

It has become a big thing for the boss. I bought two of them before

Super Large Restaurant

Come to storage of beautiful pupils.

One is

Occupy the place,

two is

Every time I want to use it for a long time, I have to tear it off for a long time. When I was in a hurry, I accidentally torn it out …

Since having this

Storage rack

, Really liberating the space!

I bought it

Two Jiugong style styles

, But this is not this one, it is another app specializing in selling beautiful pupils. In order to prevent the suspicion of advertising, I deliberately found the same model for you.

¥ 9.9

It is a four -company box of vertical strips,

¥ 15.9

It is Jiugongge, you can buy it according to your needs.

If there are not so many beautiful pupils, this small box is okay

Used to store other things

For example, eye drops, small cards, etc. are also very convenient.


There are a lot of real money

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

, But because the price is different, the quality is different. It is not recommended that everyone buy too cheap (such as free shipping 9.9), which is easy to receive the bad heart after receiving the goods.

Wrist pad elbow support

Recommender: Guagua

Reference price: ¥ 65 -¥ 85


The reason why this is recommended is that the daily tables and chairs that many people use them in fact are not fully adapted with their bodies, and some are even designed to be very anti -humans, so that they often need to maintain one

Bow waist’s neck and arms hanging

Uncomfortable posture.

Over time, a series of elbows, lumbar spine, cervical spine, high and low shoulders, spinal bending …

Physical problem

Have you appeared ~

Of course, if you can replace the seat that makes you sit more comfortably, it is better, but the reality

If the conditions are not allowed

You can also start with this like this


Small components, try to be as better as their bodies.

Don’t look at it just an extended mouse pad, but it can

Make your elbow no longer suspended

, Effectively reduce the long -term burden and chronic pain and fatigue of the muscles of the elbow and shoulders, which is useful!


The installation is also very simple

There are magic belts that can be tied to the handrails of the chair, and there are

Securing clip

It can be clamped tightly at the table, and the fixed effect is not bad. There is also a circle of mouse -proof sliding design on the outer edge of the circular mouse pad, which is very careful.

At once


In terms of, it does not adapt to the edges of all tables. For example, the table board is more than 6 cm, and the edge of the table has slope and decorative strips. other

The thickness of less than 6 cm

It’s all OK ~

Compared with similar products, its face value is relatively better,

The overall details are also in place

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Although the price is slightly higher, after all, it is a long time every day. I personally think it is used.


It is more important than saving a dozen pieces ~

Ningzhi Static Electric Bluetooth keyboard 87 key

Recommender: Procaaster

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Reference price: about ¥ 1150

Buy link:

Officially selling 87 -key renderings, pictures source:

I am using this keyboard myself (just the old model),

2017 to the present

Including the feel inner

No obvious problems

Essence Although the price is very expensive, it is worth it if it can solve your needs.

Regarding the differences and advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic keyboards, film keyboards, and mechanical keyboards, we will not expand it. Technical things are important but not so important.

The key is to see

Does it really meet your needs and solve your problems.

Then why did I buy this at the time?

Because of my

Several key needs are very good:

Not so noisy

There are sound but not loud/loud;

Kai Chong

The keyboard grams used to be used as editors to typing and typing more to the finger joint pain;

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具


Full size right shift key

, It does not affect my typing efficiency;


Simple and clean, look at the public.

The old 75 keys I am using

The closest to the sales and its layout is the 82/84 key

已经 The style I bought has been suspended now, and I may buy another one this year.

87 key

Yes, the normal size is just

No digital small dealers

(I can’t use it anyway).

The closest to the style I am currently in use is

82/84 key

, But I won’t buy it myself, because the new layout has shortened the right shift in order to design the independent arrow keys, this key position affects me typing.

But if you

There are very few right shift

Or you can adapt, and want a relatively compact keyboard, that’s

Recommended 82/84 keys


Too hard to avoid vacuum storage compressed bags

Recommender: ibuprofenna

Reference price: According to the size, each ¥ 5.9 -¥ 19.9

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Buy link:

Picture source:

Dress quilt

Big, many and fluffy

Things, storage

Trouble and occupy

, Especially when I packed up clothes every semester, I returned to school. I had to mention a few bags because of a few clothes without the clothes.

Compressed bag

The emergence saved the storage waste firewood in the fire -after the compression, the clothing and bedding

At least the volume can be reduced by at least half

Essence Waterproof and moisture and moisture and moisture and moisture, whether you go out or change the seasonal storage are very assured.

But generally compressed bags

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Need to match the electric pump or hand pump

Only to pump the gas compression. If the electric pump cannot be found when compression, or if you go out, you need to bring an electric pump, which will extremely weaken the convenience of using a compressed bag.

So I specially started

Disposal compressed bag

, The operation is also very simple: put in the clothing of the clothing, seal the mouth, and then

Squeeze the gas out of the valve mouth

That’s OK.

Believe me,

Insufficient strength and weighting together

Generally, you can successfully master the use of such compressed bags after trying it once or twice.

There are different sizes from pumping bags, and



Three -dimensional

Two versions, you can choose on demand, generally speaking

Three -dimensional version

It is more suitable for putting large pieces such as quilts at home,

Plane version

Suitable for carrying luggage.

But need to pay attention, no matter what kind of compressed bag,

It is inevitable that the fabric will cause indentation

It is particularly easy to wrinkle such as real silk, it is best not to use it.

Sysmax reading rack

Recommender: Ajas

Reference price: ¥ 159

Buy link:

This shelf

I have been buying it for almost 3 years

, Always using it. It can still make me call directly, wow, I can buy things too much. KK.

Why buy it, not because I like the blogger I like! The initial grass planting was completely looking at the shelf

It’s so beautiful

After all, some bookshelves and computers are really ugly … and it can

Multi -purpose

It is simply jumping in my preference area.

Be able to do

Reading rack of reading

, And can be fooled again

Computer, iPad and mobile phone brackets

It can also adjust many heights.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

When reading a book, you can pull the “little handle” under the bookshelf up

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Hold a book

, Not only reading books to liberate hands,

Test questions

It is also convenient for thieves.









真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Picture source:

Picture source:

Recommender: Tomato 番

Picture source:

Picture source:

Picture source:

When the computer bracket is super stable

, Cracking, the typing did not flip. and

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

Adjust to the right height

, Don’t keep looking at the computer all the time, the neck is really saved.

What I love more is

Put ipad to draw

Although the protective case of all iPads is stable to support the painting, it is panicked when it is used. Putting this reading rack

No matter how hard you do, you don’t have to worry!

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

To me, it is really,

Too much when using it

Essence I just bought it and doubted whether I had any serious illness after all, after all, it was not so cheap, but after so many years, I think it ’s really good!

Sing it, a big dome Q3 microphone

Recommender: ZZ

Reference price: ¥ 379

Buy link:

Picture source:

As a person who used to ask friends to sing at school before, he has not sang friends after work in the past two years, and the factor of the epidemic has almost never been to KTV.

When you are at home, you can sing music and sing, pull your throat

Tired and no atmosphere

, 10% of the fun!

Until last year, I started this microphone,

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

My singing happiness is back!

After checking in get off work at home, connect the microphone Bluetooth on the mobile phone or the singer app, and you can get karaoke up immediately.

I want to lie down, sit, and sing ~

it is

Microphone + Bluetooth speaker

It is a problem that perfectly solves the problem of cost, occupying places, and easy to get ashamed.

The radio is great and the sound is good

Coupled with the effect of self -cultivation, I think the sound is better than listening to KTV.

If it is recorded, the effect is also

It is more than N times better than using a headset microphone.

Last year and the New Year this year, I took it home, and the family could start to sing anytime, anywhere.

Parents also like DER!

Oh yes, it can also be available when not singing

For Bluetooth speakers alone.

In short

Super convenient and easy to use

, I love it so much ~

Then the content of today is here first, I am also myself

Several things to grow

Add a shopping cart.

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

What do you use for a long time to let you


It is particularly practical

真实无广 | 编辑部自用的 10 个实用生活小工具

What about things? Also come to the comment area to share with you ~

Do you still want to see more editorial department for your own good things?

Just want to order

Tell us!


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