Veyorance Veiray urban business series backpack open box, minimalism new choice

It’s the day when you buy a bag every year …

Although last year, I have decided to use the buyer’s high -end business Arc’teryx veilance nomin outdoor backpack as the end point of the throne of the bird bird

But this year there is really no new prodigal goal

Think about it

I decided to go back to buy this apparent bird Arc’teryx veilance Seque TOTE full waterproof business backpack Totbag

I didn’t like Totbag very much at first (after all, I have reached the age of the uncle)


But the design of Seque is very low -key (it is really dark)

And I haven’t bought a Totbag

Let’s try it as a tide person


1. The box is open

2. Plastic bag packaging

3. Tag

4. Outside

Material is similar to Nomin Pack backpack

Looks like the processing of the tablet is changed?

Turning into a plaid? Photos look less beautiful …


5. Change

In fact, the positive and negative sides can really not be distinguished

It’s all black …

6. Side


The tag is still hanging on the zipper

7. Tag close -up

You can see the material of the bag


Similar to nomin

8. close -up of zipper head

Zipper head that is smaller than nomin

But there is a piece of cloth so it is easy to find the zipper

The zipper body still does waterproof treatment

9. Special zipper writing

Look at the zipper from another angle


10. Stand up and watch the whole body

Two types of different lengths of different lengths

One to handle

One to hang on the shoulders


11. Turn over

The bag is so easy


Turn it out to let everyone see how much the apparent bird is “cut corners” …

There is actually only one small inner bag in it

12. The other side

This side only has tags and waterproof stickers


13. Side close -up

It’s really empty

14. Inner material close -up

Come and have a close -up of the tag

15. Black inner bag close -up

There is a key to hang up in the bag

16. Cave close -up

17. Brothers and brothers

It can be seen that Seque is actually quite big

90 % of Nomin’s height should be NOMIN

18. Side comparison

The brothers’ belly is almost thick


19. The opening at the opening


It can be seen that nomin’s zipper is much larger

The processing method of zipper body is consistent

20. Lift close -up

The upper hand of nomin is the same material as the strap as Seque

The only difference is that nomin is thicker

Just stack the same material and sew many times


I want to award Nomin again here


Although the seemingly simple material

Very simple work


But nomin is actually quite durable

After getting it last year, about 80 % of the days will take it out

This handle is the part I was most worried about at the beginning


There is no problem …

In comparison, there is only one layer of cloth strap

Let’s wait and see if there will be a problem …

21. Dabu special writing

The stitching sewing looks very dense …


22. Work close -up

In fact, this part is similar to that I got nomin last year.

There seems to be residual on the zipper

Occasionally there are no confession on the body?

23. Package test

Take the little girl’s giraffe as the ratio

In fact, there are many spaces that can be installed

Visual inspection of the thirte inch notebook can put three and one soft shell jacket

It is not recommended to put a camera

Because there is really no buffer fabric …


The first idea of ​​this bag is … light!

Although I have been prepared after getting nomin last year

But Seque is lighter

“This can be used as a shopping bag to buy food ….”

The original factory is only 260 grams of weight

I haven’t measured it myself

But it’s really light

And the capacity is quite large

If you use Nomin’s 26 -liter capacity as the benchmark

I think there should be 20 liters of Seque …

Nomin, I have asked with the original factory to verify


The weight of the first generation is 930 grams

So compare this way

Seque’s capacity is actually far better than!

Of course, the strap of the shoulder is more difficult to disperse weight

So I think no one will pack more things than the backpack than the backpack

But such a simple and high -negative design is really not easy

Another major advantage is simple design and material

It’s really easy to roll up and store, occupying little space

You can receive “ub” in the backpack or luggage


Temporary needs to be used temporarily

It is very convenient

Summarize a few shortcomings:

1. Low -key black (the common problem of veilance series)

2. No outer bag

Practical use of this aspect will be discounted

All the storage spaces must be accessible through the main zipper

3. The main zipper is small


Too little difficult to pull


I also think it should be used as a double zipper like Arc’teryx veilance nomin outdoor backpack

Convenience will also improve points


4. Expert


Hmm … I think Arc’teryx veilance nomin is expensive


Nomin still looks more cost -effective

Overall is a low -key and easy -to -use bag

I believe it should be sold well

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