Cloud New Year! Hangzhou Tiger Year Song Yun culture “baby” accompany you for a long time

CCTV Hangzhou January 31st (Reporter Wei Wei) In order to further promote the “Song Yun Culture” in Hangzhou and create a cultural atmosphere of the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival from January 30 to February 7, 2022, the Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television Tourism Bureau will unite with Many mainstream museums in Hangzhou jointly launched the “Hangzhou Baby Over -New Year” New Year promotion activity. With Song Yun’s hand painting volume and museum auspicious baby as the highlights, I will give you a full -scale blessing of cultural flavor!


Hand -painted “Song Yun Painting Volume”


Through the thousand years of enjoying Song Yun Hangzhou Year

The Song Dynasty’s notes “Dream Liang Lu” records: The first month of the day, commonly known as the New Year. We call the first month of the lunar calendar “New Year”, which is derived from the Song Dynasty. The prosperity of the commodity economy not only gave birth to a wealthy and prosperous city, but also gave birth to a colorful urban cultural life. Similar to today’s long holiday, most Song people have 5-7 days of New Year holidays. They wear new colorful clothes, buy New Year goods with their families, post Spring Festival couplets, visit relatives and friends, enjoy lanterns … The way of the Spring Festival continues to this day.

So, what are the “rituals” activities of the Chinese New Year? Which Spring Festival customs of the Song people have still affected us? These answers can be found in a scroll of “Hangzhou Baby Great New Year”, allowing us to travel through the unique Song Yun’s charm for thousands of years. The scroll in the form of panoramic hand -painted, decoding Song Yun’s cultural gene, refers to classic Song paintings such as “Qingming Shanghe Tu”, “Tea Map”, “Listening to Ruan Tu”, “Listening to the Qin”, “Xiyuan Yaji Tu”, “Literature Map” and other classic Song paintings Scenes, vividly show the lively scene of the Song people.

Shopping the market: The small days of the Song people can be said to be quite exquisite, and the annual goods that need to be purchased during the Spring Festival are staggering. “Old Wulin” has a section of “The New Year’s Eve”, which lists a lot of lists of New Year’s goods: wax medicine, brocades, new calendars, different sizes, peach runes, Zhong Kui, Chun post, Tianxing post, golden color, strands, strands Flowers, sacrifice, feeding old plates, eaves, sheep cavity, fruits, five -color paper money, pimple, Pepsi, and glue teeth, the so -called “tablet department store”. This time, we chose to take the child of Su Hanchen’s “Winter Baby Play” as the main character, with “pineapple head”, handed red lanterns, and took us to feel the bustling and unprecedented Song people market.

The Song people visit the market (the picture of the Hangzhou Cultural Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau)

Yaji activities: During the Chinese New Year, social entertainment activities were also very rich. The literati and elegant will conduct social entertainment through many elegant forms such as Song painting appreciation, Guqin performance, and southern Song Dynasty flower art. “Burn incense tea, hanging flowers and flowers, leisure, should not be tired of the family.” This is the “four things” of the Song Dynasty literati and elegant life recorded in his notes “Dream Liang Lu”. In the scroll, the literati and elegant meets the scenes of the guests, or use the words of Mo Yin poetry, or help the piano sing, or meditate to ask the meditation.

Song Renya Ji Activities (Photo Conferry of the Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau)

New Year’s Eve: According to the “Dream Liang Lu” records, the Song people attached great importance to the New Year’s Eve dinner on the 30th of the New Year. Seven plates and eight bowls are full of dining tables, with chickens and fish and fish. In addition, “面” (noodles) and “spring disks” are essential. There is also a fruit plate piled up with “cypress branches, persimmons, and oranges. The year is auspicious, everything is good. After the New Year’s Eve, the child is responsible for keeping the year and enjoying various “night fruit” such as sugar, Chengsha group, honey ginger, and honey crisp. The scroll refers to some scenes and food content of the Song painting “Cultural Map”, showing the pure Song Dynasty meal!

The Song Dynasty New Year’s Eve (Capital Cultural Radio, Television and Television Tourism Bureau of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television Tourism Bureau)


Interestingly, the creator also integrates contemporary Hangzhou into the scroll, such as Hangzhou study, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Hangzhou Convention Center, Hangzhou Grand Theater, Dongziguancun, urban brain digital cultural tourism system, etc. Hangzhou New Year.

Receive “cultural relics and blessings”

Online unlock online New Year’s New Pose

Another highlight of the “Hangzhou Baby Great New Year” event is auspicious baby from various museums, some from the Song Dynasty, and some are tiger patterns. They have strong New Year blessings.

Tiger Cultural Relics Series: The ancients often decorated on the utensils with the beast -shaped shape of the tiger. They regarded the tiger as the protector of the child, so that children wearing tiger shoes, tiger head hats, and sleeping tiger headrests, implying that children can grow tiger -headed tiger brains, Roby and lively. The “Black satin color embroidery tiger town five poison bellybands” collected in the China Silk Museum is embroidered with a tiger and tiger five poison patterns such as tigers and crickets, poisonous snakes, scorpions, geckos, and toads, which means to dispel evil and remove the filth. The museum’s “jade tiger decoration” shows chicken bone white, showing a running tiger with round carving techniques. According to literature, the jade tiger was popular during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. A Warring States Period hidden in the Shanxi Museum was very similar in size, shape and sculpting technology. It is more universal; the “Five -Year Copper Tiger Parallel of the Southern Song Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty”, which is collected from the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, is a national first -class cultural relic, with a total length of 21 cm, 9 cm wide, and 8 cm high. Tiger shape, lying lying, mouth ring. The tiger’s belly is engraved with two rows of inscriptions, with a pen in the book.

(Black satin color embroidery tiger town five poisons bellybands) (Warring States Jade Tiger decoration) (Southern Song Shaoxing five -year copper tiger parallel)

Songs of Songs: There are other Song Dynasty cultural relics hidden in the scroll, which are mostly related to life objects, reflecting the Song people’s elegance. The museum is collected from the Hangzhou Museum’s “Blue and White Jade Catfish Pendant”. With realistic methods, the scene of a tail of catfish swims in the water is dynamic. Because the “fish” and “Yu” are harmonious, it means “more than years”; the “deer pattern bricks” collected by the Hangbo Pavilion is colorful, rectangular, and was unearthed in the Hangzhou cigarette factory in Wan Songling in 1995. Deer patterns are common decorative themes of ancients. They have widely appeared on other art categories such as painting, jade, bronze and porcelain in the Southern Song Dynasty. The same sound of “deer” and “Lu” is a symbol of auspicious longevity and high official Hou Lu. Dunpin and plump image, which looks very upright and elegant, with a quiet and elegant blue glaze color tone, is a practical utensil with aesthetic value.

(Southern Song Dynasty Blue Baiyu Dai Fish Pendant) (Southern Song Lu Tattoo Brick) (Longquan Kiln green glaze secretly engraved flowers hexal porcelain holding pot)


From January 30, log in to the “Hangzhou Cultural Tourism Guide” WeChat public account and click “Hangzhou Baby Overnight” to enter the event scroll. Finger sliding screens start the game, follow the children’s hand -lifting lantern trajectory to find the museum baby. When the lantern and “baby” flickered, click “Baby” to get the exclusive New Year’s blessing post. After entering the name, press and save to share your New Year’s blessing. The blessing post you find will be stored in the upper right corner of the screen, collect 12 blessings, and you can also get “hidden models”!


This Spring Festival, let us cross time and space, feel the charm of Song Yun, and share the New Year’s blessings with unique cultural charm!


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