Is this mattress deep? Dig in the inside of the mattress, is it the best choice for memory cotton mattresses?

In the category of mattress, some people say that the water is deep. A while ago, it was under the guise of healthy sleep. Organ, flickering a lot of people spend high prices for shopping. In fact, modern urban people are indeed a big problem in sleep. Young people are under pressure to work, poor sleep, elderly people, illness, and poor sleep. Due to the poor sleep, the work efficiency of the next day will be greatly reduced. Over time, various diseases will follow. But can the mattress really help people’s sleep? The answer is yes, but unlike the high -priced and low -quality sleep mattress recommended by Black Heart Shopping Guide, choosing a mattress or a regular big brand.


To be honest, my understanding of the mattress is not deeply. I have been using the oldest cotton mattress before, and I have not learned much about the popular cotton and latex pads that have been popular in recent years. It seems that everyone’s evaluation of such mattresses is very high. Everyone knows that ordinary cotton mattresses have been sleeping for a long time, and they will become unpleasant, especially hard, and uncomfortable after sleeping for a long time. Recently, the memory cotton mattress solves the problem of long sleep and easy to deform. After some studies, I chose this memory cotton mattress from Newan, and bought a pair of memory cotton pillows. See how the effect is? Workers who often stay up late and have serious sleep quality like me have a more positive effect on sleeping.

The US Tao Memory Memory used in the Nurman mattress as raw materials, which is made of precision processing. Memory cotton is different from our usual sponges. The difference between the two is still very large. Memory cotton is a polyurethane polymer polymer with an open unit structure. This material has significant viscosity characteristics and has the force. Support, slow back to release the ability. As a mattress, it has a unique advantage. Sleeping on it is like a pair of big hands.


The Nurmann mattress is divided into the outer cover of the memory cotton core and a layer of special sweaty and breathable air -layer. The surface is a square pressure flower process with countless exhaust holes. The touch feels very soft and comfortable. The corner of the mattress is also very fine. The four corners of the mattress are bundled and fixed to avoid sliding back and forth on the bed.


The internal memory cotton is a faint yellow. The memory cotton cushion core is made of integrated cutting technology without any glue stitching. The outer masses on the outer layer can be removed separately, but memory cotton cannot be washed. In actual measurement, the memory cotton presses hard with the palm of the hand, which will quickly return to the original appearance, and the rebound will be good.


In addition, the two Nurman Butterfly -shaped neck pillows that are purchased are also created by the memory of the zero pressure in the United States. Unlike traditional pillows, Neumann’s neck pillow is in the design of the shape. Engineering design combines the shape of the butterfly. In the middle of the depression position, the cervical spine can automatically induced the gravity of the head and neck. The ergonomic design of the 45 ° angle is cut inner, which can be combined with the head and neck. Lying on it, the neck and head are very comfortable.

The pillow sleeve of the Nurman Butterfly -type neck pillow is also separated. The whole set uses a very good breathability weaving structure, which is particularly soft and skin -friendly. The zipper design is also very convenient to remove and wash. Similarly, the pillow core cannot be washed.


The memory cotton of the Nurman Butterfly-type neck pillow is also very good as the mattress, and the rebound ability is also very good. My child stepped on the pillow. After 3-5 seconds, the pillow can restore the original appearance. The rebound ability is good. Essence


Overall, this memory cotton mattress and pillow in Neuman, after two weeks of sleep, talk about my feelings. I used to use traditional cotton mattresses before. It’s elastic, it’s very hard to sleep, it is not as comfortable as at first. Therefore, this time I chose this memory cotton mattress. The most intuitive feeling is that the rebound elasticity of this mattress is very good. You don’t have to worry about the mattress deformation. Secondly, sleeping on this mattress, I feel that the whole body is like being held by a pair of big hands. It is particularly comfortable and the quality of sleep has been greatly improved. Originally, my usual sleep time was not long, but it seemed to change the mattress. In the short sleeping time, you can also have better sleep quality, and the mental state of the next day is good. Therefore, I personally feel that this Nurman’s mattress, both in terms of breathability and comfort, performs very well, and it is worth recommending.


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