Tuban 160X running shoe 250 kilometers of evaluation | Light like cicada wings, comfortable parcels, front palm carbon boards still need to be tuned

You are welcome to pay attention to the chaos of the two kings, a creator, sports fan, and runner.

My confession

In fact, this article may be written in a long time, and it is a bit too late. After all, the specialties 160XPRO and 160X2.0 have been on the market for a few months. The original 160x version may have been in the official flagship store After getting off the shelves, it can only be purchased in the secondary market.

But occasionally when I look at the headline push, there are still many runners who like and respect 160X, after all,

Dong Guojian ran out of Malaysia 2 hours, 08 minutes and 28 seconds in the 2019 Berlin Marathon wearing a Tibu 160X. This is also the second best result of the Chinese men’s marathon history. In December of the same year, Dong Guojian and Peng Jianhua ran into 210 in the Guangzhou Marathon, which was also quite eye -catching in racing carbon board running shoes.

I will share it with my own feelings today.

Since the promotion in April this year, it has been purchased at 778 yuan to buy Tsob 160X running shoes. It is just half a year to this day. As a runner who is not serious, running is purely looking at the mood. It is the so -called three -day fishing and two days. Except for daily leisure wear, the running distance of data records is about 250 kilometers.

1. The shoes are extremely thin and thin, the face value is very high, and the appearance is comfortable

I have also experienced Nike’s Vaporfly and Li Ning’s Flying Electric Running Shoes at about 2,000 yuan. It is really the king of the shoes. I have also had some evaluations before. Interested friends can watch the previous videos and article.

But the first 160X out of the box, the first feeling after taking out the shoes from the shoe box is really amazing. It is really thin and thin in the hand. There is no electronic scale. The online data is about 160g+. Mono gauze material. There is just a friend next to him. He doesn’t run very much every day. He basically only wear casual sports shoes. He also feels incredible about such a pair of light and breathable shoes.

On the feet, the face value is very high, the shape of the forefoot is not hypertrophic, and the entire foot is very slender, so it is not very friendly to runners with a large front foot. I personally like it, and I can have a vibrant vitality every season.

In addition, at the foot of the Hong Kong Treasure, the front palm of the foot, and the shoelaces of the feet are made of velvet, it is very comfortable to the touch, and there is no need to worry about the risk of the toe to the top of the toe.

2. The package is comfortable, the instep is proper, the shoelaces are perfect

After trying on the top, 40 yards are very positive for me, and the insoles are also very soft and hard to step on. In particular, the sponge at the ankle set up a strict seam of the wrap, and inlaid his feet steadily in the shoe tie without swinging.


However, because the shoe body is too light and thin, it also gives people a psychological hint that is not reliable, it is better to wear the stability and peace of mind to wear AShisse.

The split tongue is very thin and light, which can effectively reduce the weight of the tongue, but at the same time, it also needs to be adjusted in a moderate adjustment in the process of wearing shoes. Guarantee comfort.


The 160X shoelaces are very soft and smooth, and the length is just right. Two shoe holes are kept on each of the left and right sides. After my measurement, what surprised me was that as long as it was tied, there was no need to worry about the concerns that were easy to throw or slide.

3. Effectively improve the pace, but the front palm is thinner, it should not be too long

Regardless of whether it is running or playground, these shoes can always give me instant feedback without delay, and there will be no feeling of unloading power. The moment I touch the ground on the soles of the feet can also have a trace of power to rebound. The turning process can be turned. Because I usually pay attention to deceleration and small broken steps, I have no discomfort.


As for the improvement pace, my previous pace was basically stable at about 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Once running at the playground, wearing 160X unconsciously ran out of 5km PB for 21 minutes and 8 seconds. 10km can also maintain a stable pace of 4 minutes and a half minutes. I just blame that I do n’t have a good training plan. Of course, I am mainly too lazy and failed to better stimulate the greatest potential of these shoes.

However, every time I ran 10 kilometers, I felt that the forefoot was too thin, and the rigidity of the carbon plates deformed with the continuous bending of the shoe body. As a result, every step in the back, the carbon plate was touched up and hit the forefoot of my forefoot. Essence

What does it feel? It seems that the front foot seems to be stepped on a hard board, which is like my socks that have wrinkles in the front of the feet, so the feeling of running has a stingy foot. (Is it enough? [Smile])

Personally, this is the defect of the Y -type carbon board: not stable and supportive. However, seeing that 160XPro has made thickening the forefoot, the Tsobu family should have realized that it may have been effectively resolved, but I have no money and time to try.


4. Core part: PEBAX midsole+CPU outsole


Maybe everyone read other professional runners to talk about some professional knowledge about these materials Balabala. Do they have a team to write or really understand that I do n’t know, but our company is specifically doing this kind of chemical raw materials, so simply do some of them to do some of them. Comments are not necessarily very professional.

PEBAX, as a trendy material: Nylon 12 elastic body, has been monopolized by foreign companies. Later, coincidentally, Akma and Nike jointly developed on running shoes, with a carbon plate, and then sprung up after the rain. The shoe companies are imitated.

However, due to the rapid decreased rate of material performance and the inadequate supply of the product, and the influence of the brand premium of the shoe company, the price of the hype was very high at first, and it did not fall today. But after all, the sales volume of the high -end market is not as great as imagined, especially the general runners do not have enough ankle power to support the backbone of PB carbon board running shoes. Therefore Running posture, pace and exclusive category.

The CPU material of the sole is a lot superior to the previous rubber outsole. It only takes a very thin thickness to resist the running friction of thousands of kilometers. Now my shoes still have no obvious wear. However, it is worth noting that because the raised part of the heel and the outsole is a few centimeters of distance, it may be because of stretching after running, this part produces obvious wear and indentation.


The emergence of the Tuban 160X is just thin from the thickness of the soles. Narke and Li Ning’s nearly 1/2 prices are sold in the market. Although the self -sensing performance is slightly inferior, this cost performance is enough to sweep most of the market. The proportion of wearing on the domestic marathon in the past two years can be perceived. Of course, one thing I do n’t confirm is whether Tubu is suspected of chaotic market. After all, its 160XPRO has also raised its price to 1199 yuan.


The quality of 160X shoes is light enough, and it is even light enough to give people an illusion of not stable support and wrapping. PEBAX midsole+CPU outsole is also the mainstream matching of high -end running shoes. It can indeed effectively improve the pace. Because personal training is not strict enough, this pair of shoes is actually not very obvious for me. Of course, only a pair of shoes are only a pair of shoes. It is also unrealistic extravagant hopes to greatly increase the pace itself.

However, as a pair of running shoes defined as a marathon, the discomfort presented by the forefoot after 10km is really unsatisfactory. Of course, it will not grind the soles of the feet, but the tightness of the arch of the arch was also ordered to order I take a break. I am also unwilling to admit that this is because the personal ability of my personal foot is not enough, and I ca n’t do this pair of shoes. After all, it is easy to shake half a horse in my weekdays.

I sincerely hope that the domestic running shoes such as Tubu, Jordan, 361, and Anta can make better and better. I also hope that I can buy a pair of 160XPro, Anta C202 GT, 361 Flying, or Jordan Feiying to experience it as soon as possible. In the era of exercise supremacy, I also hope that I will be with many runners, feel the joy of running, and enjoy the joy.


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