This wrench is the fatal weakness of the US nuclear bomb? The nuclear war stealing this thing can dominate the United States!

It is not easy, please pay attention to it!

Author: Yipinwen’s deserted desert, no authorization forbidden!

(Friends who have played the Red Police 2 will not forget the opening animation of this battle. The important courier packaging during wartime is basically stronger than this)


Double Eleven has passed a few days, these days. The things you care about are the most concerned about whether the courier is out of position. When will it be delivered? Is it damaged by violence. As the so -called blue color, I was waiting for the courier … I suddenly saw a news, saying that the trucks on a highway caught fire and burned, and thousands of express delivery wrapped into black. How many sellers and buyers are painful. But whether you buy clothes, snacks, mobile phones, or other babies. Compared with what I want to say next, it is not a level package at all.


(Intercontinental missile hidden in underground facilities seems to be cold, but it is actually murderous)

During the Cold War, in order to compete for hegemony, the two major camps of the United States and the Soviet Union opened up full -time production nuclear weapons. It is said that they could destroy the other country dozens of times. In nuclear weapons, except for nuclear submarines deployed in the vast deep sea, the rest whether it is ballistic missile or cruise missile. They all want to store in the military base on land. Such as a large underground fortress. Equipped with a comprehensive tunnel system and a large number of hidden launch wells. Some of these launch wells are true, and some are just false goals that attract enemies to waste ammunition. There are some semi -true and semi -false, why do you say that? The traditional cannon must be equipped with many ammunition, which cannot occur, and there are only one ammunition. However, because of the complexity and expensive intercontinental missiles, it cannot be produced in large quantities. Such a precious ammunition makes the launch well that is launched must not have only one. By building several missile launches, the underground tunnel is used to quickly transfer, so that the enemy does not know which launch well is missing and which launch well is empty. This is the semi -true and semi -false, and it is also false, because each launch well can ensure the launch of the missile. If it is not destroyed, it may leave a fish that is leak. This is an intercontinental missile with multiple nuclear warheads. A missing intercontinental missile may cause destruction of several large cities. Who dares to guarantee that the pre -warfare person can destroy the enemy’s nuclear counterattack 100 % during the war?

(Look at the thickness of the manhole cover of this nuclear bomb launch, and the nuclear bomb cannot destroy such a strong hard goal)

In order to improve the survivability of the American land -based intercontinental ballistic missile, since the 1960s, intercontinental missiles in the United States have gradually launched from the ground to deployed in the underground bunkers, and the upper part of the bunker should be flat with the ground surface so that The pressure of 175,000 Pa, but the procedure before launch is also more troublesome. You must first open the bunker, make up the vertical missile, then add the liquid fuel, and then ignite the launch. Americans are also troublesome, so new types of intercontinental missiles began in 1962, and they were directly deployed in the launch well. They were usually stored vertically and opened vents, and the launching wells also increased to 700,000 Pa. By 1967, the United States deployed a total of 1054 missile launch wells. And increase the transmitting wells to the level of millions of Pa. Ensure that the enemy nuclear bomb cannot destroy the facilities inside as long as it is not hit directly. The main way is to increase the strength and thickness of the steel reinforced concrete to strengthen the protection of the anti -nuclear explosion shock wave. Place the entire launch control equipment room on the shock -absorbing platform, install the missile in an elastic suspension in the launch well to strengthen the protection of the earthquake wave generated by the nuclear explosion. At the same time, a comprehensive reinforcement circuit is set to set up a high -sensitivity electromagnetic vein induction device. The electromagnetic pulse comes to the instantaneous disconnection of the key circuit, otherwise the electromagnetic pulse will instantly destroy the electronic system of the entire base. If there is such a copper wall and iron wall, you will be lost, then you are wrong. Because the entire system in the United States also has a fatal loophole, that is, a special wrench that puts the extremely powerful nuclear warhead on the intercontinental ballistic missile. If there is no such thing, it will be a dumb bomb that will not explode, and it is really no different from the large two -kick.


(This is the special wrench dedicated to the disassembling nuclear warhead. It is really a “heavy weapon of the country”.

Just three years ago, in 2014, three military bases in the United States shared such a special special wrench. There are a total of 450 intercontinental missiles in these three bases, which are enough to destroy any country in the world. But what about such an important wrench? Three bases use a wrench together. Which base do you usually keep? Do you want to do this in the other two bases? You say that your American bureaucracy is too serious. It can spend tens of billions of building so many spare launch wells, and even a wrench can not be reluctant to buy more. This is really the idea of ​​picking sesame seeds to lose watermelon. However, after all, American soldiers were American soldiers, and they developed a method. The problem caused by the shortage of wrench. That is to use the federal express to transport the wrench, which base needs to be sent to the courier. The Pentagon building was deeply shocked. Quickly invested $ 7.5 billion to upgrade the existing nuclear weapons facilities of the existing sea, land and air. In addition to increasing the maintenance personnel of the nuclear submarine dock and the purchase of helicopters around the inspection base, the most important thing is to equip each nuclear missile base with a wrench. And strive to equip each base with two wrenches in the future, one usually use, and one time for war.


(Courier: Hello, there is a courier sign to receive it. Engineer: Can you come here, wait for the launch here!)

I used to think that “US National Security, trusting the Federal Express” was just a slogan. I did not expect that there was such a deep secret to hide it. It was really an elephant invisible. This incident made me the courier thief that I caught last year. Taking advantage of the gap between the courier to send the parcel upstairs to steal the parcel on the car downstairs. If the United States also had such a courier thief at that time, and accidentally stole the package with this wrench, then the FBI of the United States would enter the crazy mode.

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