Xu Dongdong Sun and Zhao Wenzhuo’s new movie premiere photos, wearing dark blue suits, watching good temperament

When dressing and dressing,

It is very important to choose a color that suits you

The choice of color will affect the performance of people’s overall temperament, especially for women, often notice the choice of clothing color.

There are a lot of clothing colors in the fashion industry to choose from,

Various colorful colors are easy to choose to choose from, dazzling, but cannot choose the color that is completely suitable for you.

If the selection of color is not very clear, and do not want to choose the wild color such as black and white and gray,

Then you can use blue clothing to match yourself


, Show the elegance of women through blue.

Many people have different views on the blue choice.

Some people think that blue can give people a very elegant feeling

Some people think that blue can make their image more refreshing.

In fact, this is because of the different levels of shooting

The dark blue will show the elegant and advanced feeling. Light blue always gives people a more refreshing feeling, making the image of women fresher, so there are many choices for blue clothing.

So when choosing blue, you can refer to the blue wear of some female stars,

There are also many female stars in the fashion industry.

For example, the female star Xu Dongdong is the case.

Xu Dongdong posted his own new movie roadshow on his personal social platform

The film, his new movie with Zhao Wenzhuo is about to be released. In the roadshow, Xu Dongdong wore a dark blue clothing, and his shape was very valuable.

Xu Dongdong and Zhao Wenzhuo’s new movie premiere photos, wearing dark blue suits, looking at good temperament, I have to say that this year’s super blue clothing, Xu Dongdong even wearing blue even the premiere. These shapes are quite stylish.


Xu Dongdong’s blue clothing choice

Dark blue double -breasted suit

As mentioned earlier, the dark blue itself will show a very elegant feeling.

So the combination of dark blue and suit is very suitable

To match yourself with a dark blue suit, you can show an elegant and noble feeling, and at the same time make women’s shapes more aura.

The dark blue suit also has a white effect,

If the material selection is more shiny satin material or velvet material

For the sake of dark blue, it shows white advantages, making women’s skin tone whiter.


In order to make the shape more elegant, and at the same time, I can modify my body,

You can use the dual -breasted dark blue suit to match yourself. The design of the double -breasted buckle and the lines of fixed your own figure have a thin effect.

The matching of dark blue double -breasted suits is also very particular.

The clothing inside can be paired with a black gauze or a gauze skirt with the same color as the dark blue suit.

Be sure to choose short models as decoration, not really down.

And for the real summer costume,

It is recommended that you use black tights to match yourself

, Especially women with outstanding legs, when they are straight, put on black leggings, will make their legs perfectly show.


If the length of the suit itself can cover the hips

Then there will be a certain modification effect on your thigh lines. At the same time, the selected gauze skirt will also block your leg lines to a certain extent.

Other blue clothing wear

Light blue denim jacket+white T -shirt

The denim jacket that people often choose is generally blue.

Because the blue denim jacket is the most classic, then if you want to make the shape more fresh,

It is recommended to choose a light blue denim jacket.

Light blue denim jackets will also make women’s image more casual,

It is recommended to choose a loose version of the style, which can make the shape more simple, and then put a white T -shirt inside. It is refreshing and sexy.


Light blue denim outer jacket is good for white T -shirt,

May wish to use a pair of black leather pants to match it, right?

This combination will give people a more retro feeling.

Bald blue sports hoody+black sports pants


Blue blue is a kind of bright color,

Use Bao Blue clothing to match your own words,

Not only has it has a good white effect, it will also make women’s skin tone more white and tender.

Bald blue is often used in dresses,


But in daily life, you can also use treasure blue clothing to match yourself. For example, the trolley blue sports hoodie is a good choice.

Bald blue sports hoody can be matched with black sports pants,

Then the sports pants must choose a loose version,

It will be more comfortable to wear on the body.

Blue Bright Dress

Blue can also be used in dresses,

Then you might as well use the blue bright face to match yourself,

The bright design will make the blue overall more brighter and more attractive.

Blue bright face dress, it is recommended to use a V -neck A -line skirt design,

Such a design can show the upper line of women,

At the same time, the leg lines can be modified.

Have you learned these blue shapes of Xu Dongdong? The blue dress is still very temperament, and the blue shapes selected by different girls will also be different. Everyone must pay more attention to the display of their charm.


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