Sony professional equipment helps the Palace Museum live broadcast

50,000 people watch online in real time, thousands of Weibo interactive comments. At 14:00 on November 14: 00-15: 00, “Ming and Qing Royal Kiln Porcelain-Palace Museum and Jingdezhen Ceramics New Achievement Exhibition” continued to live online for one hour. With the technical support of Sony China Professional System Group, it was successfully held. Netizens and professionals not only applauded the exhibition content of the experts, but also unanimously reflected the clearness of the picture and the live broadcast effect is ideal.

Nowadays, Internet technology is rapidly popular globally. While benefiting people’s lives, it also provides new paths for museum cultural propaganda. As China’s largest ancient culture and art museum, the Palace Museum has been on the forefront of digital roads since the end of last century. Especially in recent years, new products have been launched to enhance the experience of audiences, including the open area of ​​the open area of ​​the Forbidden City to cover free WIFI, release multiple “Forbidden City Products” APP, and actively introduce wearable devices support.


Technology, make full use of social media to create a “micro -house palace” brand, and so on. Recently, we have puzzled the webcasts that are very concerned and loved by young people, and tried to use new technologies and new media to make the Palace Museum more cultural radiation.

Because of professionalism, the Palace Museum chooses Sony as a live partner

In 2016, it was known as the “Chinese Network Live Broadcasting Year”, and all walks of life began to “live”, which caused a communication revolution. It was also in this year. The spray -type growth has rapidly developed in a more professional and standardized direction. As a model of cultural inheritance, the Palace Museum has repeatedly introduced new aspects of cultural relics, digital technology, cultural and creative development, academic lectures, exhibitions, etc. The audience is particularly eager to obtain information related to the Forbidden City in time, and hopes that the voices of the Forbidden City will be higher and higher.

As a result, the Palace Museum’s new media team decided to try a “serious high -level live broadcast” with the support of all parties in the hospital.

Live in the Forbidden City is actually not easy. Those seemingly beautiful and elegant ancient buildings have become difficult in the live broadcast. Because of the small and twists and turns of the space, it has brought great difficulties to the movement path and lighting of the lens. Moreover, the network signal is seriously shielded. It needs to be repeatedly tested and processed locally to ensure stable live signal. Moreover, more importantly, the ancient construction and cultural relics in the live broadcast environment are all national treasures that must not be damaged. Therefore, the operation of the live broadcast must be trained. threaten.

Guo Yan, the person in charge of the “Micro Palace” of the Palace Museum, said: For the first time, the Forbidden City’s own live broadcast, the reason why Sony chose Sony as a partner is mainly based on two aspects of consideration. First of all, the work of video and audio data for the Forbidden City has relied on Sony’s professional equipment, which is very recognized by the professionalism and stability of the equipment. At the same time, Sony has accumulated a wealth of web live broadcast experience, and has mature online live broadcast technology and solve solutions. The plan can escort the live broadcast activities. Professional matters are done by professional equipment and professional personnel. Among the special cultural relics protection units such as the Palace Museum, it is very important.

“AWS-750 Program Guide Channel+4 Professional Camera” perfectly presents a live broadcast feast

After 3 weeks of tight preparations and 4 meticulous live rehearsal, more than 10 people’s Sony professional teams have been strictly limited in the Palace Museum in time and space. The live broadcast field has been conducted with strong professional attempts and achieved a complete success.

The main equipment used in this live broadcast includes AWS-750 program conduction table and 4 professional cameras: one PXW-FS7K, one PXW-X280, and two PXW-X160. Shen Dong, a senior manager of the Sony Channel Management Section, said that we attach great importance to cooperation with the Palace Museum and support the event from equipment to staff. The Sony dealer training team also specially joined, hoping to contribute to the cultural dissemination of the Palace Museum.

AWS-750是索尼两年前推出的多功能合一的产品解决方案,携带方便,最大的特点是集视频切换台、流媒体编码器、录像机、音频混合器、字幕机、遥控摄像机控制器、 Multi -screen monitoring function is integrated. It is mainly used in many fields such as education departments, government agencies, enterprises and production companies. It is the first choice for webcasting and live broadcast high cost performance solutions. Shen Dong admits that the biggest problem of the online broadcast of the Palace Museum is limited by the venue, but the AWS-750 system is small in size and easy to build, just to solve this problem.

During the live broadcast, Shen Dong manipulated AWS-750 Program Driver

Of course, during the entire live broadcast, the four cameras played differently due to the different performance characteristics. The biggest advantage of PXW-FS7K is shallow scenery, and it is also 4K products. It mainly follows the leaders and details of porcelain exhibits; PXW-X280 is the best image quality in the high-definition small handheld camera, mainly for panoramic shooting; and PXW- The X160 camera has a high multiplier and can meet the needs of telephoto shooting. Several cameras targeting different shooting needs, and under the control of AWS-750, they flexibly switched and successfully solved the problems such as shooting angles and viewing effects. The entire live broadcast process did not appear “the picture shaking so shaking?”, “Where are you shooting?”, “Can’t see anything”, which brings the audience a satisfactory live broadcast experience.

Sony dealer training team fully supports the live broadcast of the Palace Museum

Guo Yan said that in the future, the Palace Museum will also try similar professional live broadcast activities, and also look forward to colliding with Sony in the future to collide with more sparks and pass excellent cultural resources to more public.


Speaking: In the Zhai Palace Exhibition Hall, there is a regional area very noticeable. It also shows the audience in this live broadcast, which is the “Royal Kiln Site VR Experience Area”. When the VR helmet is brought to the archeological scene from the Forbidden City to Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. The Palace Museum has continued to carry out more than 10 years of research and practice in the VR field. At present, six large VR films have been completed, and the audience is open to the audience in the Dumen Digital Museum. In addition, there are online VR “Yangxin Hall” for audiences to visit the home experience. You can imagine that the future museum is no longer a museum with only a part of the exhibits. Perhaps with the VR helmet, you can see the cultural relics of the dynasties.


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