Mysterious fantasy: The mystery of the ancient Indian rope, why did the rope rise to the sky by itself?

The Tongtian Rope is also called a fairy cable. It is a magic derived from ancient India. It is actually a kind of ancient Indian street magic. With the music of the performers, a soft rope seemed to be summoned, and it would become stiff and slowly rising to the air. Then the performers would let a child climb up the rope. At first glance, Seeing it is really mysterious, so what secrets do he hide behind him?


Regarding the principles behind the Tongtian Rope, I checked some relevant information and found that there are quite a lot of magic secrets on the Internet, and most of the views are more rational, and almost no one relies on the divine power or metaphysics. The guess may be that the videos of various Indian brothers in recent years have been watched, so it naturally produced some kind of immune BUFF. However, I found that everyone in discussing the implementation of “Tongtian Rope” has some differences. Over time, the performance of Tongtian Rope also circulates a variety of different versions, but the process is almost similar in the process, but it is a bit different in some details. First of all, like traditional magic, it needs to show the audience the props that will be used in the performance.


Then the performers put the rope back to the bamboo basket, and began to play some instruments. As the rhythm of music, you will be surprised to find that the soft rope just shown suddenly becomes stiff and continuously extended upwards, it feels like it is like it is Being a mysterious summons. Although the name of this performance is Tongtian Rope, most of the ropes will only extend to 5-6 meters in the air, and the rope almost rises vertically during the process, and it will not shake too much. At this time, in order to reflect the difference between the rope and the time when it was displayed, the performers also let a young child climb up along the rope. At the end of the performance, under his order, the rope suddenly returned to its original state and dropped from the air.

On the Internet, netizens have three speculations about Tongtian Rope. The first is the problem of the internal structure of the rope. Because the rope itself looks thicker, it does not rule out the structure of steel in the inside, and it will make it stiff through the wire, which is similar to the spine of the snake. At the same time, I also found that there are many similar magic props on the Internet. As long as it is buckled, the soft rope will instantly straighten. I think this guess is logically OK, but there may be several problems in practice. For example, when the child is climbing, the pole does not shake greatly, so how is the rope base fixed. In addition, we see that many magic props are instantly straightened, but the rope of the sky rope slowly extends upwards. I think it is difficult for those street artists in India to spend some heavy funds to make those relatively complicated kinetic power props. Finally, the performer checks the rope to the audience. If there are some special materials inside, there will be a certain weight, and the audience may notice it when checking.

The second speculation is to pull the rope from the height through the external force. When I saw this assumption at first, I felt unrealistic. After all, the general performance location was an empty venue, and there were no obvious high -rise buildings nearby. But when I checked the information, I accidentally found a video. From this video, I can clearly see the top of the rope with props similar to the fish line. Then it can be inferred that such performances like this can only be suitable for video shooting or find a group of audiences without being able to do it where there are real audiences, otherwise it will be easy to expose filling.


The third speculation, I personally feel relatively reasonable. They felt that they dug a dark hole under the show, and at the same time arranged the staff to hide in it, insert the hard pipe into the rope, and slowly push it up. And I also found a few details in the video of the information to confirm this guess. First of all, when he showed props, he did not check the bamboo baskets to the audience. At the same time, I found that the color of the center of the bottom of the bamboo frame was somewhat different from the periphery. So can it prove that the bamboo frame may be a hidden hidden door? Secondly, the position of the bamboo basket is also very strange. His assistant removed the petals on the ground when placing the bamboo basket, and it felt that he spent a certain time when he was placed. What about the correct position of the secret door? In addition, I think that when performing musical instruments, in addition to creating an atmosphere, it should be more important to give some hints below. Because the environment will be very noisy during the performance, it is a very good choice to use unique instruments and passwords as secret numbers. In the last point, when the rope was dropped, it was very regular from top to bottom rather than in an instant. Then this can show that the assistant on the ground may take some operation time when drawing the hard pipe in the middle of the rope.


I think these three speculations actually have its execution, but it is applicable to different scenarios. At the same time, the videos that everyone watched is different, so the so -called differences of opinion are produced.


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