OPPO Air Glass Experience: The nearest smart glasses from consumers are light and light

Today, “smart glasses” seem to have not yet formed a unified standard.

When we talk about smart glasses, most people will emerge in the subconscious. The first is Google Glass. It is the enlightenment of most people’s smart glasses. It is a must -have item for geeks at the time. Now it is changed to the scene and is in an enterprise -level scene. The other is a thickened lens leg, hidden into the battery and sensor, and becomes a simple accessory of smartphones in the form of traditional glasses.

Before the shape of smart glasses has an exact answer, thinking and practice is essential, and you can copy your homework.

The OPPO of the new generation of smart glasses has just been released, and four essential elements are proposed: beautiful, light, universal, and practical.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

What is this thinking and practice?

30g of light hair, 1.3mm thin as cicada wings

It is not difficult to see from the naming “Air” that lightweight is the main purpose of the product format that runs through the overall design of OPPO Air Glass. If you want to ask anything, it is best to represent lightness. The answer given by the OPPO team this time is “feathers”.

In order to be light, OPPO Air Glass uses a “monolithic split” design, and the host consists of two parts: one -sided lens and one -sided mirror leg.

The mirror -leg body part is inspired by “feather” as the design inspiration. From the side, it looks like “flying feathers”. The silver touch bar is like a feather axis, and it is also an extension of the eyepiece. You can easily find the touch area and meet the intuition.

Once the straight lines and right -angles are used in mobile phone tablets and computers, once glasses are attached, it will inevitably bring a sense of “invasion”. Therefore, wearable devices need curves.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

OPPO Air Glass’s design uses the use of OPPO’s flagship Find X series. The integrated CNC process allows its overall body to be smooth and smooth, and can integrate into life scenes and dress.

The lens section is inspired by the wingspanic wings, and the gradient wire printing process brings a lighter visual effect. The inside and outside of the lens are fitted with high -strength sapphire glass, which is strong and scratch -resistant, which can bring a long -lasting clear field of vision.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

The touch bar on the mirror leg supports the operation of the button, double -clicking, long pressing, sliding back and forth, so as to provide instruction actions such as confirmation, cancellation, evoking smart assistants, and switching application cards. Interactive action is not only natural, but also the reaction of touch operation is also very fast.

After the iterative upgrade, OPPO re-considered the limited internal space design, and stacked the light machine, PCB motherboard, chip, touch, battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna in a high combination method, and double-to-Fi and Bluetooth antenna, and dual double MIC, speaker and other key components, and the core of the hardware is driven by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

Light demand should be solved with miniature. OPPO Air Glass introduces the optical engine independently designed by OPPO, that is, special specifications are made for the projection optical machine and the diffraction optical waveguards in the lenses.

OPPO first customized the specifications of the Micro LED screen, and this Micro LED supports maximum 256 gray gray display, which is 16 times that of conventional Micro LEDs. The second is to compress the volume of the light machine to 0.5cc, which is similar to the size of a coffee beans. Based on miniature, reshape optical and structural design.

Based on the appearance and optical characteristics, the lens adopts customized diffraction light waveguide technology, which is 75%lighter compared to the past and weighs only 6.6G.

The gradient lens with a thickness of only 1.3mm can not only minimize the vision cover as much as possible, but also prevent the displaying light from reflecting outward. It solves the contradiction between “wearing lightness and display high -definition” in the past. Essence

▲ The vision of the naked eye view simulated under the wide -angle lens

It is a pity that the existing integrated body cannot accommodate the next brightness sensor, so the screen brightness of OPPO Air Glass cannot be adjusted automatically, and can only be adjusted manually in the mobile app.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

After a series of exquisite stacks of internal components, OPPO Air Glass controls the overall weight to 30g, which is similar to the weight of a mainstream sunglasses.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

In addition, the open speakers are set at the tail of the mirror leg, which is close to the position of the right ear of the user when wearing.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

Create a smart glasses, then let it be suitable for everyone

In addition to lightweight, the second service item of “monocular separation design” is to give universal characteristics for OPPO Air Glass, so that everyone is suitable for wearing it.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

▲ OPPO Air Glass’s whole set of accessories list

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

When wearing OPPO Air Glass, you need to match the custom frame. For user groups that are normal and need to wear vision correction glasses, OPPO provides half -frame and full -frame mirror frame respectively. The full -frame frame can adapt to the refractive lens of different degrees according to needs, and the half -frame frame in our hand is completely without a lens design.

The two frames are also tested by people due to people and work, which can adapt to different head types. For me, the nasal support of the half -frame mirror can be adjusted slightly.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

▲ Monograph pattern composed of O and P letters in the metal parts in the nose support

▲ Monography pattern composed of O and P letters in the magnetic plane

Both sides of the frame are equipped with a plane with a magnetic adsorption function, allowing OPPO Air Glass to be adsorbed on the side of the frame.

Therefore, the order of wearing should be put on the frame first, and then pick up OPPO Air Glass to adsorb it on the frame.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

There is no need to worry about stability after adsorption. Under normal walking and even thumbnails, OPPO Air Glass can be tightly adsorbed with the frame.

The overall wearing feels comfortable and natural. Because OPPO Air Glass is mainly attached to the frame, and the design of the frame is similar to our mainstream glasses, even if it feels that the existence of OPPO Air Glass hardware is carried, the entire pair of glasses will not bring obvious foreign body feel.

Considering the weight of the main body of 30g, it will not cause much pressure on the nose and ears, and it will not feel burdensome when wearing it for a long time.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

The small and round body and the mirror legs are almost integrated, and it looks more natural after wearing. The design of a single lens occasionally reminds me of the combat effectiveness detector in the comic “Dragon Ball”.

In addition to frames, another most important accessory of OPPO Air Glass is its “accompanying charging seat”.

There are also four contacts on the charging seat to connect with the side contacts with the side contacts of the OPPO Air Glass. After the magnetic suction, it will charging the OPPO Air Glass body. It is worth mentioning that there is also a built -in battery in the charging box, which can supplement OPPO Air Glass during the movement.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

Looking at the logic, the relationship between this accompaniment and OPPO Air Glass is like the relationship between AirPods and charging boxes. It is both a storage box and a charging base. When used, take it out. When you are idle, put it back into the box and charge it.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

In terms of battery life, OPPO Air GLASS can provide a maximum 3 -hour use time after full charging. With the charging base of you, you can achieve up to 10.5 hours of battery life.

At present, OPPO Air Glass only occupies the right space of the frame, while the magnetic plane on the left side of the frame is reserved for other modular components for loading. On Inno Day 2021, Liu Chang, Dean of OPPO Research Institute, also said that in the future, more modular components that adapt to this glasses will be launched.

For the third screen of human beings, OPPO wants to start from AR auxiliary reality

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

Argated Reality is considered one of the important ways to enter the twin world, and it is also the most important application scenario of smart glasses.

In OPPO’s eyes, smart glasses should be the “third screen” of human beings after mobile phones and smart watches in the future. This is the source of OPPO’s continuous layout of smart glasses. It is just that in the introduction of OPPO Air Glass, it uses a lowercase A plus AR composed of up capital R as a definition description of the product.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

Obviously, this AR is not an AR. OPPO believes that the current consumer -grade AR can be implemented in the form of AR auxiliary reality.

The setting of the auxiliary reality undoubtedly reduces the hardware and functional thresholds of OPPO Air Glass. But it is based on this that this pair of glasses can enter the reality first with a light and elegant attitude, and at the same time meet the four characteristic elements of beauty, lightness, universal, and practical.

Just like OPPO Find N to push the folding screen mobile phone “from early adopters to commonly used”, OPPO Air Glass can also be regarded as a big step for OPPO to try to popularize smart glasses: transform smart glasses from “toys” to “auxiliary tools” ” Nature.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

That is, light and light: light body, light intelligent.

OPPO Air Glass 体验:离消费者最近的智能眼镜,轻了又轻

At Inno Day 2021, OPPO also gave OPPO Air Glass’s release time node: a surprise trial in February 2022, and it was released to the Chinese market in the spring of 2022.

It is difficult to know if it is easy. This may be the closest smart glasses product from consumers. Compared with smartphones, it is obviously not strong enough. But compared to the unreachable concept machine or PPT products, this smart glasses at this time are not a high input -output ratio for OPPO, but for the industry, it has somewhat somewhat used for it. The meaning of the light pose is to break the ice.


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