This year’s popular way of wear, called “stitching cotton clothing+boots”, keeps warm and not bloated, so beautiful

I believe that many people will look for warmth in autumn and winter without being bloated and bloated, and they need to spend some thoughts on the choice of single products. In winter clothes, the general style is bloated. How can we wear it so that it is not very stingy and procrastinating?

Autumn and winter refuse to bloated and dull. Try the “sewing cotton clothing+boots” popular this year, fashionable and warm!

Analysis of “Cotton Cotton Clothing+Boots”

1. The characteristics of cotton clothes+boots

The cotton jacket is modified on the cotton coat. This does not seem to be bloated. Wearing a sense of conciseness and some slimming effects. When it is matched with the boots, it belongs to it belongs to it belongs to it belongs to it. The gold combination in winter is very good. And because the styles and colors and materials are different, the vision creates is different.

2. Precautions for stitching cotton clothing+boots

The sewing cotton clothing is warm and looks tight, and wearing a more slim and thinner in the body. Such a design is also like many women. It will be doubled with the boots, and there are many choices in the bottom. Like an elegant skirt, you can wear some ladylike sense. The sharp trousers can also wear that simple sense, creating a diverse dressing feeling.


“Settlement of cotton clothing+boots” matching demonstration

1. Slim cotton clothing+boots with skirt

In any season, the beautiful skirt is so funny that it can perform a good interpretation of the feminine temperament. If there are still some be careful of the embellishment, then elegance and fashion will be more outstanding.

A little split or a few tassel embellishments look very gentle to wear, and such skirts and boots look very ladylike. The combination of a shirt with a small shirt jacket will highlight the entire dressing.

Winter skirts are not as thin and agile as summer skirts. Some still add some cotton design. Like this, there are generally some layers of orderly sewing. , Dressed not bloated.


A light -colored sewing half -body small A -line skirt. The skirt has just been on the knee. It has a sense of distance from the boots, and also shows sexy legs. And the top with a gray sweater, slightly put a little bit on the waist of the skirt, optimize the proportion of the figure, and also appear on the slender waist.


2. Slim cotton clothing+boots with small accessories

With some youthful cotton clothes, fashionable and simple, and because of the color of the color, it can highlight a good complexion. Random openness or buckle can be worn, and it is also no problem to wear a free and easy sense of salt and girly.

Wearing jeans and light -colored boots on the lower body brings a sweeter breath. With a simple messenger bag on the street, you can harvest the return rate inadvertently.

All of them are a color matching, very simple, classic, and many girls like to learn from. Especially those classic colors, like black is one of them, with a long cotton jacket designed with a seam, fashionable and simple, and because of the thin and thin embellishment of black seams, the effect of weight loss will be greatly optimized.

It is very suitable for those slightly fat girls. The color of the boots is also matched with the same color system. It is still uniform to watch the line of sight, and the fashion is in place.

The jacket with a strong sense of leisure is also very popular. It is simple and versatile and the comfort of wearing is quite high. Like a short cotton jacket designed with the seam, the style is very loose, which has no sense of restraint in the shape of the body, so fat and thin girls can wear different styling.


Choose short ones inside, and the boots are paired with high -waisted style, so that the body line is eliminated, and the visual sense will feel that the figure is more high.


Long -style cotton cotton clothes are very warm. There will be such a piece of wardrobe in many people in winter. It can be embellished with diamonds or blocks of cubes, bringing a sense of layering and three -dimensional sense.

If you still feel a little swollen, you can wear a belt to wear a bit of bloated clothes, and you can also modify the slim and slim body. It is also very durable with a pair of personalized boots.


3. Slim cotton clothing+boots with bags

The design with a strong sense of design is very fashionable, and the fashionables also like these items the most, which allows them to go out of the street to remove the concave shape. Using a dark -colored casual trousers with a little bright cotton jacket with a little brightness, stylish and generous, a beautiful handbag is practical and decorative, and you can go out of the street with a pair of boots. Come out when it is fashionable.


If you don’t want to wear too dull in winter, you can wear a little more clothes, so that you can block the Xiao Se of the season. Like a long cotton jacket that is not particularly saturated, you can wear this feeling very well. The lower body is matched with classic dark casual pants and boots. Essence Finally, with a small bag, you can go out to the concave shape.


The dark and bright color combinations have always been imitated by many people. Two comparisons are still very strong. They are intertwined in one body and look very picky.

With dark cotton cotton clothing, the color of the same boots is brilliant, such as wine red and red, which are better. The impact on the sight is very strong. Sex color, this way to transition for the color system of clothing.


The most classic contrast, it is black and white, it will not be outdated and outdated, and it will not touch the lightning area. These two colors can coexist peacefully on any occasion. The combination of cotton jackets and black boots is the classic cooperation, or the cotton clothes are also used in black, so that we wear a different visual experience, which is beautiful.

There is also the same color system. The difficulty base is also very small, and the sense of fashion is relatively high. Those wearing little white can also be very easy to choose some warm colors. It is also very suitable to wear in winter. You can create the gentle and sunny sense.


A combination of a cotton jacket with a skirt, the lady’s feeling is complete, and the boots choose dark tones, so it is also a good match.




These fashionable and beautiful cotton clothes have a good sense of layering, and they are also very colorful in combination with boots. Different fashion senses can be easily made up. Do you also have a soft spot for these two items?

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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