Women’s new pet black gold stick bag, British style, niche bags will not hit the bag

Women’s love for bags is from the bones. Nowadays, women can not take anything when they go out, but they can’t be lost.

The question is, how to choose a stylish and beautiful bag?


Today I will bring you seven English niche bags. If you have the shared bag, you already have it, it means that our fate is not shallow. Leave a message to raise your hand ~ haha

Niche bag! Women’s new pet black gold stick bag, superbicable texture


I have to say that the overall leather texture designed by the British brand is very bright and strong.


At first glance, this is quite satisfactory. In fact, the upper body temperament is soft than the official map.

I especially like it. When the back is open, the flip will not hinder the fog pink stripes in the hand. It will be more British, and there is a small mirror in it.

The capacity is also very large. It is estimated that the folding umbrella can also be lost.


It is very comfortable to wear thick clothes in winter, and it will not be stuck in the arms ~ The black gold color is also very autumn and winter! It turns out that it is true.

British retro handmade custom bag

This is definitely a super -beautiful retro handmade custom bag. Beara Beara is a British niche brand. Their homemade hand -made leather bags.

This cowhide saddle bag will fall in love with it at a glance, very retro and handsome, but a little cute.

The rich dark wine red is not old -fashioned at all, the bag is very wide, and the cowhide looks particularly good. The metal buckle is an old design, and the texture is also great. Although the bag type is small, the memory is large, and there is no problem to meet daily needs.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted, covering the back or shoulder back. In particular, the lettering function of this brand. You can engrave the letters you want on the bag and make your own bag. It is very suitable for giving friends and customized a bag exclusive to her haha.

Unmanned black gold Keyts

I often pay attention to this brand of bags, but there is a strange phenomenon. Why have I never seen such a good bag, maybe the brand has not been promoting enough, and I can only comfort myself like this. But this bag is really good. The younger sisters can learn about it online, I believe you will fall in love with it.

Bright skin+black gold color color, at first glance, like a medieval bag, it is because it is also equipped with a wide canvas shoulder strap with elegance and leisure on the shoulders. The style of clothes that can be matched is much smaller. The lambskin inside is made of bright orange, and it is also my favorite point!

British little pure handmade retro leather bag

Beara Beara handmade bag is not good in English. In China, the fame is much less. When it is boring, brush the circle of friends to learn about this brand, and when you come to the official website, you will not be able to extricate yourself. Bag.

This is a very handsome British brother bag with a very handsome and bearded. All 100%pure cowhide handmade packets are very retro.

Each one is very personal and very niche. The official website of the UK often discounts Shanghai Tianzifang also has stores. Friends who plant grass can also go to the Chinese official website ~

Refusing to hit the bag! The Spanish niche bag worth starting

It is a niche bag in China, but I have seen a few people back. The bag design is unique and the texture is very good. For office workers, it can be a very suitable commute bag.

Although it is said that this brand is a niche in China, it is already a light luxury brand in the fashion circle in Europe.


This bag, the bag is very light, but the container is optimistic about the key mobile phone. The cosmetics can be stored. The formal occasions can be hand -in. It can be slanted diagonally every day. It is very practical.

Entry -entry! Zatchels classic models are everywhere in Zatchel Cambridge bags, and the classic models must be soul


Its inspiration comes from the traditional British cowhbal bag that was once popular in the middle of the 20th century. The outstanding representative of the British Academy

Adopt the traditional craftsmanship of the first layer of cowhide and traditional flip and double buckle design, ingenious to create every detail, the bag is stiff, the appearance of the square and the square cannot cover up the dull heart, both retro genes and hard core temperament ~ well The cold switch is switched at will, and it can be described as a must -have versatile item.

The classic models are divided into 11.5 -inch and 13 -inch sizes, which can accommodate daily necessities such as iPad, magazines, books, laptops.

Harry Potter’s classic college style, British elegance of Downton Manor, the little gloom and eclectic of the punk style … Let you show you N -temperament British.

Always classic, always deeply rooted in people’s hearts


Do not miss the elegant British retro bag Hatbox series high -end dark green Hatbox bag

Integrate British classics and modern modern elements, unique round cake shapes, with the iconic golden shield locks, exquisite leather crimping, and the style of the style shows a high -level texture.

Aspinal is a luxury bag brand from the UK. It is loved by the British royal family, Princess Kate and celebrities in Europe.

The above 7 niche bags have their own characteristics, but it is absolutely guaranteed that the chance of going out to hit the bag is almost 0. Haha ~ If you like it, please like it ~ Add a attention ~ Thank you


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