The 14 types of rubber were evaluated.

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When I went to school, there were two things that I was most reluctant to borrow. One is pocket money, and the other is rubber.

This is not rolling, mainly because the rubber is too easy to lose, and it is likely that it is probably no shadow when you borrow it.

If there is just a super -useful rubber in his hand, it can’t let others touch it.


Is there any way to keep your rubber?

I feel that the best way is to let the students in the class use a good rubber.

good for everyone.

Last week, I stomped hard and stomped, scolding “huge sums of money”


14 different brands and types of rubber


Essence绑 The bundle consumption of the merchant (2 pieces/3 pieces of buying, not only selling), the rolling must be bought a lot!

There are 7 hammer with 7 models


Domestic brands, the other 7 are foreign brands. The unit price is available from 0.75 yuan to 5 yuan.

The evaluation list is as follows:

Domestic brand

Foreign brands

There is no fragrance of the rubber rubbing in the rolling choice, and it looks “simple and unprepared”.

Moms and dads should also pay attention to try not to buy fancy and fragrant rubber rubbing for dolls. It is easy to disperse the doll’s attention. During class, you may only care about playing rubber.

One of the parents in the Panda parents group was chairman of a certain school committee. He told the rolling that they did not compare the dolls and simply purchased rubber by the family committee, so that the price was cheap. (Praise the real name here)

Next, rolling will be from the eraser

Soft and hardness, clean power, dandruff ability,


In these four aspects, do you evaluate.



I also evaluated schoolbags, water cups and pencils

Essence Mom and dad I missed poke the link to the side:


[Water Cup Evaluation] 16 elementary school students’ water cup evaluation, all in winter and summer

[Schoolbag Evaluation] Which one should I buy in 10 net red schoolbags?

“Pencil evaluation” 11 triangular pencil holes and pencil elementary schools how to choose? Inner egg

Rolled up solemnly: This article conscience evaluation, no advertising implantation or goods!


Moms and dads who are anxious to see the results can slide directly to the end of the text, and the rolling has summarized the evaluation results in the form of a form.

Evaluation 1: Softness and hardness

Generally speaking, the softer the rubber is, the better. because

The smaller the rubber hurts the paper.

In order to test the hardness of the rubber, the 14 pieces of rubber were “ravaged”.

Powerful clean rubber rubbing

Deli art rubber rubbing

The hardest thing is “Morning Mi Fei”

I was afraid of being too hard when I was stingy, and fold it. Rolled up and stood up deliberately, it was really “掐 都”.

Chenguang Mififang -type rubber rubbing

The softest is Huibaijia.

When I first opened it, I thought it was the seller who had issued the wrong goods. This drawing feels like gum.

Huibai Jiake plastic rubber

Take it twice, the softness is comparable to rubber puree!

According to the soft and hard level of rubber, a summary form is listed below.

Evaluation 2: Cleaning power

Evaluating a rubber or not is good, the most important thing is to see whether its cleaning power is strong.

In order to compare the cleansing of 14 rubber, it took an hour to roll, and hand -painted a chart.

Each rubber corresponds to a box, and each box is shallow and deep. And each box uses the same pencil–

Delicate writing pencil


The selected pencil is HB, which meets the requirements of most primary schools for students.

After drawing the chart, wipe it with the corresponding rubber. In order to ensure the authenticity of the evaluation, wipe each box for 10 times up and down to maintain the same intensity as much as possible.

Eventually, a table of different depths was obtained.


It can be seen from the figure that the best cleaning power

“Lyra art rubber”



“Sakura painting writing rubber”


The worst cleansing power is

Deli art rubber rubbing, capable clean rubber rubbing, Schidlou white rubber rubbing, Baile fresh rubber rubbing

The cleaning power of 14 rubber has been summarized into a form:

What needs to be explained here is,

Because the pencil used in this evaluation is HB, the statistical result is only the clean power of each rubber rubbing against HB pencil ~

Perhaps changing a type of pencil will get different results.


Evaluation 3: Tackling ability

The so -called dandruff ability refers to the effect of rubber debris during wiping.


The better the dandruff ability, the easier it is to wipe out long, non -scattered rubber dandruff.


The better the dandruff ability, the cleaner the paper surface after wiping.

The rubber dandruff generated in the cleaning power test is collected. Which eraser has a good ability to collect and know!

More special,

During the wiping process, no debris was generated.


To be precise, there is no scrap! The paper surface is very clean after wiping ~

Use Huibaijia to plastic rubber to wipe the paper


After use, the rubber was darkened a little, and one “hair” did not fall!

In addition to Kaihuba Ka Karka plastic rubber, the best effect of the scraps is Lary Art rubber! Determine cleansing rubber rubbing and Schidlou white rubber rubbing the most with the most ~


In this session, a summary form was made as usual. Because Huoba Ka Ke plastic rubber did not produce any waste, the table below was specially opened up with a “disdain” column, which specially took care of this piece of rubber rubbing like rubber puree.

Evaluation 4: Dandruff rate

Judging the “life” of a rubber rubbing, the most important thing about two points. One is “volume”, and the other is the “dandruff rate”. The more dandruff, the more durable the rubber rubbing.


The reference object is still the following picture.


It is also wiped up and down 10 times. The highest dandruff rate is LYRA art rubber, cherry blossom painting rubber, and three wood 4B rubber rubbing. The lowest dandruff rate is Huibaijia plastic rubber

After all, no waste scrap is generated.

The higher the dandruff rate, the shorter the service life. Coupled, without calculating the amount of rubber volume,

The shortest service life is Lyra Art rubber, cherry blossom painting rubber, and three wood 4B rubber rubbing. The longest service life is Huibaijia 使用 使用.

According to the crumbs of 14 rubber, each rubber is divided into high dandruff, general dandruff, less dandruff, and no dandruff, with a total of 4 categories.



From the results of the summary above,

The most prominent performance is LYRA art rubber rubbing, Huibaijia 可 plastic rubber, and Mali 4B soft rubber.


But it is not recommended that you buy Hubai Ka Karcar plastic rubber. Although this rubber overall strength is good, after all, it is a rubber rubbing resembling rubber puree.

Although cherry blossom painting writing rubber and dragonfly Mono rubber rubbing is not very prominent, it is still very powerful in cleaning, which meets the core elements of good rubber.

Those who need to buy cautiously are: Schidlou’s white rubber rubbing, Bailla fresh rubber rubbing, gain art rubber rubbing, and clean rubber rubbing.

These four rubber not only have poor comprehensive strength, but also not clean the key! (At least the words written in HB pencil are not clean)

Hui Baijia, who was originally highly hoped, was not prominent in cleaning, and even the trend of “fluttering the street”.

It is worth noting that the price of rubber is not proportional to the pros and cons.


For example, 1.5 yuan of domestic products -Mali 4B soft rubber, which is better than many imported rubber. These imported rubber prices are at least twice the Mali 4B rubber.

Author: Grand Panda, who is mixed in the Chengdu parent circle, loves bamboo, and is more keen to study childcare tricks.


Chenguang Mififang -type rubber rubbing

Huibai Jiake plastic rubber


Huibai Jiake plastic rubber

Delicate writing pencil





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