Chen Yanxi’s figure is just right, not “fat” at all, wearing tube top skirts and neck lines with superior lines

Tube top skirt

It is a fashion item that fashionistas like it, not only because the tube top skirt can show the perfection


Shoulder line

, Can also show sexy and elegant temperament, which disappears the vulgarity of excessive exposure. The tube top style can also increase the waistline and divide the figure into a golden ratio.


In the star’s red carpet shape, the tube top skirt is

Very common design

Because the tube top skirt can show the beautiful female star

Swan neck and one shoulder

Chen Yanxi’s tube top is very “pure”, full of figure but no fat, not like a mother at all.

The trick of wearing tube top skirts

☆ ★ Wearing elements



Tube top design:

One -shaped neckline




Black handbag + metal jewelry

☆ ★ Overall effect


In fact, compared to other skirts, it is more difficult to control. First of all, if there is no comparison

Good figure

It’s hard to afford the version of the tube top skirt, Chen Yanxi’s tube top is very “


“, Full of body but no fat, not like a mother at all, the problem is to wear a tube top skirt. As long as you are more exposed, you will follow

Sexy degeneration becomes vulgar

It is difficult to grasp the size in it.


If you choose

Long skirt


If you do it, you will solve this problem very well, reduce the exposed skin area as much as possible, and temporarily cover the beautiful long legs. Instead, it sets off the elegant temperament of the wearer. Emphasize the innate elegance and noble.

At present, the common tube top skirt design on the market is not known to be convenient to fix or be beautiful.

Self -cultivation


At this time, you must pay attention to it, you must pay attention to the neckline when choosing a tube top skirt

Is it too tightly wearing

Because of the tight neckline, it is very easy to draw a pair of breasts. This is why many young sisters are afraid of wearing tube top skirts. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid this style of tube top skirts as much as possible here.

But some people say what to do if I really like this small skirt, then you can choose according to the occasion


A shawl or a suit jacket blocked the embarrassing place.

Other style tube top skirts wear

Fashion letters tube top skirt

Color: pink, blue

Pattern: irregular letters

Neckline design: three -dimensional decoration neckline

Material: Stretching the fabric


Three -dimensional decorative neckline

The designed tube top skirt can also effectively avoid some

“Embarrassing” moment

For example, some unique designs on the neckline, or to cover the yarn fabric, are all good choices. The pink background uses a large area of ​​blue irregular letter patterns to compare



When being invited to attend various high -end banquets, you must choose to use it

Stretch the fabric

Although the clothing made of cotton is really comfortable, you can wear cotton fabrics to attend the high -end banquet. The ultimate is too small.

Atmosphere and elegance

Please pay attention to this.

Deep blue elegant temperament gauze skirt

Color: dark blue

Tube top design: one type type

Material: gauze system

Navy blue

As a color that is commonly used for dressing, it will always be reminiscent of the sea

Deep tolerance

It is also very suitable to reflect women


One side, select

This version,

Waist design

It is very important. If a tube top skirt has no waist design, it will float like a marijuana bag on the drying rod … It is very disaster to think about it. Essence

Choose a skirt with a soft gauze material to compare with the upper body, which adds a touch of cute atmosphere, and it can also cover the excess flesh on the belly and legs.


It is the first principle when wearing clothes.

Red satin sexy short skirt

color: red

Tube top design: one -shaped neckline

Material: satin

Red as a Chinese woman best

Unique charm

The color of the collision with the tube top skirt has a very special chemical effect. The red charm and the sexy of the tube top skirt make the wearer look like

Sexy and elegant

, But with a trace of Chinese women

Unique temperament

Sexy and atmosphere are no longer a pair of antonyms on the body.


The semi -scalp is in place, just staying in the knee position, it will not be as bloated as long skirts, and it will not be as vulgar as a mini skirt.

Waist lines overall


Body proportions

Looks more harmonious, all the design stays

Just right

In the position, how can you not attract attention and make people feel exciting.

So sisters find themselves

Favorite style

? Be sure to pay attention when choosing a tube top skirt

The design of the neckline, whether there is a waist design, the length of the skirt

Equal elements will have a large impact on the overall clothing shape.

You can also choose if you want to wear it yourself

Outer coat

, Recently, it has also become popular in tube top skirts

Put in a shirt

It is fashionable and simple. I hope you will find the skirt that suits you best.

Tube top skirt

Tube top skirt


☆ ★ Wearing elements

☆ ★ Wearing elements

☆ ★ Wearing elements

☆ ★ Overall effect


☆ ★ Overall effect

☆ ★ Overall effect


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