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I heard that there will be cold air again next week, the temperature of the temperature, and the days of freezing your hands and your feet are coming.

However, the good news is that before this cold air arrives, there are still a few days of good weather. It is suitable for washing and sunbathing and preparing winter clothing.

A few days ago, we asked the experts to ask the experts in the case of which kind of quilt. For details, please refer to it (“Noisy! Cotton silk filament goose down duck down duck down … which kind of quilt? Listen to experts!”).

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After the report came out, everyone’s question came again: I want to make a cotton quilt, where can I have a cotton shop? Where can the silk be done?

So I set off again. According to the clues provided by many friends in the circle of friends, I really found a few of them —

Master Zhang, who has played a cotton quilt, has been there for more than ten years

Although the down and silk are more and more popular in recent years, many people are still used to covering a cotton quilt. Especially some cotton “love powder”, when it comes to the cotton quilt that has just been played, describes “it is called a comfortable, fluffy, and warmth.”

In some old communities and vegetable farms in the urban area, some cotton shops are still hidden. For example, many small partners mentioned Hezhai Cai Farm here.

This shop is hidden in the southernmost side of Hezhai community, with the specific address of Junlin Lane. 38. The facade is simply written with “customized cotton wool”, which is not conspicuous, but a large amount of cotton stacked at the door greatly improves its recognition.

When I found it, the shop advocated that the master and his wife had just played a bed cotton, and a lady in her 50s was next to it. She said that her family liked to cover a cotton quilt. Her mother and mother -in -law’s quilt played it with Master Zhang. “For more than ten years, they are all their quilts at home.”

Master Zhang said that their husband and wife were from Lanxi. Since 2004, they have played cotton and cotton quilts here. The only difference is that it used to be a handmade, and now it is a machine bomb.

What is the difference between the two? “Slowly bounces, a quilt of a bed must be played for half a day, and the manual fee is at least 200 yuan; the machine is fast, just an hour is fine, the processing fee is 70 yuan and 60 yuan, which is much cheaper.” It is still more recommended for machine bullets, because the current quilt size is larger than before, and the artificial bomb is more difficult and easy to be uneven. “The machine will be more fluffy and softer.”


So, how much does it cost to make a cotton now? Master Zhang said that he uses Xinjiang cotton here, 18 yuan per catty. If you buy cotton from him, then the price of 8 pounds of 8 pounds is 18 × 8+70 processing costs = 214 yuan. If you have cotton or renovate with old quilts, you will only collect processing fees, and according to the quilt size of 60 ~ 70 yuan.


It is said that Master Zhang started in late August this year. It was obviously busy in October. There were more than a dozen beds a day. Even if there were dozens of beds in line, “Not only the elderly liked, many young people also also. If you like it, many children are used to setting up a few beds and quilts when they get married. Generally, three or four beds are set at a time, 8 pounds or 10 pounds. “


I have asked everyone to ask everyone. Before the Spring Festival, Master Zhang started every day, from 7 am to 7 pm in the store.


Master Cao, who was originally a silk quilt in the industrial mall, changed the place


It was an unexpected harvest when Master Cao and his wife. From Master Zhang’s bouncing cotton shop, walking west along Chunlin Lane, I suddenly saw the door of a shop at the corner of the corner and said “Specialty Sanli Qian …”

The owner is Master Cao and Aunt Huang, who are already in their 70s this year. They were originally workers of Jinhua Silk Factory. After retiring, they started to be a silk quilt. It has been more than 20 years.


I heard that I came to help everyone find a place to make a silk quilt. A lady who was working on the quilt on her own electric car spoke: “Master Cao is very famous. I did it in the industrial mall before. The business and the next unit were looking for them. “She pointed to the quilt of the bed.” I started looking for them to make a silk quilt more than ten years ago. Heavier. “

When I heard the old customers propagating for himself, Aunt Huang smiled happily: “It is really not bragging, we just don’t lie, so the reputation is good. He is the old party member of the 50th anniversary of the party. Fingers that Master Cao, who was holding a needle line next to it, was holding a needle thread. “We first placed in the alley next to the industrial mall police station. Later, we moved to Wumi Supermarket in Jiangnan. The supermarket was closed some time ago and just moved here. “

Always change places for fear of not being able to find customers? Aunt Cao said very confidently, “Of course not, the old customers have me, and they will call themselves. Dongyang Yongkang comes over. Many college students who go to Jinhua do not bring a quilt from home. When I come to me here Being a silk quilt, say warmth. “She proudly told me,” We have all the quilts in the world. There are so many Australia. The children study abroad and brought them out at home. “

I learned about it. They are 320 yuan a pound here. If you do quilt, winter is generally recommended to be 6 pounds. If not, they also have it, 100 yuan each, for about an hour for a bed quilt.

Cotton jackets can also be made. Mulberry silk is still calculated at 320 yuan per catty. Generally speaking, ordinary men’s men’s cotton jackets 6 two silk silk, women’s half pounds are enough, pants are more saved, about 4 or two. If the original old silk cotton coat is refurbished, it only collects 30 yuan processing fee, which is also very real. After all, making cotton clothes and cotton pants is more troublesome than being a quilt.

Aunt Huang said that when the silk is done, just blow the blow when you put it in the cool place. Do not expose the sun. When you put it up, pay attention to put it on the top, and do not be pressed by heavy objects. She said that generally does not need to be turned over for more than ten years after the silk is done. If you really want to renovate, charge a processing fee of 30 yuan per catty. It’s too light, it is also possible to add new silk to it. “

What else is a quilt shop, please share it together

In addition to the two above, I also found several other quilts, everyone can take a look at it.

1. No. 157, Renmin East Road

This shop happens to be opposite to the Qingshan community bus station such as 303 and 9th roads. According to netizens, it is the most famous of peanut soup to make a cold drink in summer. The owner said that she had done a silk quilt for 30 years. From October 1st to April 30th each year, the silk was 360 yuan per catty, and the inner lime was 60 to 110 yuan/piece.

2. No. 467 Jiefang East Road

It is close to the four -brand building. It is a textile store. It is said that it has been done for 20 years. It has been done throughout the year. The silk has three types: 308 yuan/catties and 330 yuan/catties.

3. Donglai Road cuisine

There is also a silk quilt here, and also a down quilt. Silk is 180 yuan per catty, and 320 yuan per catty. The white goose down is 350 yuan per catty.

Is there a silk quilt and a cotton quilt around you? Welcome to tell you.

At the same time, we must also remind everyone that the quality of the silk on the market is uneven. Please pay attention to identify and judge carefully. For silk with particularly low prices, you need to keep your heart.

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