Xu Huiyi Community changed the new telescopic drying rack. Why did two -thirds of residents dissatisfied?

“The original drying rack was damaged due to fire, and the construction party replaced different styles of drying racks without greeting. But the new one is not easy to use!”

Recently, Mr. Chen, a citizen of Xuhui District, called the Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News Hotline 63523600 for help, saying that there was difficulty in drying clothes, and the problem was on the newly installed retractable drying rack.

40 of the 60 households are not satisfied with the transformation

Mr. Chen lives in 260 Fukani Road in Fenggu Road. On March 1st, the reporter went to the scene to learn: On August 25, 2020, when the old houses 12 to 17 of the community were renovated in the old houses of Building 12 to 17, due to improper operation of the staff, a fire caused a fire. The outer wall of the drying rack was burned, and the residents’ homes were also beyond recognition. After the fire, residents from the 12th to 17th were resettled to the hotel to transition. The buildings that were affected by the fire were implemented by Shanghai Huicheng (Group) Co., Ltd.

After the repair project was over, the residents returned to the community and found that the entire building was a lot of new and beautiful compared to other buildings: the other building’s exterior walls still extended from the edge of the window to the old -fashioned “door ball frame” type drying rack. Buildings 12 to 17 are much refreshing, and neatly shiny new telescopic drying racks are installed on the new wall.

Building 12 to 17 of Fenggu Road 260 Lane 3rd Community has been replaced with a telescopic drying rack.


Other residential buildings in the community are still the shelf -type drying rack.

Unexpectedly, in early 2021, more than 40 residents from 60 households on the second floor of Building 12 to 17 were residents from the State Hotel.

Mr. Chen compiled the opinions and reflected the government departments at the district and street levels. Soon after receiving a reply, the plan for changing the shrinking drying rack was to carry out unified planning and unified design in accordance with the requirements of the Xuhui District Government. The shrinking drying rack has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful and generous, suitable for various clothes rods, convenient, practical, and convenient hanging. This is to consider the safety of the typhoon as much as possible. Residents are not satisfied with such answers.


Can’t be used? The old man can’t support

Many communities in Shanghai have used telescopic drying racks, and few complaint feedback. Why do residents of Feng San District want to change back to the old -fashioned drying rack?


In order to find the reasons for the complaints of residents, the reporter visited some residents of Buildings 12 to 17 and found that the excessive tightness of the drying rack activity was the main problem reflected by the residents. The proportion of the elderly living in this community is very high. If it is not easy to push away during clothes, it will undoubtedly cause inconvenience for the elderly.

On the balcony of Mr. Chen’s house, the bolts of the telescopic drying rack have been tan. The reporter was young and strong. When pushing the middle area of ​​the drying rack, he had to work hard to promote it, not to mention Mr. Chen. The left and right ends of the drying rack are slightly smoother, but you have to go left and right to “crunch” to repeat several times in order to spread the drying rack as a whole. “Old age, there is no energy to extend the clothes rack out! Young people at home go to work early in the morning, and they will only come back late, and they can’t help.”

After more than a year of installation, Mr. Chen’s clothes was rusty.

A mother -in -law on the third floor of Building 17 feels that the new and old styles have their own Qiuqiu. Frequently, the drying rack is often used.


In addition to the overall expansion, the elderly who are slightly tall are still worried about safety. In Building 13, a grandma showed reporters to dry clothes. She is short, and her shoulders are just a little higher than the window sill. In the past, when using the door shelf -type drying rack, she only needed to stretch the long rod out. But now, “When I dry my clothes, I have to step on the small stool. I have to find out half of my body, and I have to push the drying rack hard.

Some residents are accustomed to using telescopic drying racks, but most of them still prefer the old style. Some residents revealed to reporters that because she was not used to it, she was intending to install a doorstec -shelf drying rack on the side of the telescopic clothes rack.

The construction team will come to the door for maintenance and commissioning

Secretary of the General Branch of the Fengsan residential district party said that it has received difficulties in the difficulty of pushing the shelf to push and pull, which may be because the materials used at that time were better, so some would be very tight. Residents have been using the old door ball rack drying rack for a long time, and they have not been used to adapt. Over time, the number of residents who are required to replace the original style is gradually decreasing. If residents who are unwilling to use or cannot accept telescopic drying racks, they can also replace them back to their original style.

△ Extraction drying rack in Building 12.

In order to solve the “difficulty of drying”, the reporter contacted the relevant departments of Xuhui District. On March 3rd, the staff returned to Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News after verifying the situation, saying that when the aftermath repair project, it was accompanied by a new drying rack and anti -theft window for residents. Coat hanger. The staff said that it has learned the problems reflected by the residents. Some residents can adapt to the new drying rack after changing the use habits.

The community property construction team has been coordinated to debug and repair to ensure that some residents have difficulty in drying clothes.

Editor -in -chief: Mao Jinwei Text Editor: Zheng He

Source: Author: Zheng He


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