The price starts from 9,000 yuan, with a maximum battery life of 260 kilometers. These three four -wheel electric vehicles are very suitable for the elderly.

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There is such a model on the road. It is a car from a distance. It is not similar to it. It is smaller than the car and the speed is slower. This is the age of 55 to 70 years old. The speed is relatively slow, and the comfort is very good. It is one of the models used by the elderly to travel and pick up the baby. The small walker will share 3 models today. The price starts from 9,000 yuan. The profile is:

Some of their prices are low, some have good battery life, and some are large brands.

Paragraph 1: Best Li four -wheel electric vehicle, the price is low, starting from 9,000 yuan

From the perspective of the vehicle shape, the target of this car is the SUV model. The size of the vehicle is 2800 × 1300 × 1600mm. Although it is slightly larger than many four -wheeled electric vehicles, it is still a relatively small four -wheeled model. However, the space in the car is relatively spacious. It uses five -door and four -seater design, which can accommodate the riding space of four people.


Let’s take a look at the motivation of this car. Because it is an active parity product, the power of this car is relatively average. It is equipped with a 1500W power differential motor with a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. At about 40 kilometers, it can meet the needs of daily bending, vegetables, and baby. Of course, this car also has a high endurance version. The highest is equipped with a 100AH ​​battery, and the battery life can reach about 120 kilometers.


Look at the configuration in the car. As a low -price model, the configuration of its standard models can only be said to be basically sufficient. In addition to the conventional steering wheel operation, the vehicle can adjust the seat. Connect, reversing images, these basic configurations, and the high -profile version of the vehicle, in addition to these configurations, will have the configuration of warm and cold air conditioners to improve the comfort of driving.

In other basic configurations of Best Li, the independent suspension of the vehicle configuration can be guaranteed by the independent suspension of the vehicle. Comfortable environment; in addition, the vehicle also has a positioning system to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Paragraph 2: Dongwei O1, endurance high, maximum battery life 260 kilometers

Dongwei O1 is an ultra -high -speed navigation low -speed four -wheel electric vehicle. Whether it is shape or battery life, this vehicle can be marked with some miniature electric vehicles. First, look at the appearance. 1550mm, the proper is the micro -car standard, and the appearance of the upper and lower large grille design, equipped with a stylish LED headlight, allows the vehicle to have a certain high value as a whole.


As a model similar to the first size, the vehicle is also a five -door and four -seater design, which can meet the needs of mobility to connect dolls. However, in addition to the size, Dongwei O1 and the previous car have a large difference in many aspects. The power of this car is 2500W power, which can climb 32 degrees. Of course, the speed is relatively safer 42 km/h.


In terms of battery life, this car has multiple battery versions to choose from. The largest battery is 60V150AH lithium battery, which can achieve one charging at a time. The highest battery life is 260 kilometers. It can be used for 20 kilometers, and it can be used for nearly half a month. It does not need to be charged frequently.

This car is not only good for power and battery life. The built -in configuration of the vehicle is also better than the previous car. The vehicle has a 4 -inch display. Although it is not large, it can also support video playback, reversing images, music playback, Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth connection In addition, the vehicle also has one -click startup, warm air device, car audio and other configuration.

Let’s take a look at the basic configuration. The vehicle adopts a double -fork arm disk structure, the front is a straight tube hydraulic pressure, and the subsequent hydraulic spring shock absorption can be filtered. The configuration is a 220V charging gun, which can not only charge at home, and support charging pile charging, which is more convenient.

Article 3: Emma A520, big brand product

According to the C-BPI list, Emma is the top brand in electric vehicles, and Emma does have a high popularity. The Emma A520 it launched is also the product of Emma’s low-speed electric vehicle field of Emma’s water test water. From the perspective of this car, it is different from most of the low -speed electric vehicles. Its shape is cute, and the design of the front face is “tongue sticking”. Design is more technological.


It can be seen from the appearance. This is also a relatively small model. The size of the vehicle is: 2510mm in length, 1300mm wide, and 1650mm high. It is a relatively small model. The space is indeed smaller, but the three designs are basically sufficient for mobility and picking up baby.


In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with a 1200W permanent magnet motor. The power is not strong. The highest speed is only 40 kilometers per hour. Killer, this battery life is a very good result in low -speed electric vehicles.

Look at the configuration in the car. This car is equipped with a 7 -inch multi -function match and supports reversing images, including music, videos, and radio audio and video entertainment systems. Among these 3 cars, the smart configuration is the best. There are also configurations such as one -click start, leather seats, electric doors and windows, warm and warm air outlets.

In other basic configurations, the shell of the vehicle is the imported ABS aviation explosion material, the car processing paint, and the brake is the dual guarantee of the four -wheeled disc brake. Power off power -off switch to avoid over -charging damage to batteries.


:以上就是小行家介绍的不同类型的3款车,分别是注重续航,价格,品牌,这也是满足不同用车需求,而总的来说,这3款车都比较适合55~70岁,年龄It is not necessary to use such a slow car, and too old, it is not recommended to use such a four -wheeled car.


So, which one do you prefer? Welcome everyone to comment and exchange.


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