Tuan | CHALI tea bag in the small red book is made of tea, only the original leaves, and the long time of brewing are not astringent

It is said that autumn and winter

It is a “dry and lack of water” season

At the same time

You also need to continue to replenish your body

Scientific conclusion:

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

The drinking water required for everyone a day is about about

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

1500 ~ 2000 ml

But as a professional tea professional household

Don’t say 2000 ml

I can’t drink 500 ml of boiled water

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

In order to allow the same water -deficient professional as the director

Develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water

I specially dug you

Various tea bags on the entire network

Insurance allows you to drink madly every day! Intersection

As a local pocket tea brand, CHALI tea has been the first for many consecutive years of Tmall Double 11, and 800 million tea bags have been sold in 8 years.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

The high value packaging is attracted at first glance.

It is the original leaf triangle tea bag. Through the tea bag, you can see the shape of the tea leaves. If you use good ingredients, you can really make it for a long time.

The taste of each tea bag is continuously tested and adjusted, and there is no artificial flavors and additives, only the purest tea flavor.

When you want to drink tea, take out a separate small packaging and brew it with hot water, which is very convenient.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

When choosing a product, it completely broke the stereotype of the office colleagues in the pockets of tea.

It is more convenient and simple to drink than the traditional bulk tea. It only needs to add water. Whether it is out of the way or the office, you can drink tea anytime, anywhere.

It is very convenient to brew. It does not pick tea sets. It can be obtained at hand.

Just opened the tea bag, there is a natural tea fragrance. Put the tea bag in the cup, pour it in hot water for 2 minutes, a cup of refreshing bag of tea will be soaked ~

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

In addition to the hot bubbles, it is also good to make a cup of ice cold tea, which is very suitable for summer.

Put the tea bag in a cold pot, add cold water, and put the refrigerator for 2 to 8 hours to drink.

You can also add some fruits, ice cubes, mint, etc. according to the taste, let alone how cool it is ~

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

In this season that is easy to be sleepy, drinking a cup of fragrant tea is comfortable!

The gift box is simple, beautiful, drinking or giving away is a good choice.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Many bags of tea on the market are too water.

In order to make delicious bubble tea, the team in Chali tea from 7 tea gardens bases including Yunnan, Ya’an, Hangzhou, and Fujian, the tea leaves come from direct supply.

After picking from the place of origin, after fine manual screening, removing the leaves and tea stalks, and then made various bags of tea according to different processes.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Each is packaged separately, so it is also good to carry one or two packs with you, and there are many taste choices. Basically, there is no special taste.

The classic black tea is also suitable for homemade milk tea. Basically, it can be drunk in hot water for 5 minutes. The taste is actually relatively strong. It will slowly soak out. It is basically no problem for a pack of drinking for a day.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

It is only a few dollars at a time, and even the price of buying a cup is less than one time. And you can also come

Free renewal

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

The tea bag can be bubble repeatedly to make it tasteless.

Every tea drink is very good. Now I change it every day, which is delicious and not expensive.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Irregular diet, you can drink this to relieve it ~

Reject high -calorie tea, want to drink tea and save money. This sweet orange/grapefruit jasmine is a good choice!

“Sweet Orange Black Tea

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

There are sweet oranges and mellow tea flavor

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

I can hardly feel the sourness of the oranges ~ I can feel the sweet fragrance of the orange oranges when I first started brewing. At the entrance is a strong black tea fragrance, it is recommended to add ice cubes, drink super refreshing ~ refreshing so that it can scrape fat!

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Frequent drinking black tea can not only scrape oil to relieve greasy, detoxify beauty, but also warm the stomach and flat liver. People with cold spleen and stomach can drink osmanthus oolong tea properly.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for office workers to drink. You only need to make a bubble with warm water or cool white.

The materials are really visible


“Grapefruit jasmine

The smell of grapes is more important, but the jasmine incense is indeed fresh after the entrance

There is a sweet fragrance of fruit in the fragrance ~ I can’t describe the feeling price of the feeling

It feels like drinking a cup of fresh tea, and the more you taste it, the more you want !!

Every morning, soak a large pot of water and soak it out of the lid and the air can drink a few more glasses of water every day!

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

This tea bag is not only good -taste, but also very beautifully packaged. After the tea is drinking, it can also be equipped with small objects.

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

And the packaging tea bag adopts an advanced triangular bag design,

Each cup is packaged independently, hygiene and convenient


When you are tired of work, make a cup of exclusive tea to cheer yourself and add more vitality. Adjusting the working status is another day!

团 | 刷爆小红书的CHALI茶里袋泡茶,只取原叶、久泡不涩

Identify the QR code and buy immediately


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