14 -year -old Li Yan is a model again, wearing super shorts and playing with a lower jacket, long leg strength grab the mirror

On September 12, the Yanran Angel Fund announced that she cooperated with a company, and Li Yan’s limited public welfare joint products with its brand cooperation also began to be sold.


In the picture, Li Yan personally entered the dwelling model. She was wearing a loose sweater and super shorts. She played the fashionable “disappearance of the lower shirt”, which made a pair of long legs vividly to the fullest. It is also full of trend, and it is easy to set up the tide, and the gas field is very strong.


With the age of age, Li Yan’s appearance became more and more like his father Li Yapeng. There was a shadow of Li Yapeng when he was young, and his cool expression was slightly rebellious.


Although the traces of rabbit lip surgery are still obvious, it does not affect Li Yan’s overall face value. Li Yan is very confident and has no pressure in the face of high -definition special camera.

In fact, shooting photos is nothing new for Li Yan. Li Yan had boarded the magazine as early as 12 years old. At that time, her cleft lip and palate surgery had not fully recovered, and it looked unnatural.


But Li Yan still smiled confidently, facing the camera frankly, and he could feel the vitality of Li Yan across the screen.


Earlier, Li Yan also appeared in Paris Fashion Week with Huang Duoduo. He was a show of a children’s clothing brand. The typhoon was very stable and would not be frightened at all.


Li Yan has always been very active on the Internet. As early as 9 years old, he became a beauty blogger. He introduced his makeup techniques for live video. At that time, he had aroused heated discussions on the Internet at that time. Because he has been indulging in surfing on the Internet, Li Yan was also confiscated by Li Yapeng.


As a father, Li Yapeng was afraid that her daughter was injured due to negative comment and did not want her to contact the Internet prematurely. But apparently Li Yapeng was more concerned. Li Yan was a very confident little girl. He was optimistic and cheerful. He soon became a piece of “100,000 fashion bloggers” with netizens.


Although people are young, Li Yan has her own ideas. No matter how the outside world comes on, she has always insisted on her and dressing according to her preferences. The young painting style is very mature.


Some time ago, Li Yan also dyed a blond hair and looked like a 14 -year -old girl.

Leave the shape without saying, Li Yan is a versatile girl. Not only does the piano play well, but singing is also very nice. I believe you can inherit the mother’s career soon.

Li Yan also likes painting very much. On the clothes released this time, Li Yan’s work “Panda and Bird” was printed.

Don’t underestimate this panda. When Li Yan was 7 years old, her paintings were auctioned at a charity dinner. Just one panda stick figure was sold at a high price of 1 million Hong Kong dollars. jaw.


According to the Foundation, Li Yanlian’s famous clothing sales will be donated to Yanran Angel Fund to help patients with cleft lip and palate patients improve their quality of life.


At a young age, it is very moving to join charity. I wish Li Yan grew up healthily and happily!


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