Do not expose the quilt for 3 months, millions of mites accompany you to sleep! Put it on the bed, the mites have been “collectively committed”, only a few minutes a day

Another “powerful” cold air strikes


The temperature is constantly declining

People want to stay in the bed 24 hours

But do you feel like this:

Lying on the bed and stabbing all over

It’s not that itchy, or that scratching

Like a small bug crawling on the body

I don’t fall asleep a bit


It’s still inexplicable


Put an ointment, regardless of it, repeat it

Don’t look for it

The murderer is probably on the bed




The welfare officer did not believe before

I know when I go to the hospital to check in except for creep mites:

It turns out that mites do not stop in winter!

After examination, I found creep mites

When it comes to mites, many people may have read similar statements:


Is this intimidation?

It’s really not! The numbers are not necessarily accurate, but there are many mites, which can be said to be everywhere.

Anyone where it is easy to accumulate, there are mites, than

Such as bed, quilt, pillow, hair doll, cloth sofa, curtains, carpet, air conditioning filter …

The quantity is more than one million.

When we lay on the bed and sleep, the sweat, secretions, dandruff, and fibers in the fabric were eaten by them.

Dust mites under microscope


Unlike fleas and mosquitoes, unlike the bug running after biting, it is similar to




It is also parasitic in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin.

Mites in pores

There is one now:

Washing and exemption, spend less money


, I can completely tell the mites to say the lazy method of worship:

Just put it on the bed, the mites will bring a family, crying and climbing in and committing suicide


Victoria’s Visual Plants remove mites.

“Can you get some fresh, will the mitebags have long been rotten on the street?”

But Xiaobian knew it. Most mite removal bags are either

Devitory removal rate is less than 90%


With the banner of 100%, the mite removal rate is actually only 98.5%.

The propagation of mites has told everyone ahead, but all left = a loss from the beginning.

And Wei Kang’s mite removal bag, there are


China Centers for Disease Control

Inspection and presenting the report:

Demonfire rate full points


Mite removal is real and never let one go.

(Each bag is accompanied by mites -driven reports, and BU is fake.)

If you know in depth, I also found that it is

Design specifically for maternal and infant design

Upgrade version:


Excluding pesticide insecticide avoiding mihoamine

Plants extract non -toxic and harmless

Maternity and infant families can be used with confidence

Look, write the ingredients clearly on the packaging ▽

Because of its safety and mite removal effects, it has achieved it

98%super high praise rate:

“It is much stronger than what Japan, France, and Australia!”

“Nothing taste is not pungent at all, this must be added”

“It feels really effective, sleeping a lot at night!”

Let me tell you a small episode here:


Such an easy -to -use mite removal bag almost couldn’t be put on the shelves.

The first is the price problem. The original price was 79 (3 bags*15 packs). We want to lower the price but keep talking about it. Our boss comes to the brand to relax:

1,000 pieces of inventory,

Devitar 20

49.9 yuan (3 bags in total 15 bags)

88 yuan (buy a total of 6 bags for a total of 30 bags)

After that

Principle issue

When the selection conference we saw that the sample was sealed, everyone was full of question marks.


Because the principle was not connected, we decided to give up it to re -select the product, until the R & D explanation did not understand:

The above is actually full

Dedicated ultra -fine holes

It is difficult to find because the packaging is transparent.


For everyone to see

We took the details under the strong light ▽

The price is appropriate, the principle is clear, and immediately arrange for everyone!

Compared to those pungent and smoked mite removal bags.

It does not add any spices, it will be directly


Effective ingredients are condensed on silicone particles

This way, even if you put it under the pillow, you can’t smell any odor.


Although we smell no taste, it is a fatal temptation for mites!

The first step attracts

Extracted from lemongrass, lemon, and green pepper




“, Attract the mites around 3 meters to the mite removal bag.


Second step trapped

The inhibitory of mite begins to interfere with the central nervous nerve of mites, so that mites can only be paralyzed

Trapped in mitebags



Step 3 kills

Mites cannot eat,


Dort -dying

, Mites’ corpses and excrement are also allergic sources.


In the mite removal bag, do not worry about causing virus pollution.


Plant inhibitrin will be emitted by mitebags

Last 60 days

You see the mite removal bag that has been placed for 2 months, and the blue silicone particles are all powdered (indicating that the suction mites can be replaced by the saturation).

Through the observation of a microscope, I found that the entire mite removal bag was densely packed, there was

More than one million mite corpses

, Truly “break the son -in -law”.

I also deliberately sent the single and pillows

Professional institution test

It was found that there was no mite above.


Mattress, bedding, pillow, sofa, carpet, wardrobe, pet nest


When these mites are often treated, you can wait for the mites to come to the net.

24 hours of mites were attracted by inhibitoryin, dragged in the house, and drilled in. After 48 hours, dehydrated and died. After 72 hours, the whole army was covered!

You can also put a pack directly

BB car/BB bed

, Natural safety without odor, 360 ° protects the baby from harassment by mites.


Student Party, Cost

It is not convenient to wash the quilt in the collective dormitory, and put a pack of mites to “commit suicide”.


The hotel closes to the windows all year round, and the mites are flooding. every time

Disposal, travel

With a few packs, you can completely remove mites.

It was okay to sleep naked in less than a week, and there was no feeling of climbing on the bug.

Acne, strawberry nose, oil out of oil

The situation has begun to improve.

The hair is fine for three days and one wash,


It doesn’t itch or greasy, refreshing.

Shake and shake the quilt, you will never sneeze more than a dozen,

Rhinitis rarely criminals.

And not only has a wonderful effect on killing mites, but also right

Mosquito, flea, cockroaches

Wait for insects to drive away.

Although not like a big brand, everyone is familiar, but Victoria is


Home daily brand TOP1!

Let me tell you this, whether it is used at home or body, such as eye masks, aldehyde removal, warmth, protective gear, mosquito prevention, etc., it is contracted.


More than 60 patents have been obtained, and the government and consumers have been recognized.

During the epidemic,

Protective mask is selected into the Chinese Quality Pioneer File!

Maybe the mask you wear now is its home.

Mite removal products have their own technology strength:

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔:

The centers proved that the mite removal rate was full score

✔ Security:

The ingredients are open and transparent,

Do n’t worry about playing for children to play


✔ Price:

No routine, no complicated valuation specifications

It’s really cheap ▼


Original price 79 yuan (3 bags*15 packs)

It only takes 49.9 (3 bags for a total of 15 packs) to reduce 20)

Mites are everywhere, and mites are not overnight. It is recommended that everyone take advantage of the preferential concession to ensure the health of the whole family.


88 yuan (buy 5 free one, 6 bags in total 30 packs)


Calculate a package 2.9

The investment of only 4 cents a day!


☆ 1,000 inventory, restore the original price after the sale.





Plants extract non -toxic and harmless


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