How can novice invest in spot gold quickly? Analysis of international gold, silver, and crude oil market analysis

How can novice invest in spot gold quickly get started:

1. Know the gold market information in advance

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From the perspective of the international gold investment market, it has the characteristics of obvious coverage and low entry thresholds. Then, while more and more people have the qualifications to enter the gold market, they can effectively obtain profitability. With a comprehensive and systematic understanding. Therefore, investing in novice should make full preparations, increase understanding of the gold market, and improve the final profit opportunities.

2. Do a good job of personal investment planning

First of all, novice must have a clear financial goal planning before entering the spot gold investment market, and at the same time, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of their economic conditions and investment strength. This can avoid blind investment because of excessive chasing the market, and it is also conducive to traders better grasp the scale of transaction they can bear, and give full play to their personal investment strength on the basis of not destroying the normal living level.

3. Take the correct investment operation

In the process of spot gold investment, because the deposit transaction mechanism is implemented, people can use less capital investment to obtain a large scale of transaction, but at the same time, it also increases the phenomenon of liquidation due to insufficient margin in personal transaction accounts. Therefore, novices should adhere to the operation methods of light positions, which can effectively increase the ability to resist risks. Of course, you can also better adapt to market investment trading rules by simulating transactions.

Getting started is a stage that every investor must experience in the spot gold market. It is also a key link to develop correct operation habits and health investment psychology. It is necessary to face it with a correct attitude.


【Gold Analysis-Beauty Gold】

Gold rose yesterday to collect the sun yesterday, holding the previous day’s low point 1940, the European and American disk volume is high, and the highest touches the recent high position 1978. The final closing was closed at a neutral position 1968. Today, there is a retracement. The daily line formed a strong rebound and continued, and it once again broke through the previous anti-drawing confirmation high 1965. After the second break yesterday, it completed the bag in the 1965 area and the 1975-1978 area. The formation of the B wave height is destroyed, and the neckline 1890 has not lost. The short -term entry into the high -end high confirmation high. The moon line also replenishes the upper shadow line, facing the direction choice in the middle period. It is yet to be observed whether the top three waves are adjusted at the top of the structure or the strengthening after the correction. In terms of news: US inflation data basically meets expectations, reducing the possibility of the Fed’s long -term radical tightening policy, leading to a decline in US debt yields. The continuous strengthening of the US dollar has limited the rise in gold prices, and the end of the end is high.

After breaking the previous interval 4 hours, keeping the rebound above the 1940, the opening of the Bollinger Road has been running on the middle rail, and there are many short -term forms, but the short -term walking in the day is repeated. indefinite. Although there are many shapes, persistence is a problem. It may exacerbate the frequency of dishwashing. Repeat repeatedly. The Asian disk is open at a neutral position, and it is uncertain, supporting 1940-1948 below. The resistance of the upper above 1978-1980. The fluctuation base is large. Putting the time point in the operation on the European disk, the card point is short-term operation. The 1 -hour map keeps running in the upper rising channel above 1950.

【Silver Analysis-Spot Silver】

Now the pressure of 26.8 areas, after continuous decline and stabilizing rebound, the current rebound is still relatively strong, but the pressure on 26.8 is obvious, and it cannot be adjusted at any time. There is a little bit of the latter -to -white industry demand to limit the decline. At present, the tariff adjustment, we can also rebound and participate in shortness. If we continue to rebound, we can lay out empty and wait for adjustment.

As for the trend of the silver TD, it is good to follow the spot. Of course, the pressure concentrated in 5250 areas now. If you encounter the game directly to the game, you should not participate in other locations. Now the pressure of the 5250 area will continue to be short. In the 4,800 areas, there are many in batches, and the spot can try short layouts near 22.

【Crude Oil Analysis-Beauty Crude Oil】

Crude oil yesterday held the neckline low 93.50 and rebounded high. It broke through the 98.80 critical point, forming a wave of strong rebounds, up to 101.20. Today, the morning trading opened to near 102.0. The daily line harvested a Zhongyang line. The wavel is large. Yesterday, it exceeded the 98.80 wicked empty single and the backhand of the backhand and the backhand of 100.80-101.80 was basically in line with the rhythm. It is not low to finish at the low position for a long time, and the critical point of the reverse breaks has changed the disadvantaged pattern within the day. The daily line has re -confirmed the resistance. The monthly line replenish the shadow line. The fluctuation base is large, and frequent conversion is frequent. The critical point must adjust the ideas in a timely manner to respond flexibly. In terms of news: Due to Russia’s oil and natural gas condensate oil output fell to the low point of 2020, OPEC warned that the might -like Russian supply was not compensated.

After 4 hours from the low position of the 93.0 area, a wave of strong Lianyang rebounded. First, Xiao Suiyang sorted out the momentum, and then broke through the key resistance point to form a volume increase. The track is stronger, and the news has a role in promoting, making the short -term change of the form. After breaking through 98.80, today’s short -term will continue to continue. Continuing the rise is confirmation resistance. At the same time, it broke the 4-hour downward channel trend line, and the short-term rebound re-confirmed the high resistance. Look at the rebound in the short-term within the day. Morphological resistance backhand.

Text/Li Xinhao/BOLL500

(Note: The above articles are written by Li Xinhao’s team. Please explain the source when reprinting. Warm reminder, investment in the market is cautious. The article is lagging. Due to the differences in the points of various platforms, the delay of the network release is also due to the delay in the network release. To do specific entry points, the operation suggestions are for reference only, please do your own risk control.)


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