It’s more fashionable than a floral skirt. This year’s “denim skirt” is popular.




This summer, the denim skirt can be described as a big head,

You can see everywhere on the street

It appears. Why can the denim short skirt kill the siege among many items? This has to mention its versatile. It is more fashionable than a floral skirt. This year, the “denim skirt” is popular.

On the one hand, you can match a variety of clothes with shirts and T -shirts.

Unbearable fashion sense


On the other hand, there are diverse styles that are not picky at all, simple and comfortable, and there will be unexpected age reduction effects.

If you want to continue to understand

The rules of dressing of denim skirts

Just look at it. Girls’ summer skirts are not too much. It is enough to have this one.


Denim short skirt style

☆ ★ Bao hip skirt

When choosing a denim skirt, the version can be said to be the first

The elements that need to be considered

At the same time, it is also the most important part. The material of the denim is thin or thick, so it can meet the two styles of tight and loose.

The tight hip skirt uses comparison

Lighty denim material


It can be closely tightly close to the hip -shaped curve. Although the comfort and casualness of the wear can show a different kind of sexy charm. The superior little fairy can try the hip skirt.

Show it generously.

☆ ★ A -line skirt

A -line skirts are mostly selected

It’s quite wide and stylish

The denim material can support the lines of the skirt and present the form of high -waisted A -shaped. It is very friendly for girls with various figures.

Because of this, the A -line skirt can easily block the fat of the hips and the root of the thighs. The design of the high waist will also be the proportion of a person’s lower body.

As long as possible.

Compared with the firming skirt, the A -line expansion skirt is more conducive to daily commuting and going out for dating. It is more convenient to act, and it can give people a sense of casualness.

☆ ★ Fake two denim skirts

Fake two denim short skirts are considered to be

Design sense to the extreme

The style of the traditional single layer is completely removed, so it greatly reduces the possibility of hitting shirts, and more shows the characteristics of personal characteristics and fashion.

The two fakes are the illusion of wearing two items, so from the visually perspective

More layered,

You can choose two different materials to create a more vivid visual impact, or choose a unified material of different colors to make the style more clear and give some freshness.

☆ ★ Recommend look1: denim suit

Next, I will show you a few sets of denim skirts to wear look. I hope I can do it for everyone

Provide some inspiration.

The first set must be the most suitable denim suit for fashionable novices. Because of the high -style consistency of this matching style, it rarely makes mistakes.

The denim suit can usually be divided into two types: the same color and the upper and lower body. The upper and lower body is different in the same color.


Buy a set

There is no possibility of wearing errors.

The second way means that the upper and lower body is different, which means that the upper body and the lower body also choose denim elements, but

But it is a single product with independent personality



At this time, the choice of the color of the denim is particularly important, try not to use it


Color with too much difference

In this way, there will be very strong stalls visually.

Xiaobian also recommends putting light -colored denim on the upper body, which can not only set off the skin tone more white and translucent, but also give people a refreshing girl’s sense of vision. a lot of.

☆ ★ Recommend look2: leather jacket+denim skirt

If you are a cool girl who likes fashion, you can choose this dress.

Rich handsomeness

Essence Cowboy, the straightened material itself can weaken the characteristics of too feminine dresses and increase the feeling of leisure trends.


At this time, plus a leather jacket, a set is perfectly completed

Mixed -match style

Essence The superposition of leather and denim different materials cleverly enhanced the fashion degree, and the chic and handsome ingredients in the shape increased a lot.

The women’s group feels full.


☆ ★ Recommend look3: chiffon shirt+denim skirt

Both of the above clothes are

More comfortable leisure models

And the combination of chiffon shirts and denim skirts is more in line with the needs of those elegant ladies. The material of chiffon itself is very weak and close. It is a single product that can represent the gentle and charm of women.

Advanced texture is full instantly

In order to match the denim short skirt more, you can choose a light -colored chiffon shirt, and the fresh color color is avoided.

Cumulative feeling in shape

It can also be full of vitality in summer, comfortable and practical.

How to choose a denim skirt

☆ ★ Select the version according to the figure


Therefore, when everyone wants to start a denim skirt, the first thing that needs to be considered is to treat themselves

Body has a clear cognition

Essence The figure here refers to the sense of lines and height of the figure.


The slender girl chooses the most eye -catching hips, and the girl with a slightly fat body is right to start with the A -line version. The height determines the length of the skirt, and the small girl try to choose the skirt as much as possible

Style of just thigh roots

Try to show the length of the legs.

Girls with tall children can choose a skirt with skirts above the knee, so as to be effective

Avoid the possibility of glory

☆ ★ Width and narrow contrasting waist

The thickness of the waist is not only achieved by the details of the waist, but also the width and narrowness of the upper body and the lower body items.

Highlight the slenderness of the waist

Essence For example, a loose shirt is selected on the upper body. Correspondingly, the denim skirt on the lower body should be as tight as possible, so that the figure can be more obvious.

☆ ★ Special wear method to improve the waistline

Of course, whether you use a T -shirt or a shirt to match denim shorts, you can not put it on casually. Instead, you have to use the way of wear.

Make the shape more chic

You can completely stuff the shirts into the skirt, so that you can make the waist line

Raise naturally

, Highlight the superior model figure.

In fact, there are more ways to wear denim skirts to wait for everyone’s excavation. As a long -lasting popular item in the fashion circle, it

Potential potential is still great

Essence I hope this article can broaden your perspectives and help you complete a set of denim skirts that can truly exert your unique charm.





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