Aerospace Technology is lighter heating: Suye qi gel anti -cold head layer cowhide leisure daddy shoes

The cold wind in winter depends on the malicious, forcing people who travel to wrap their clothes tightly. Both feet can only be a pair of shoes, perhaps the feet are cold and the whole body is cold, and it is stunned. Change a pair of thick shoes, maybe it will be warmer, and maybe it is more inconvenient to increase weight.

Therefore, we always hope to have a pair of lighter and warmer shoes, and only when we wear lighter and warmer shoes, we also have a lightweight and dexterous pace in the face of severe winter.

Selecting such shoes, at this time, you will find that the daddy shoes from Xiaomi Youpinqi Geltry head layer of cowhide shoes have enough light and warm requirements. Hydrogenation is cold, thin, soft and breathable.


In terms of appearance, this shoe is solid color design, and the head layer cowhide is tailored in different ways. In my opinion, this stitching makes the viewing effect more fashionable and generous.


For this shoe, the use of gas gel technology must be mentioned.


What is gas gel? More than 80%of the gas gel is air, which is currently the lightest solid known in humans. It is rated as one of the top ten new materials in the 21st century in the 21st century. Because of its physical and chemical performance, it has obtained a number of Guinness World Records, ultra -low thermal guidance. It is used for the core temperature material of NASA Aerospace suit.

To put it simply, using black technology to make the shoes lightweight and warm. In addition, it should be noted that the gas gel of these shoes uses the stable structure of Lanqi gas gel. Betting back is good, and the effect of keeping warm after comparing the down is squeezed. The gas gel has the characteristics of compression and small heat loss.


The first layer of cowhide can be said to be the best leather material. Its leather section is intact and has good elasticity and strength. There is also a certain waterproof, in addition, high gloss, uniform skin color, and wear resistance. Because the original skin texture is very strong, people look very high -end.

In terms of structure, these shoes leather leather upper, flexible, wear -resistant and breathable; gas gel keeps warm and cold inner layers, soft locks of temperature; fluffy warm bacteriostatic insoles to reduce odor production; lightweight breathable thickened soles, cushioning shocks, cushioning shock Decompression, lightweight breathable.


The position of the heel is a trapezoidal cortex sutured for tightening, which is more fit after wearing. The ankle corresponding to the shoe mouth has a concave. In addition, there is a rope -raising settings, all of which are to wear more comfortable and fit.


The inner lining is soft and warm, and in the winter, there is an excellent temperature -locking renderings in the velvet, which makes it comfortable and warm.

The insoles have the performance of breathable and sweat. After bacteriostatic deodorization, sweating for a long time is also dry and refreshing.


The thick midsole has a good shock absorption (at the same time, the effect of increased thickness). The rubber outsole is set with a non -slip texture design, so the road surface after rain and snow can be walking relatively smoothly.


After getting on the feet, it feels thinner, and black is also a classic versatile color that is never outdated. The experience beyond the perception is extremely light quality, without the thickness of conventional winter warm shoes. You can also feel the warmth of fit.


The midsole is thick, and there is no obvious sense of fatigue in my strolling for a day. And a day of walking, the feet will sweat. However, its excellent breathability brings a dry effect. There is no discomfort that covering sweat.


The rubber book has the effect of sticky grip, and the design of the non -slip texture allows me to walk stably on the wet polished bricks and rock surfaces. In addition, the characteristics of light, breathable, and shock absorption are also suitable for some conventional outdoor activities. It is a good choice such as walking and running outdoors.


When the head layer is outdoors, the upper has a certain abrasion resistance, and it can also have a certain water -refusal effect when light rain. So I will wear it in my daily commuting.

From the perspective of multiple scenes for a period of time, this pair of shoes brings many experiences such as comfort, dryness, warmth, light quality. This also comes from the pursuit of the materials and technology of the shoes. After all, it is the technology of the head layer and the gas gel. In addition to high performance, it is worth explaining the price of the people. So, recommend and recommend!


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