Girls’ underwear buckles, why are they all row?

for example:

Why are the buckles of underwear?

Why are there single -breasted, double -breasted, three -breasted, four -breasted buckle?

What are the functions and differences in this deduction, do you know?


Today, Grandson will introduce you to you.

4 functions of underwear buckle


Emphasis 1: Hold the underwear

Everyone knows the most basic role, of course, to buckle underwear.

Holding the underwear, you can play a good one


At the same time, the underwear can have

Better stability.

Function 2: Cleaning underwear

Underwear cleaning cannot be brushed with things like laundry brushes. This will easily cause underwear to deform and get the ball, which will affect the life of the underwear.

At this time, the underwear buckle will come in handy,

The cloth on the opposite side of the brater is actually used to clean the bra!

Put the appropriate amount of laundry liquid on it to rub it with the bra.

Not only can it be effectively cleaned, it will not cause deformation, but also avoids the underwear.


Three: Anti -slip

There is a piece of fabric on the opposite side of the underwear buckle. It touches the hair and is rough. It can prevent the underwear from moving and sliding down. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the discharge of the discharge due to exercise.

Function 4: Acceptance

Generally speaking, after putting on underwear, Meimei has to do an important aspect to do, that is, to collect pairing milk.

The effect of linked auxiliary milk in one or two rows of underwear is generally the same. Like 3 rows, 4 rows, and 5 rows are relatively wide, it can effectively collect pair of milk, making the breasts of the eyebrows look more plump and perfect.

Why are there all kinds of deductions?

In fact, according to the previous article, different underwear has different functions.

Single -breasted underwear

: This underwear is usually a beautiful beautiful back underwear. It is mainly used for decoration. The function is weak and there is no gathering effect at all.

Double -breasted underwear

: The stability of the double -breasted underwear is average, easy to wear and take off, the storage effect is not obvious, and it is easy to run the cup. It is strongly decorated for styles.

Three -rim of buckle underwear: Stability is much stronger than double -breasted underwear, and the edge ratio is also widened.

Can concentrate the meat on both sides of the chest, have the function of supporting height, concentration, and gathering, and ensure that the chest is not easy to deform.

The lid with three rows of buttons is usually relatively large, so it is not easy to run the cup, nor does it cause tight or other discomfort.

Four -breasted underwear: It can strengthen collection, shaping, locking fat to prevent drooping.

The most important role is to adjust the body shape, unlike the two rows of buttons cause too much back fat, and more stable and compact than the three rows of buttons.

If the three rows of buttons are suitable for wearing at home, then four rows of underwear are more suitable for wearing outside the street or working occasions.

Five rows of lipsticks: The enhanced version of the four -breasted underwear, the stability and fixing are stronger than the four -breasted buckle.

In summary, the more the buttons are, the stronger the stability and fixing of the chest. The more the deduction, the better the effect of the gathering, the better the function of milk, sagging, and milk collection.

In general, underwear is the most important for comfort and health. When choosing underwear, this should be considered as the first priority.

Well, this is here today’s sharing. Welcome to leave your point of view in the comment area. We will see it tomorrow!


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