“May 1st” holidays of Xiamen have brought more than 100,000 preferential products nearly 300 activities throughout the year.

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Taiwan Strait Network May 1st. According to Xiamen Daily, buying a Xia Xia, enjoying life, the whole city, the colorful “May Day”. Yesterday morning, the new landmark of Xiamen Commercial Complex Sets Mei Shimao Plaza sings and dances, lively and festive, and a city consumer experience carnival that runs throughout the year is newly opened here: “Quanfu Yue Shopping in Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xiamen, the whole city of the city The Consumer Festival and the National Consumption Promotion Month in 2021 “officially launched.

This activity sounded the assembly number of nearly 300 events in Xiamen City- “May 1st”, and real gold and silver promotion consumption will make the whole city beating. The prelude to the “Purchase of Purchasing” and “Discounts” during the May Day holiday. Government subsidy merchants are profitable. The city’s districts and core business districts will be held simultaneously. The consumer vouchers exceeding 80 million yuan will be issued to consumers in Xiamen.

Brand discount is exciting

Government subsidy merchants have allowed the consumption potential to speed up the release

88 yuan to buy 5600 yuan gift voucher, 8 yuan to grab 108 yuan consumer gold plus gift package, “buy one get one free”, the big name of the sky, the catering big name has been 50 % off … Recently, many citizens discovered that this year’s “May 1st” holiday, this year The preheating warm -up launched by Xiamen Shopping Mall is really exciting. A citizen who is participating in the purchase of consumer vouchers uses “more products, wider range, stronger, and more active activities” to describe his feelings. In this event, many big names, tide cards, and explosives that have always been discounted by rarely discounts have been discounted by 30 % to 50 % discounts.

In fact, the public that the citizens can feel the great strength and the “purchase of benefits” and “preferential” subsidy policy issued by the Xiamen Commerce Bureau this year -this year’s “May 1st” holiday, the Municipal Commerce Bureau organized the city’s 120 A number of large -scale merchants, brand chain convenience stores, catering companies, etc., will issue consumer vouchers to citizens and tourists through Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, and self -employed online platforms, and give the consumer vouchers to the benefits of 50%of the benefits.

At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the value -for -money purchase of “less than 99 yuan” is very popular; OLE ’boutique supermarket launched a multi -grade full reduction activity in the audience, with a maximum of 369 yuan minus 90 yuan; Carrefour’s hundred thousand products are as low as 50 % off as low as 50 % off. ; Panji Center’s big -name food 50 % off spikes; Shangbai Outlets’ more than 200 international direct -operated brands in the audience as low as 20 % off; SM department store cosmetics over 1,000 yuan minus 100 yuan, 50 yuan at over 500 yuan; outer map Xiamen Xiamen; The children’s reading of children’s reading is 50 yuan reduced by 50 yuan … This year’s “May 1st” holiday, small to department store clothing, daily necessities, large to home appliances and cars, all have a variety of theme promotional activities, allowing the city’s consumption potential to be released.

The theme activities are wonderful

Subsidy to host a number

Yesterday, the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the launching ceremony of the “Monomic Consumption Festival in Xiamen City. The three major consumer festivals of the launching ceremony opened on the same day, and the Xiamen holiday consumer market was wonderful.

During the “May Day” holiday, Xiamen also has the “Shuangpin Online Shopping Festival”, “Home Institute, Building Materials and Home Appliances Consumption Festival”, “Xiamen Citizen Second -hand Car Happy Purchase”, “Douyin Xiamen City Consumption Season”, “May 1 Hi Buy Home Appliances Festival” and so on Dozens of theme discount activities have begun.

The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen Commercial Federation uses “policy strong, platform help, big -name gathers, and market prosperity” to describe this consumer activity. Since the beginning of this year, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce has encouraged support to support the city’s industry associations or mainstream media organizations to organize various consumption promotion activities that meet themes. The amount of a single event reward does not exceed 300,000 yuan, which has greatly mobilized merchants, industry, media, and platform joints. The enthusiasm of running high -quality theme activities.

In addition, the activities in the fields of Xiamen City, such as automobiles and home appliances, are more exciting, and prepare a series of promotions, replacement, gifts and financial preferential activities for consumers who are preparing to buy cars and replacement of home appliances. In terms of replacement, during the “May 1st” period, the Eastern Lexus purchase festival, any brand replacement can receive 3,000 yuan replacement subsidy; GAC Honda Xiang’an store also launched a replacement subsidy with a new maximum of 4,000 yuan in old replacement; Dongfeng Scenery down payment of 3888 yuan Packal “loan” home, and GAC Honda Xiang’an store launched the highest 36 -phase zero interest activity.


Wonderful activity one stop to see through penetration

During the “May 1st” period, what are the key events of “Quanmin Yueban · Xiamen Quancheng Fast Consumption Festival”? This newspaper takes you to a speedy view.

● The Municipal Commerce Bureau “buying a profit” and “preferential” to promote consumer activities

May 1 -May 5th

Through the form of “a little bit of the government, the platform is a little bit, and the merchant gives a little bit”, the “purchase is profitable, eat a preferential” measure to provide a series of preferential measures for citizens and tourists on May Day.

● Double Win online shopping festival

May 1 -May 10th

According to the deployment of the 3rd “Double -Pine Online Shopping Festival” activities of the Ministry of Commerce, guide e -commerce companies to participate in the event, and increase promotion, promotion and issuance of various forms such as the “Double -Pine Online Shopping Festival” area, direct downside, and issuing coupons. Service intensity.

● The launching ceremony of the old -fashioned carnival at the Spring Festival Shopping Festival and the 2021 Time -honored Brand Creative Competition


The old -fashioned enterprises are concentrated and marketing through the market form, set up punch -in interaction, time -limited spikes and other links on the spot, and issue “20 yuan minus 5 yuan” coupons through UnionPay cloud flash payment apps.

● Yuanchu Food May 1 full reduction red envelope

May 1-May 5th

The consumer coupon places an order through the “Yuanchu home” applet, and the audience consumes a total of 99 yuan to settle by 20 yuan.

● Xiamen home improvement, building materials, home appliances, Home Appliances Consumption Festival

May 1 -May 31

By providing free home improvement design schemes and exquisite home gifts, welfare is issued to the majority of Xiamen citizens.

“五一”假期厦门120家企业带来10多万种优惠商品 近300场活动贯穿全年

● Hui Hui May, enjoy the life of a beautiful car -Xiamen citizen used car car Happy purchase

Organize the vast number of car dealers in Xiamen to plan rich activities, provide various preferential programs to allow citizens to enjoy used car consumption and promote the development of the second -hand car industry.

● Tesco Yizhong, the whole city Allbuy — Douyin Xiamen City Consumption Season

May 1 -May 30th

As the mainstream short video platform, Douyin co -organizes the theme consumption promotion activities with relevant departments for specific nodes.

● Panji 13th anniversary celebration

Fifty discounted spikes of big -name food, the fifth watch and jewelry festival, 3,000 yuan can be exchanged for 3,500 yuan.

● Xiamen Shangbai Outlets “Burning May 1st · Buy Tomanic”

Promotional main line: more than 200 international direct -operated brands in the audience are as low as 20 % off in summer.

● Xiamen SM Department Store May Consumption Promotion Campaign

Cosmetic products have minus 100 yuan/over 500 yuan minus 50 yuan; women’s/women’s shoes/sports/children’s clothing/men’s clothing 5.1 yuan to purchase 51 yuan cash coupon (available for 500 yuan available) discount cash coupons.

● Hi Buy Home Appliance Festival

The purchase of air -conditioning, washing, and kitchen and bathrooms can be reduced by 1,000 yuan, up to 1,000 yuan, and up to 2,500 yuan.

● Go to Carrefour Goodness, May 1 Shopping Season

May 1 -May 7th

Carrefour online purchase of fresh, food, department stores, textiles and other products can be fully reduced.

● Xiamen Carrefour Business Co., Ltd. Five -Five Shopping Season

From April 23rd to May 9th, you can use fresh, food, daily chemical products, cosmetics, and department stores to be worth 50 yuan vouchers. Thousands of goods, as low as 50 % off.

● Xiamen 16th Huimin Tuan Auto Festival

May 1-May 3

Hanging a large -scale auto show in the Xiamen area at Jimei New Citizen Plaza.

● Xiamen International Racing Life Festival and the whole city Hi Shopping Carnival

May 1 -May 3

The Xiamen Automobile Circulation Association will hold the “Xiamen International Racing Life Festival and the city’s Hi Shopping Carnival” in Xiamen Hongshan Automobile Cultural Park.

● Tong’an District Night Economic Launch Ceremony and Sunshine Town Beer Season

During the event, Xiamen Sunshine Town Shopping Center and Cloud Flash Payment APP carried out a line of 100 yuan consumer coupon welfare activities. From May 1st to 5th, they logged in to the Yun Flash Pay App, searching for the “Local benefit life” interface, and 10 yuan to snap the sunlight small. The town shopping center designated 200 yuan cash consumer coupon for consumption of 200 yuan for catering, retail, and supermarket consumption, 2 yuan grab designated snack coupons and drinks for a cash consumer coupon for 40 yuan to minus 20 yuan.


Huang Heming, Director of Xiamen Commerce Bureau:

Multiple measures

Create Xiamen Consumer Festival Celebration Brand

Since last year, in the face of the severe test of the new crown pneumonia, the municipal party committee and municipal government coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and introduced a series of powerful measures to promote popularity and aggregate. The consumer market in Xiamen also shows strong vitality. Consumption has accelerated and replenished, and the energy level has been comprehensively improved. In 2020, Xiamen’s wholesale retail sales and total retail sales of consumer goods ranked first in the province. In the first quarter of 2021, the retail sales of consumer goods in the city achieved 75.309 billion yuan, an increase of 42.6%.

In 2021, Xiamen continued to carry out the “Quanfu Tesco · Xiamen Fitting Consumption Festival”. The event will continue until December 31. At present, nearly 300 wonderful activities have been connected. During the May Day holiday this year, the government gave 50%subsidy for the benefits of eligible consumer vouchers, and 120 companies issued more than 80 million yuan of consumer coupons. In addition, the city will also launch 29 night economic key activity projects around the five themes of “food, travel, purchasing, entertainment, and physical”, which will detonate consumption hotspots and continue all day. We look forward to building this city consumer carnival into a brand of Xiamen Consumer Festival, which effectively enhances the charm of the central city of Xiamen.

Next, we will continue to actively enrich the consumer carrier, innovate consumption model, shape consumer brands, create a year -round consumption activity platform and the “Xiamen model” of the night economy, dig deep into urban cultural genes, and use a series of online and offline activities through a series of online and offline activities , Effectively improve the night consumption experience of the people.

Zhang Da, deputy head of the People’s Government of Jimei District:

Strengthen service protection and enhance penetration and radiation

Since last year, Jimei District has held a series of consumer activities such as “Jimei Happy Purchase”, which has invested 25 million yuan in funds, driving social funds to nearly 10 million yuan, driving consumption exceeding 700 million yuan. Social benefits.

During the “May 1st” period this year, Jimei District will start the “Jimei Happy Purchase” event again. The heavy online series will promote consumer activities, which will last ten months. In recent years, Jimei District has enhanced the penetration and radiation of the business industry through the optimization of industrial structure and the improvement of urban innovation. Regional economic development provides new momentum. This year, Jimei District will continue to strengthen service guarantees, to meet multiple levels of consumption needs, and promote consumption upgrades and boost market confidence.

May 1 -May 5th

May 1-May 5th

May 1-May 5th

May 1 -May 31

May 1 -May 31

May 1 -May 31


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