Spring and summer outdoor enthusiasts, backpacker hiking, mountain climbing, off -road sunscreen skin clothing brand recommendation

Spring is blooming, and the temperature is rising day by day. Many southern cities have a temperature of more than 20 degrees, as if summer is not far away. We travel daily, thin and easy to wear skin clothes, are indeed the best choice.


As the name implies, skin clothes are a touch close to the skin. The clothes with sunscreen technology are used for sunscreen technology. It has some performance of the skin, such as breathability, hygroscopic, sweats, etc., which gives the skin comprehensive care to achieve a light and comfortable dressing effect, like a thin layer of skin of the human body.

As a skin jacket with intimate contact with the skin, when we choose the skin, we must first look at its fabric. And good fabrics are not only a comfortable manner, but also a comprehensive care for the skin. At present, the fabrics of skin jackets are mainly divided into three types: nylon, polyester and brocade.

Selecting skin jackets depends on the UPF value. What is UPF? It depends on the UPF value. In fact, it is the ultraviolet protective coefficient. The higher the indicator, the better the protection effect of UV rays. So, when you choose your skin jacket, you must pay attention to the UPF value on the tag. It is best to choose 40+ or ​​even 50+.


Brother Darcy


I will introduce a few well -known brands that produce skin clothes.


1. Patagonia Batayonia

The first skin jacket in the world is the HOUDINI from Baga.


Patagonia Patagonia Houdini men’s skin trench coat


This Patagonia skin trench coat should be its classic product. Mainly light and lightweight design, uses nylon -resistant nylon materials, wear -resistant and wear -resistant, and through DWR treatment, it has good effects of anti -splashing water and light rain. The whole clothes can be stored here, which is convenient to carry, and the hem can be adjusted.

Patagonia Men’s M’s Houdini Snap-T Pullover Jacket

Patagonia Men’s M’s Houdini Snap-T Pullover Jacket Batayonian men’s knitting skin clothing 24150, 100%recyclable tear nylon fabric, environmentalist first choice. Ultra -light slot, a kangaroo front bag, a hidden safety zipper pocket can be used as a debris bag. About 113 grams, light and breathable. Loose cuffs and hems, loose and breathable. The central bayonet design of the neckline is convenient for excess air.

2. MARMOT Turkish Mouse

This skin and clothing are made of nylon. The clothing is splashed with waterproof treatment. The hem is adjusted with windproof pumping rope. The drawing holes are exquisitely locking holes. Using reflective materials, full of personality.


3. VAUDE Weide

In addition to fabrics, the workmanship of skin jackets is also important. If the fabric material is very good, but the details of the workmanship are not meticulous, the quality of the skin is not good. Therefore, when we choose a skin jacket, we also need to see whether its workmanship is meticulous, such as the stitching tight and meticulous, and the workmanship of the zipper part.

VAUDE Weide men’s skin jacket, DWR anti -splashing technology is not afraid of rain, the fabric is thin and not sticking to the body, breathable design, breathing freely, the back of the back is breathable, good gout, easy to comfortable, not sultry, the design of the small bag behind the hat , Small and portable.

4. Arc’teryx


This Arc’teryx’s Ariter Bird Incendo Hoody Men’s Skin Skin, uses Lumin technology fabric, DWR splashing water treatment, has the characteristics of airproof, breathable and tearing. The sink of the underarms mesh is accelerated and wet ventilation. Slim cutting increases flexibility. Follow the simple hood, you can roll up when not in use. There are audio security pockets on the back of the waist, and the hem can be adjusted. Light details to improve night safety.

5. Northland

Speaking of skin jackets, it is inevitable that its excellent windproof and waterproof performance. Because outdoor sports will encounter the situation of rain and water from rain, it is indispensable to experience wind and rain. Therefore, the waterproof effect of skin jackets is undoubtedly one of the key considerations.


Nuo Shilan is a domestic sports brand. The cicada wings are its main skin clothes series. They use Exotherm Free+ Sun lightweight sunscreen technology. UPF40+, very thin. The hat can be stored in the collar, and the overall is stored in the bag for easy carrying.


French AIIGLE Ai Men’s anti -pouring water lightweight trench coat skin jacket APHLIGHT

7. FILA Feile

FILA Feile A11M022701FBK men’s skin jacket, nylon elastic cloth, Korean imported fabric, humidity and wear, excellent elasticity, and have certain sunscreen functions.


8. Descente Diste

Descente Diste men’s windproof sunscreen skin jacket


Japanese PERTEX fabric is soft and not easy to stick to the hat.


10. Mammut

MAMMUT m m 1012-00530 skin jacket, uses fluoride-free environmental protection materials, environmentally friendly and comfortable, water-proof processing, effectively reduce rainwilderness, lightweight packaging, easy to store and carry.

The above -mentioned top 10 brands and products for spring and summer outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, climbing, and off -road sunscreen skin clothing brands and products. If you have good opinions and suggestions, leave a message in the message area.


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