In China himself: What let us stay in China

What let us stay in China

■ Sorting up our reporter Xu Bei

In the third season of the Tell+JAPAN lecture on Tell Public Speech, Shanghai Jiaotong University Japan Research Center, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Kaiyuan Law School, Kobayashi Kobakashi and Nomura Yishu from Japan tell their stories with China. They completed the cultural leap in their own way, and also made us believe that the understanding, changes and win -win situation between China and Japan can be realized.

I want to change from the translator to a communicationman

■ Kobayashi Qianxia

When I was in school in Japan, I had a “Shanghai Tiger Mom”

My name is Xiaolin Qianxia. I am a “post -80s”. I have been living and working in Shanghai for 16 years. Allah is half Shanghai Ning (I am half of Shanghai), because my mother is from Shanghai, and my father is Japanese.

My hometown is in Yokohama in Japan, Yokohama and Shanghai are friendly cities. Therefore, although I grew up in Japan when I was young, Chinese culture was no stranger to me. When I was a kid, my favorite place was the video lease shop on Zhonghua Street. There were many Chinese TV series and cartoons. The TV series I liked most was “Shanghai Family”.

Every year in the winter and summer vacations, my mother will take me back to visit relatives. I have fun in Shanghai, and I am playing and eating. As a result, every time I go back to Japan, I have to rush to Japan in “One lesson and one practice”.

My mother is a “Shanghai Tiger Mother”. She looks like all Chinese parents and her grades first. From my memo, my mother said the most to me, “I have to read a good study, the cartoons are not watched, and I ca n’t play any famous hall with my classmates. You can go home and write your homework.” I go to primary school in public schools in Japan. Generally, I usually get out of class at one or two in the afternoon, and my classmates are playing there. The female classmates filled the color in the classroom. At that time, the beautiful women soldiers were very popular; the male students played and ran on the playground, and when the sky was getting dark before returning home. Only I am a alien in the get out of class. After class, I hurried home with my schoolbags, because I had heavy family homework waiting for me. My mother’s homework to me every day is to write a diary on A4 paper. Write it in Chinese first, and then translate it in Japanese. The requirements of the diary are vividly describing what happened that day and my own perception of this, but also used the good words and good words I have learned recently. After writing this diary every day, it is almost evening.

I remember once, because I was angry with my mother, and she beat me with the insulation cup in her hand. The next day I went to school to tell the classmates about this. I didn’t expect them to have a big face one by one. A classmate who was better to me, and said that she would accompany me to the “Children’s Talk” (Japan specifically maintained children to maintain children in children. Human rights law enforcement agencies). But I explained to them that I have not been abused. Being a child is a way for Chinese parents to discipline children.

The cultural collision between China and Japan is not only reflected in education, but also in all aspects of life. For example, Japan has the habit of bringing a bento, and every day Japanese mothers will make lunch for their children, and those bento looks very delicate and cute. The Chinese cuisine made by my mother seemed different. One day, my mother prepared black fungus scrambled eggs. My Japanese classmate looked at it and asked: What is this black? Is it a stir -frying bag? There is also a whole steamed fish, even the head and tail, and onion ginger on it, these are not seen by Japanese classmates. Therefore, every day to noon, I open the bento, and the students in the class will be gathered. I also say: What strange libraries do you bring today? This has become a conventional program in our class. Although I was still very young at that time, I didn’t understand why I was different from the classmates around, but out of instinct, I still hope that Japanese classmates around me can learn more about Chinese culture. In the current words, I have contributed to the exchange of Chinese and Japanese cultural exchanges.

50 photos reflect China in the minds of the Japanese

When I was in college, I was determined to go far away, so I applied for studying in China. In the summer of 2004, I held a one -way ticket from Tokyo to Shanghai, and I was happy like a free bird.

After graduating from college, I worked in Greegao in Shanghai for nearly 10 years. At the age of 30, I chose to be a free translation. Thanks to my “Shanghai Tiger Mom” ​​for letting me do Chinese and Japanese homework from an early age, so my Chinese and Japanese are very good. However, in the process of free translation, I found a problem: In addition to doing the translation of language, how can I make the communication between China and Japan better? Sometimes, although I have accurately translated the information to the other party, the project advancement is still not smooth, because there may be a certain gap in cognition or understanding in both parties of the project. As the project advances The larger. So I thought, I want to change from a translator to a communicator.

In the fall of 2019, I established my own consulting company, mainly engaged in market consulting between Chinese and Japanese enterprises. Soon after the company was established, we received a project from a cosmetics group in Japan. The other party asked us to fly to Tokyo’s headquarters to hold a seminar to introduce the situation of China to their employees.

The group is deploying the future global market, and China is naturally a top priority. However, the company’s management of the company’s understanding of China is very one -sided, which has caused a lot of obstacles to the advancement of business. In order to hold this seminar, we arranged a small game at the launching ceremony. Each person to the people who came to attend the meeting prepared a photo, using this photo to represent China in his mind.

There were about 50 people who came to the seminar at that time. What kind of photos did they prepare? These 50 photos can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category is the Chinese wearing a Zhongshan dress in front of Tiananmen Square, as well as bicycles that come and go. The whole color is gray, which is China decades ago. The second category is fake rice mice, Donald duck, Pikachu, and a “cottage amusement park” composed of various fake doll characters. The third category is pictures of smartphones, Alipay, and WeChat payment.

The meaning of these three types of photos is very different.

The first category is China 30 or 40 years ago. The Japanese who took out this photo show that China has not been updated in his impression for decades. The image of China.

There are obvious negative information in the second type of photos. In some Japanese people’s minds, when they mention China, they still think of “cottage goods”.

The third category reflects positive and positive information. However, if you ask the Japanese people deeply, they will just say: the Chinese are so good! You don’t need to bring a wallet if you go out. They do not have much real understanding of the development of digital payment in China and the entire consumption form.

Looking at these photos, the feeling of my heart at that time was that the communication between China and Japan was really long -term. For the Japanese people, if they are not very interested in China, the Chinese information channels they can reach are very limited, which makes their cognition often one -sided. So, is the Japanese really not interested in China? I don’t think so. Japanese people like to eat Chinese cuisine. Nowadays, young girls in Japan are popular in makeup, called “Chinese beauty makeup”. Japanese female high school students also like to drink pearl milk tea. Therefore, I don’t think there is any big gap between us.

In my opinion, a person’s judgment and goodness of things are based on a full understanding; if you do not understand, judge and decide on subjective underground, it is easy to cause misunderstandings and miss the opportunity. The premise of understanding requires the transfer and communication of information, and this communication is not only the contact of point and point, but also a coverage. When the two sides are constantly aggregating more people to understand each other during the communication process, we can truly integrate together.

My future goal is to do this well.

My destiny is destined to be tied with China

■ Nomura Yoshu

I am Nomura from Tokyo, Japan. Until now, I have lived in China for 17 years. When I came to China for the first time, I didn’t expect to stay so long. What made me stay in China? Today I will tell this story.

Because I like to watch Jackie Chan’s movies, I choose Chinese

My earliest fate with China was the second foreign language in college. The reason is simple because I like to watch Chenglong’s movies since I was a child. Although the first day of class, I learned that Jackie Chan was not talking about Mandarin.

Generally speaking, when I was a junior, I started to find a job direction, but I thought for a long time and didn’t know what I wanted to do. It happened that a friend asked me if I wanted to study together in China, and I could get a scholarship. I feel very good, so I started applying for studying abroad.

According to the Chinese government’s scholarship review requirements, I submitted a research plan. The review process was long. I submitted the documents in the summer and a simple interview in winter. It was not until the second spring that I finally received a notice from studying abroad.

I study at Nankai University in Tianjin. Because the language is not passing, I first learn Chinese at the Chinese School of Nankai University. For a Tokyo person, the summer of Tianjin is too hot, the winter is too cold, and the bicycle is often bad. I am very depressed every day. Because I didn’t make any Chinese friends, I was lonely during that time. At the farewell meeting to leave Tianjin, I said to you: “After 10 years, I saw New York, I will never come to China anymore.”

But in fact, I stayed in China for a long time, and so far I have never been to New York.

I am relatively cold and become the “brother” of Chinese employees

After I returned to Japan, I started looking for a job. I deliberately found a consulting company with no branches and Chinese business in China. But my destiny seems to be bound to China: the year I entered the company, and the company built a new Chinese business department.

The company’s main business is to provide consulting services for catering chain brands. In order to develop the Chinese market, the company first opened a direct store in Taipei and Shenzhen. I was first sent to work in Taipei to operate Japanese restaurants. Although I work very late every day, I have met a lot of new colleagues and friends. I find that there is no big difference between Chinese and Japanese, especially the ideas and experiences of young people.

In 2007, I came to Shenzhen to operate a Japanese restaurant. It was a large shop with 300 seats located in Luohu Vientiane City. Japanese cuisine attaches special attention to services, but I did not expect that I just went to work a few days ago. One day I walked into the shop and saw the new employees in front of the welcome platform looking at the newspaper. I called him angrily, and he greeted me with a smile, and he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

After I understood the situation, I found that this could not blame them. Many employees come from the poor Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan and other places. They have never eaten Japanese food, let alone the service of learning high -end restaurants. In order to improve communication, in addition to work, I eat employee meals, chat, and talk to everyone.

I turned out to be relatively cold, but then slowly became their “brother”. Employees write daily newspapers to me every day, and I also reply to them almost every day. We have formulated several agreements: not to say bad things about others, do not make fun of others, respect others, do not know pretending to be pretending to be. Mind together every day and make progress together.

In order to further develop English, some employees want to learn English, and I will give them English lessons and computer classes. I treated them with my heart, and they also brought me a lot of returns. Just half a year later, the sales of the store doubled, and were selected as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Shenzhen by food magazines.

Of course, I also have the biggest gain: my wife was a colleague at that time.

My mother originally opposed me to get married, and now she starts to learn Chinese

Due to work, I left Shenzhen, in Wuxi and Shanghai, my girlfriend at that time, the current wife, came to Shanghai with me.

Once, my mother came to Shanghai to travel, and I introduced her to my girlfriend, and she looked very satisfied. But I did not expect that when I officially told her when she decided to marry her girlfriend, she directly opposed it on the phone. I explained a lot, but she couldn’t hear it at all. What she is tangled is not my girlfriend herself, but her nationality. Later, under our persistence, my mother finally accepted our decision.

My wife’s house is in the countryside. Their family also agreed with our decision, so they calculated a good day according to local customs and had a wedding in their hometown.

My father and my mother took a plane from Tokyo to Shanghai, and then from Shanghai to Changsha. After getting off the plane for 8 hours, I drove for half an hour on a mountain road without street lights before arriving home. My parents did not understand Chinese, and they were in a state of nervousness. I was naturally not very good. I was worried that the two were unable to get together.

The next morning, the cry of chickens and ducks woke us up. This is a good place with mountains and water and fresh air. Seeing these beautiful scenery, coupled with the warm hospitality of his father -in -law and mother -in -law, my parents felt very warm. I especially thanked my mother -in -law. She would not speak Japanese, but she kept talking with her parents. My mother also answered in Japanese directly. Although they couldn’t understand each other, they had always laughed.

The wedding here is very different from Japan. Hang a piece of cloth to the shoulders on the shoulders, and the firecrackers that are endless every day. Many relatives and villagers come to congratulate us. The lively atmosphere makes the two of us very united. Before going, my mother told me that I only went once in this life, but she started to learn Chinese after returning to Japan. Later, she has been to Shanghai several times and has been to her father -in -law and mother -in -law’s house again for the New Year. My father -in -law and mother -in -law will say a few words of Japanese. Now the two of us have a common WeChat group to send us usual life photos. Although the language is still unreasonable, it is already a family.

Our eldest daughter is named Zhiyi, knowing, freedom. The word “Y” is the overlap of “China” and “Japan”. I hope that the daughter of the mixed Sino -Japanese -Japanese daughter must promote the friendship between China and Japan in the future.

Friendship starts with each other. In order to let more Japanese understand the current China, I started to write blogs. I want to change many Japanese stereotypes of China. At the same time, I also hope that the Chinese are more interested in Japan, and more Chinese people like Japan.

Source: Jiefang Daily


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