What dog food is good for Big dog? The top ten dog food for Big dogs is recommended

Big Dog is one of the smallest hounds in the world, and it is also the prototype of the animation Snoopy. When I was a child, my cute bun face made many people welcome. Many people saw the cuteness of the Big dog and started raising it Intersection


The pet owner of the raising dog is more to ask one breeding question: What dog food is good for Big dog? It is recommended for the top ten dog food for Big dogs! Let’s share some recommended contents recommended by Big dog food!

10. Lan’s dog food


The Lan’s brand originated from Europe and the United Kingdom. It adopts European pet food formula and imports fresh ingredients directly. Advanced enzymatic and fresh meat techniques, scientific research and development of pets focusing on pet food brings high -quality healthy pet foods for millions of pets.

Its dog food and spectrum test group cooperate. Dog food has regular quality inspection reports, and its quality and reputation are better.

9. Real Nature

The vast is a high -end natural pet grain brand from Germany. Its parent company FressnAPF is the largest supplier of pet food and pet supplies in Europe!

Choose natural and healthy ingredients. Dog food is easy to digest and absorb, which can help dogs shiny and smooth hair, and meet the feeding and nutritional needs of dogs of all ages and all ages.



Wei Shi is a pet health product brand independently founded by Shanghai Pet Pet Products Co., Ltd. It has begun to enter the pet food industry from 2018 to 2019.


As a well -known domestic dog and cat nutrition and health care brand, its dog food is still very guaranteed. 6 kinds of meat+6 kinds of fruits and vegetables combination can meet the nutritional needs of dogs in all aspects.

7, Weitakov dog food

Wei Takov is a pet food brand under VITAKRAFT Inc.. The company is a pet food company with a history of 177 years.

Dogs and food are the main type of red meat, there are many natural fruits and vegetables and a variety of probiotics, which allows dogs to better digest and absorb and give dog sufficient nutrients!

6. Tian Hengbao dog food

Tian Hengbao was originally known as Snow Mountain and is an imported pet food brand in the United States. It has obtained star -rated recommendations from WDJ. Its cat food pursues “nature and balance” and has good nutritional balance.

The dog food formula is very light, the meat source is single and low -sensitive, and there is still no valley formula. It is suitable for gastrointestinal sensitivity, easy to get angry, and obese dogs.

5. Ocean Star and Dog Food

The star of the ocean is the imported pet food brand that is derived from the British. It is an expert who focuses on making fish formula dog food. The brand also has domestic version of fish food in China. The brand reputation has always been very good.

The dog food of the ocean stars mainly use salmon as meat quality ingredients. It has a rich Omega3 ingredient, which helps the dog’s brain development, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and beauty!

4, longing for dog food

The longing for dog food is a high -end pet food brand of Canadian Pet Food Company. It specializes in developing dogs and cat series, and has obtained consumer recognition in the market with healthy and high -quality products.

Dog food is famous for its high protein, and has been included in the WDJ six -star pet food recommendation list.

3. GO! Dog food

Go! It is a high egg pet grain brand under the Canadian Capeterian company. Dog food uses natural fresh animal raw materials as ingredients. It focuses on naturally without valley. The sources of meat are better. It is loved by many domestic pet owners.


The characteristics of high -animal protein of dog food also easily allows dogs to digest and absorb, gain weight and meat!

2. Nobody -not greasy natural dog food


Non not greasy is a high -end brand of domestic natural dog food. The brand has received CCTV program recommendation and “the top ten quality brands in China’s pet food industry”.


Dog grain raw materials are transparent, high protein and low fat, do not add soybean and plant protein powder to improve crude protein, have a variety of rich wool nourishment, also have herbal formulas, which can reduce fire and tears, care for the dog’s stomach!

1. Peak dog food

The peak (Ziwi) is a pet food brand under New Zealand Ziyi Co., Ltd., and has been committed to the field of pet food production and insists on developing natural high -meat -containing pet foods.


The meat content of peak products is as high as 96%. The raw materials are derived from animal and wild fishing fish in New Zealand’s grass -feed farms. It is a very luxurious and healthy air -dried meat dog food!




The above is the whole content of “What kind of dog food is good for Big dogs? It is suitable for the top ten dog foods that Big dogs eat!” I hope to help everyone who raises dogs!


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