Cha Liang ingot, female, ancestor in Haining, Zhejiang, a well -known clinical nutritionist in my country. Born in Tianjin on May 10, 1916, it was sent to the Department of Chemistry, Nankai University from Tianjin Nankai Women’s Zhongbao in 1935. In 1938, he was transferred to the Department of Chemistry of Yanjing University, and then transferred to the Department of Housekeeping. After graduating from Yanjing University in the spring of 1941, he was trained at the Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital, and was forced to interrupt for war training. In 1950, he returned to the work of the Ministry of Nutrition, and was the director of the Ministry of Nutrition in 1974, and retired in 1986. Former chairman of the Second Chairman of the Nutrition Society of the Beijing Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the leader of the Clinical Nutrition Professional Group of the Nutrition Society of the Chinese Society of physiology, and consultant of the China Nutrition Society Clinical Nutrition Branch. Organize the monographs such as “Basic and Clinical Practice of Nutrition and Clinical Practice”, “Practical Nutrition Treatment Manual”, and “Modern Clinical Nutrition”. In 2015, he won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” of Beijing Union Hospital.

Family, family country and choice

Dong Lin (hereinafter referred to as “Dong”): What impact does your family have on your life?

Cha Liang ingot (hereinafter referred to as “Cha”): I was born in a feudal family. I have to learn to tolerate in the big family, so my personality is gentle. This is a characteristic of the feudal family. More than 40 people live in one piece. How can you quarrel all day. In addition, my father is loyal and fair, and it is very important for me. So I often say that because I work diligent and diligent and real, I feel it in my heart in old age, which is also the result of family education.

Dong: Please talk about your school experience.

Cha: I was born in a feudal family and is the first girl to fight for school. The same age as me, slightly larger than me, they are not going to school, I don’t think it should be. So I worked hard and scored good results so that I could continue to school. This was a goal of struggle in the middle of the age.

I am in the middle school of Tianjin. At that time, I was particularly interested in science subjects, especially chemistry and mathematics. I originally wanted to test Qinghua at the university. In 1935, I was sent directly from Nankai Women’s Middle School to the Department of Chemistry, Nankai University. At that time, my academic performance was quite good.

▲ Chaliang ingot (first right in front)

However, in 1937, the “July 7th Incident” broke out, and the first bomb of Japanese militarism bombed my Nankai University. At that time, I was standing on the steps at home to see the explosion. I hated and shocked. I immediately got a disease. The thyroid function was low, so I stopped school.

In 1938, I transferred to Yanjing University and read the Department of Chemistry. But because I had a disease, my body was not very good, my thinking was not agile enough, and I fainted during an experiment. Yanjing University has a little good. It will arrange majors according to the situation of the students, so I transferred from the Department of Chemistry to the Department of Housekeeping. After graduation, you must train to the Ministry of Nutrition for one year in order to become a regular nutritionist [1], and I came to Union.

▲ Zhaliang ingots studied at Yanjing University

Dong: At that time, students from Yanjing University’s Housekeeping Department of Housekeeping had to go to Xiehe to receive training? What are the main contents of training?


right. There are two contents of training: one is the content of management, and the other is the content of theoretical improvement. It is mainly to go to the kitchen, first understand the entire process of food purchase to food distribution, which is a basis for the foundation. Because you want to be a nutritionist or the leader of the nutrition department, if you do not know the kitchen, you have no right to speak or command, so I think this step is very tight. But because of the outbreak of the Pacific War, I failed to complete all training courses and only received two months of training in management.

▲ Chaliang ingot who just joined the job


Lao Xiehe in memory

Dong: What year do you go to Xiehe for the first time and what are the impression of Xiehe?

The first time I arrived in Xiehe was 1941, and the impression of Concord was rigorous and highly required. I remember that there were about four nutritionists at the Nutrition Department at that time. They had their own division of labor: those who were responsible for teaching, the main responsibility for training, the main responsible management, and the main responsible patient’s diet, the division of labor was very detailed.

Dong: Do you know the Nutrition Department of Lao Xiehe?

: Xiehe was established in 1921. At the beginning of its establishment, a nutritional department was established, but it is not called a nutrition department, called the Dietary Department. There is a reason for the dietary department. In addition to being responsible for the diet of hospitalization patients, it is also necessary to take the diet of hospitalists, attending physicians and nurses. The purpose is to let them eat reasonable diets to ensure their health. After the establishment of the Dietary Department, the first American nutrition professionals were led by the United States, and they later withdrew. After the withdrawal, the Chinese were led by the Chinese. After the Concord’s Resumption, the Dietary Department was called the Ministry of Nutrition, and now it is called a nutrition department [4].

▲ The Dietary Department of Lao Xiehe period


Dong: After the outbreak of the Pacific War, the cooperation shutdown [5], where did you go?

After the outbreak of the war, the Nutrition Department of Xiehe also stopped, and I went to other hospitals to work as a nutritionist. I went to Dajiji Hospital (now the Sixth Hospital of Beijing), Central Hospital (now People’s Hospital of Peking University), as well as the North Medical Affiliated Hospital (now Peking University Hospital). Daji Hospital and North Medical Affiliated Hospital did not have a nutrition department at the time, and I created it after I went. The Central Hospital had a nutrition department at the time and was also created by the nutritionist trained by Xiehe.

Dong: At that time, did the Central Hospital still work there?


Have. At that time, the characteristic of the Central Hospital was that the Leeman was completely withdrawn there, including Director Lin Qiaori and Director Zhou Huakang. At that time, Zhong Huilan seemed to be the dean [6]. I couldn’t remember it. Anyway, Zhong Huilan was famous there. I still remember that after Lin Qiaozi was off work at that time, he took the tram back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The students followed all and sent her to the car. That scene, the kind of teacher and student friendship, was worth nostalgic.

Dong: What was your mentality at that time?


I am happy to be able to engage in this job. I like my job. This is the mentality. This is my major, then I will play my specialty. I think there is still a deep impression on me. When I was going to leave at the Affiliated Hospital of Beiyi, a cook sent me a set of small tea sets. I worked with someone for one year and gave me a set of small tea sets. Intersection

Dong: After the recovery of Xiehe, how did you return to Xiehe?


Director Zhou Yan asked me to come back. At that time, I also met with the dean and was Dean Li Kehong.

▲ Chaliang ingot is in the Concord Nutrition Office

Ordinary but extraordinary job

Dong: After the reconstruction of the nutrition department, is the working method and work process of the same as before? What good traditions have been retained?

:Same. At that time, we had a habit called “going to the ward”. What did “get off the ward” mean? It is when the patient has a meal, and go to the ward you in charge to see the patient’s diet. He does n’t eat or not eat it. Is it a question of or other problems? So I think as a person in a hospital in a hospital, if you do not go to the ward to contact patients, it is equivalent to white. Because your service object is a patient, you don’t know how you serve him for the object? So I always think that to be a good nutrition professionals, you must contact the patient.

Let me give an example. Once I saw a patient a little worried about eating there, I asked him what was going on. He said the meal was a bit hard. I said that it was easy to do, and the meal of the dietary doctor changed from ordinary rice to soft rice. Because our diet classification is very clear, there are basic diets, there are ordinary rice, soft rice, liquid food, and semi -current food, so that the ward has changed his meal doctor’s order, and he can eat it.

Let me give another example. For example, patients with gastric resection, the usual dietary law of general surgery patients is to eat liquid food first after surgery, and then semi -liquid food. However, for patients with gastric resection, this method is not suitable. Why? Because his stomach has been removed mostly, after the food enters, he will soon enter the intestine. If you think about it, will he respond? We call it Dumping Symptom, which is a syndrome. In this case, I will immediately tell the doctor that changing the semi -liquid food will make him eat a little thicker, and let the food get the time slower.

This is the result of our in -depth ward. How can you understand without the patient? So as a nutritional person, you do n’t contact your service target. What kind of nutritional personnel? At the same time, you have to understand the situation of the kitchen. Even if there are managers managed, you have to understand the situation and know where the problem is. Is the kitchen doing badly or what? Therefore, in addition to going deep into the ward, we have to enter the kitchen and understand the kitchen. This is our work method, and I think it is also meaningful for now.

Dong: Is there any other example that impressed you?

At that time, the targets we served were foreign guests, and there were western food stoves specially cooking for foreign guests. Once I went to the ward, a foreign patient was sitting in bed a little bit, and I asked him what was going on, and he did not answer. I said what do you want to drink? He reacted a bit. I said I would make a cup of freshly squeezed tomato juice for you. He nodded after hearing it. After a while, we brought him the tomato juice. When the end, we still pay attention to put a white cloth on the tray, put a napkin, and put it on a glass. Make more attention! At that time, we had all the requirements for how to put and what to put in the western restaurant, and the work was very detailed. Another foreign guest of Pakistan was hospitalized because of diabetes. We gave him Western food according to the customs of the return of the people, and according to the dietary requirements of diabetes, he was particularly satisfied after eating. After discharging, he specialized in his special chefs to study here.

So you look at this job very ordinary, but there are some small influence among ordinary. So I feel proud of clinical nutrition.

Dong: What are you doing with Director Zhou Yan?

Director Zhou also graduated from Yanjing University. She studied the top son and won the Golden Key (Golden Key Award), which is the highest honor. She is very careful and is considered very thoughtful in restoring the system of nutritional department.


At that time, we also attached great importance to the work of the kitchen. The kitchen recruiting chefs had to go through the exam, first look at his cooking technology. Because they are also the main force. Do you do something you do? At that time we had to taste meals every time. And there is a planned cost accounting. How many dishes today, how much vegetables, and meat and vegetables are all required to be divided and weighed. We cannot make patient money. So we manage very detailed management, I think this is the standard of Concord.


▲ The front row is Director Zhou Yan, from the left: Li Qing, Du Shouzhen, Cha Liang, Lin Baoshan, Jin Lan, Wang Shiheng, Li Bang

Dong: Do you have made in nutritional recipes?

I have to adhere to the principle. I have to do things in accordance with the principles of the hospital’s diet. However, we are handled individualized when dealing with the patient’s diet. According to each person’s characteristics, eating habits, and eating backgrounds, it is handled by individualized treatment. You have to let the patient eat it. At this time, your task is completed, otherwise it is a talker on paper.

Dong: In 1984, you founded the Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Society of Physiology.

Yes, I want to talk about this, this is done by Du Shouzhen. In the early days of liberation, the nutritional major was regarded as a discipline for the bourgeoisie. Because it was eaten, the housekeeping department like Yanjing University, Fu Jen University, and West China University was canceled, and talents were not cultivated. At that time, there were less than 10 professional nutritionists in the country. We were called “Panda Team”. After the reform and opening up in the 1970s, it was found that there was no succession in nutrition. This is a big problem. Therefore, I will use Du Shouzheng to use the platform of the Chinese Nutrition Society to launch a nutrition training course to train nutrition professionals in the country. The number of participants in the training courses can sometimes reach 100, and it has been held about two or three times.

We also use this platform to go to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to activities. It is recommended to open a nutrition department in several major domestic universities, such as Zhongshan Medical University, Zhejiang Medical University, and Qingdao Medical University. I think this work is very meaningful.

▲ In the 1980s, Cha Liang ingot at the Nutrition Seminar

Dong: I have read an article written by your family, saying that you only go home on weekends.

Yes, this is my characteristic. What’s going on? My family was in Tsinghua first, and then moved to Peking University. The hospital was far away from home. This is the first feature. The second feature was that Mr. Shen [7] agreed with me that this family was completely controlled by my mother -in -law. She is a very hard -working, brave, and wise old lady, so I take the Hedo as a home all day. There is only one rest day for me, that is Sunday. This persisted for almost 40 years, because there is a good mother -in -law in our house, she completely undertakes housework.

▲ Shen Tong and mother Ye Shouqin


Because my hukou has been in cooperation in the past 40 years, I should leave the Union when I retire. I went to the police station to transfer the account. (Laughs) How ridiculous you say this, because my hukou has been in Confucian, and Concord is my home, and my home has become a inn. (laugh)


Dong: Do you have any hobbies?

This is my disadvantage. I can’t sing, can’t jump, and can’t play, so in my later years, I had to find out the way, and I played unique and poetry. The body’s adaptability is also very poor. He was thrown outside the door several times by the bus, causing soft tissue to contract and fracture mild. This is a disadvantage, because when you are studying, you must guarantee a good score to continue to school.

▲ Chaliang ingot is making independent games

Dong: What are your secrets of longevity?

The secret of longevity, one is a good gene, my mother lives to 93 years old, and there is no “three high” problems. Second, there must be a good family. My family is a family that respects the elderly and loves the young, so I have a good attitude and I am contentment. Then because my brain was still clear, I strengthened my brain exercise by myself.

















Speaker young man

Dong: What are you sending to the young Xiehe people? For century -old, what expectations do you expect for the development of the hospital?



I can’t point to young people, I am not qualified. I often say that I am an alien and I ca n’t keep up with the times, but I think there are two points: one is that the thought of serving the patient cannot change, and the second is that the nature of the nutritional department is the nature of a medical technology department cannot change. I hope that Xiehe Nutritions can follow the trend, but no matter how they change, these two aspects cannot be changed. Nutritional department must not become a large cafeteria. It must be managed by professional people. The ideas of the nutritional personnel cannot change the thoughts of serving the patient. This is my expectation.


[1] Yanjing University has established a mechanism for training nutritionists with Xiehe since 1932. The Department of Housekeeping See 1 to 3 Outstanding Graduates each year to train the Ministry of Nutrition for one year and receive a titles of nutritionist.

[2] Yu Xixuan, one of the founders of China’s clinical nutrition, and the earliest experts engaged in nutrition research and education in my country. In 1940, he served as the director of the Nutrition Department of Xiehe and was the first Chinese director of the Nutrition Department.

[3] Zhou Yan, after graduating from Yanjing University in 1936, he studied in the training class of the Confucian Nutritionist, and stayed in Xiehe as a nutritionist in 1937. After the Concord in 1948, Zhou Yan was the director of the Nutrition Department and retired in 1978.

[4] In July 2018, Xiehe Nutrition Department was merged into clinical nutritional department with the intestinal nutrition department.

[5] On December 8, 1941, the Pacific War broke out, and the Japanese army entered the Beijing Union Medical College and Hospital. Students were suspended, outpatients stopped, and the ward was no longer hospitalized for new patients. On January 31, 1942, schools, hospitals and dormitories were completely occupied by the Japanese invaders, and all patients were discharged.

[6] In May 1942, Zhong Huilan went to Peiping Central Hospital as the director of the Department of Medicine, and was promoted to the medical supervisor. In August 1945, after the victory of the Anti -Japanese War, Zhong Huilan took over as the dean and changed the hospital name to Zhonghe Hospital, which means that the hospital was run by China Union colleagues.

[7] Mr. Shen is Shen Tong, a famous biochemical and molecular biologist.

Old expert oral historical column

The history and culture of Centennial Union is like a bright pearl in the history of modern Chinese medicine, which is full of view, longing, and praise. In order to welcome the 100 -year -old establishment of the Hospital, the hospital was established

“Old experts oral historical and cultural inheritance education project”

In the collection and sorting of text and images through the personal life history of Xiehe’s seniors, the major historical events, and the discipline development of the discipline, record and reflect the history of the Confucian people who adhere to the tradition, inspire the governance, and create a glorious struggle, sort out the hospital And the historical context of various disciplines, the legendary story of Shen Shen, deconstructing cultural connotation, and analyzing the mystery of the long -year -old industry in the Concord. The official WeChat of Beijing Union Hospital will open the “Oral History Column of Old Experts”, which will be published in some oral content of the old predecessors in the form of interviews to readers.

Organization in this issue: Dong Lin Liu Yanping Yukang

Photography in this issue: Wang Pengfei

This issue: Dong Yunfei

Editor in this issue: Li Yuanjing Wang Jing Wang Lu

Part of the photos in the article are provided by Professor Cha Liang Tan, thanking Ms. Shen Hui for their strong support for the interview.


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