The daughter of “Falling Peanut”: Graduated from a famous university, but married to an illiterate farmer, and has no regrets in his life

Mr. Xu Dishan

When I first met the article “Falling Peanut”, it was in the article “The Daughter of the Peanut” by Xu Yanji, and I got the opportunity to read.

Looking at the name of the article, I remembered the fluttering petals inexplicably. In fact, “Falling Peanut” is a prose work of the famous writer Xu Dishan in my country.

Xu Dishan is the father who affects Xu Yanji’s life. The main content of this article is to describe peanuts and peanuts.

The aim is to use the small things in life to contrast the truth of people. For example, it is low -key to be a person, and do not “shake” as exposed to the fruit of the branches.


Learn the character of peanuts more. It has full fruits, hard coats, and nutritious, but always hides the “edge” in the soil.

Compared to the fruits of red willow and green branches, peanuts such as peanuts can always be deeply excavated and “analyzed” by people.

“Falling Peanut” Xu Dishan

This method of seeing a small view is often common in modern literature works, and prompting Xu Dishan to be good at discovering the fine -shattering side of life is related to his family environment.

Before the Battle of the Sino -Japanese War of the Sino -Japanese War, the Xu Dishan family lived very comfortably in Taiwan. After the naval battle started, Taiwan was occupied by the Japanese.

Xu Dishan had to return to the mainland with his family when he was young, and since then he started a new life on the mainland of the motherland.

In the era of the chaos, everyone lived very hard, but a little better family would also support children to read private schools.

Although Xu Dushan, at a young age, has also got the opportunity to enter private school, but this academic studies have been very hard.

At that time, there were more than ten people in the Xu Dishan family, and there were as many as eight brothers and sisters. Originally, the ancestors of the Xu family lived in Taiwan for hundreds of years, and they also accumulated a lot of family business.

When their family comes to Fujian, there are not many information that can be used in life. Some people suggest that Xu Dishan’s father joined Japanese, so that he can get back his own property.


However, Xu Dishan’s father refused. As a poet with strong patriotism, his head can be broken, blood can flow, and he will never enter the pirate camp.

In this way, such a large family has been in Fujian Province for more than ten years, and eventually defeated Yidishan’s father in overseas guests.

At this time, Xu Dishan has been admitted to Yanjing University. Without economic sources, Xu Dishan had to study half -time and half -study until he stayed in school to teach.

Youth Xu Dushan

During the teachings, it coincided with the first exposure of the domestic literati, and Xu Dishan met Shen Yanbing, Ye Shengtao and others.


In order to promote new ideas and sharpening literary creation, Xu Dishan and many well -known writers jointly founded the “Novel Monthly News”, which stabilized the income.

Then, in order to enrich their knowledge, they went to Oxford University for further studies with many authors. Although the overseas life is bitter, Xunshan has always maintained a high desire for knowledge.

At this point, Xu Dishan was a foothold in his career, and then returned to China and met Zhou Yisong, like a like -minded wife.

In 1933, Xu Yanji, the daughter of Xu Dishan, was born, which made Xu Di Shan always have a pure face, and he had a trace of love for his father.

Xu Dishan and his wife Zhou Yisong

Regarding her daughter Xu Yanji, Xu Dishan’s education for her daughter has always been soft and hard. She has to teach her to read and be human, but also want her daughter to have the temperament and talk of everyone’s lady.

I want to come to Xu Yanji as a happy girl. His parents are all from Shu Xiangmen, and they are extremely advanced progressive young people.

As a combination of such an excellent gene, and the growth female doll, Xu Yanji’s childhood is full of happiness.

At that time, the country was in the country’s internal and external troubles, and his father Xu Dishan was introduced by Mr. Hu Shi to teach at the University of Hong Kong.

Later, the whole family moved to Hong Kong, which was more comfortable in the social environment at that time, so that the family lived blandly and happily.

Xu Dishan family portrait

Until August 1941, his father Xu Dishan died early because of a sudden heart disease and died early. Xu Yanji’s happy childhood was over.

At that time, Xu Yanji was only eight years old. Before he lost his father’s pain, the Japanese bombers attacked Hong Kong relentlessly.

When it is: “The house leaks on the night of the night”, Xu Yanji’s childhood life, falling from heaven to chaos and dark hell.

“Mom, do we die? Why do they bomb our home?” Xu Yanji and his brother naive nestled in his mother’s arms.

“When you grow up, you understand that our country is suffering difficulties.” Zhou Yisong said, so he burst into tears, and he didn’t know where to go in the future.

Zhou Yisong and children


After this difficulty, Xu Yanji and his brother opened a long wandering career across the country under the leadership of his mother.

The family of three fled to Guangxi to live in seclusion, relying on her mother to write soft texts and the difficulty of serving the mixed work. Even so, Zhou Yisong did not give up his siblings.

Because of the invasion of China and the whole country, Guangxi was not a long time. After turning around, the brothers and sisters came to Hunan to avoid living with their mother.

After this, Xu Yanji completely pulled away from the past happiness years. He began to understand the busyness of his father and mother, and began to understand the “meaning” of the plane across his head.

So she is no longer the little girl who will only ask “why”. At this moment, she is already a little adult who can share the mother.

Children Xu Yanji

Therefore, when Hunan did not become their long stay, Xu Yanji faced the migration of his family again, and did not show too much pain.

After all, the mother is much more painful and stronger than her. Every time she changes a place, the mother always has to take care of her brother and sister to change schools.

In this way, they have to find people to find a suitable job to support their families. Xu Yanji, who is gradually sensible, also feels painful in her eyes.

In this way, the three mother and daughter lasted for nearly ten years on their way, and finally tied their roots in Nanjing after the Anti -Japanese War ended.

If a person’s personality formation is directly related to the emotions and education of his parents, then Xu Yanji’s encounter is a common phenomenon that is engraved with the imprint of the times.

Xu Yanji in the Hong Kong period

She just lost a great father, and many children who had gone through domestic war were not even sent out, and she was stabbed by a sharp knife.

How could Xu Yanji understand this, so she still worked hard to learn a good culture and follow her father’s teachings during the departure.

Sure enough, Xu Yanji lived up to expectations, admitted to Beijing Agricultural University, and was then assigned to work in the pasture of Shijiazhuang.

In this way, Xu Yanji, who is perfect and stable in academics and work, has all the standards of independent life, and next is her lifelong event.

However, it was such a famous university Xu Yanji who resolutely married a farmer who was unknown and lived in the second half of his life.

Xu Yanji and her husband Lao Wei

In this case, it must be difficult for someone to understand that high students like Xu Yanji are born in Shuxiangmen. Why are they willing to live in a peasant family?

Of course, this is not to deny farmers’ families, but it is only compared to the social background at that time, and few can read universities.

If you choose the other half, it must be matched with it so that you can go hand in hand on the road of building New China.

Otherwise, how much happiness can you bring to such a life without a common topic, and how happy can you bring such a big couple with a large gap?

There must be a cause of thinking. It turned out that Xu Yanji’s farmers’ husband was not her first choice. As early as she was working in the ranch, she met her ex -husband Wu Furong.

Xu Yanji and his father Xu Dishan


It was in 1955, which was in the domestic anti -countermeasures, and Xu Yanji was quarantined for review of the name of the review materials.


This “isolation” is half a year. During this period, Xu Yanji met Wu Furong, the first husband in his life.


Because the two are college classmates, and they are also falling from the End of the End, they are connected together in that difficult environment.


However, this marriage only maintained for two years, but in the end, it ended with a cool end of the world. This is also the pain of Xu Yanji’s life.

It was in 1958, Xu Yanji was about to come to the basin, and then he was classified as a category of cracking down because of his childhood life experience in Hong Kong.

In addition, he was sentenced to six years in prison. Originally, Xu Yanji had been miserable, and he had not wanted to give birth to the death of the fetus.

Youth Xu Yanji

However, this is just the beginning of Xu Yanji’s suffering. When her husband Wu Furong learned that she was sentenced, she announced that she had divorced and thoroughly cleared the boundaries.

This made Xu Yanji, who was not deeply involved in the world, completely felt the feeling of “betrayal of the relatives”, but Xu Yanji was not discouraged and actively transformed in prison, only seeking progress.

Perhaps in the context of that era, everyone’s lives had too many involuntary and uncertainty.


Most of everyone’s lives and experiences are inseparable from the influence of the chaos history, as if the disaster of his wives and prisons facing at any time has become a “common meal.”

However, people with backward thoughts can never realize that they can understand everything in life, but although intellectuals are painful, they can also understand everything that happened at that time.

In Xu Yanji’s words: “Everyone has historical traces that can’t be wiped off. I am just the mud doll that is scratched by history.”


What a painful understanding of this. Although Xu Yanji had passed the situation when she said these words, it was a trace that she could not wipe out in her life.

Perhaps God has to test Xu Yanji. Whenever she thought she would meet her true love, she would always be risked by persecution.

In 1964, Xu Yanji was released and was transferred to Hebei Prison, where she fell in love with a person who was serving his sentence.

In order to be with him, Xu Yanji suffered the torture of others, and even some people forcibly arranged for Xu Yanji for marriage.


However, Xu Yiji tried his best to resist, and eventually he failed to resist the cruelty of reality. In this way, if he did not accept the arrangement, he could not be with your beloved.

Classmate Xu Yanji


At this point, love has become an unspeakable pain for Xu Yanji. She will never easily fall in love with someone in this life.


Even one day, God will give her a real emperor, and Xu Yanji, who is afraid of emotional suffering, does not think that she is blessed.

In this way, Xu Yanji hugged the idea of ​​giving up love and marriage. He lived alone in Hebei for 5 years, and then he had to leave Hebei to find relatives for relying because of a special period.

But at that time, it was difficult for brothers and sisters to reach out. Looking at the older sister, her brother could only suggest that she remarried to find the standing point.

And Xu Yanji, who is down, seems to have realized that without a complete family, it is difficult to gain a foothold in society.

The first to the right is Xu Yanji brother Zhou Lingzhong

Gradually, Xu Yanji was awakened by reality. With the growing age, the emotions that could not be relieved in those youths were now not as simple as a simple stability.

“Brother, you can help me find it. I don’t care about the conditions, and I don’t care if he has culture, you can live.” Xu Yanji said, but there was a trace of sourness in my heart.

When did you have fallen to the point where he did not “choose”, was he too stubborn? Or never really understand life?

As a result, Xu Yanji brought a 48 -year -old man in rural Shaanxi with the “farewell” of the shadow of the past and the “unwillingness” hidden in his heart.

The man was named Wei Zhende, who was unknown and his wife died early, and raised a son alone. Their family was farmers for generations, and they were also famous for the local.

Xu Yanji and Wei Zhende


In this way, Xu Yanji lived with Lao Wei with a busy and bland farmer.

In the later marriage, Lao Wei never “suspected” her jail experience. In order to be grateful to Lao Wei, Xu Yanji also controlled housework and was proficient in farming. This life continued until Xu Yanji’s “crime” was completely washed.

When Xu Yanji looked back, she found that she had lived with Lao Wei for 8 years.

When she was still immersed in the joy of being released by “spirit”, she received an invitation from work from Nanjing.

At this time, Xu Yanji has become a jealous “big man” in the village. She is not only a high student of Beijing Agricultural University, but also a decent urban work.

Xu Yanji and her husband in their later years

Just when everyone talked about Xu Yanji, she would divorce Lao Wei and go to Nanjing alone.

Xu Yanji tried to seal the villagers’ mouth completely in a sentence. “When I was embarrassed, he accepted me. Now I will take him everywhere.”

After listening to Yan Ji’s words, although he could not organize a gorgeous language gratitude, he also showed a thick smile.


In this way, Xu Yanji took Lao Wei to work and settle in Nanjing, but Lao Wei was old and unknown. It was difficult to find a suitable job in Nanjing.

But Xu Yanji did not dislike him because of this, just work, and the other side touched the occupation suitable for him.


Finally, under the inquiries of Xu Yanji, he found a job to let go of sheep for animal ranch. Although this job was ordinary, Lao Wei liked it very much.

Xu Yanji and Lao Wei

In the final analysis, Xu Yanji is an agricultural university. He also has a unique love for animal husbandry and breeding. Lao Wei, a farmer, also has natural emotions for poultry and livestock.

This may be an inexplicable fate between Xu Yanji and Lao Wei. He wanted to come to Xu Yanji to go around for more than 20 years.

In the end, in Lao Wei, he got a simple and bland love and life. This may be Xu Yanji’s fate.

No matter how difficult she has suffered when she was young, her fate was always fair to people. All her love and stability she lost was concentrated in the second half of her life.

For more than 30 years with Lao Wei, Xu Yanji often told people that this life is the most secure period in her life.

Xu Yanji in his later years

Lao Wei’s practical and step -off filial piety made Xu Yanji see his flashing side. It turned out that all this was what she deserved.


The previous man who could give Xu Yanji love and stability was the father Xu Di Shan who accompanied her throughout her childhood in Hong Kong.

Half of the century passed, and the men who loved her had entered the next reincarnation in advance, and Xu Yanji who stayed in the world was accompanied by those beautiful past.


She likes her father’s sentence in “Falling Peanut”: “Being a person should be like peanuts. Although not good -looking, it is useful. It is useful to be useful people, and do not be decent people.”

Mr. Xu Dishan

Yes, like Xu Yanji explored life and love, she had a short -term confusion, but in the end she chose to be the most intimate woman around Lao Wei.

Only after experiencing suffering, can they know what they should pursue, and Xu Yanji’s life is the best proof.

Xu Yanji in his later years

And Xu Yanji was also in his later years. Looking back at the past, he knew all the meaning of his father’s work before his life, so she could proudly write “I am the daughter of the peanut”.

Nowadays, the prosperity of the era is changing, and “Falling Peanuts” is not just Xu Yanji’s “Falling Peanuts”, but “Falling Peanut” of the people of the country.


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