Campus Wireless Broadcast-Hebei Zhaoxian Professional Center Campus Wireless Broadcasting System Plan

2021-06-10 00:02

1. Campus wireless broadcasting system needs

Zhao County Vocational Education Center is located in Zhao County, a historic and cultural city with the reputation of the “Bridge of the World Bridge”. It is located in the eastern foot of the beautiful Taihang. It covers an area of ​​more than 110 acres and is a key vocational school in Hebei Province and a provincial science and technology education demonstration school.

In order to improve the quality of school teaching, improve students’ English listening level, innovate school management methods, and create a positive learning atmosphere, create a group of ideal, optimistic sunshine, and professional and solid professional technical personnel. , English Listening and Campus Broadcasting Campus Intelligent Broadcasting System. The system should be concentrated in “automatic playback, intelligent control, wireless launch, and multiple listening”. The signal transmission uses wireless transmission methods that do not destroy the existing pavement and decoration of the campus, and achieve the non -blind area coverage of classrooms, corridors, canteens, and playgrounds. And can achieve division, grade, unified broadcast and emergency broadcast.

2. Overview of campus wireless broadcasting system

Beijing Haitwei Campus Campus Wireless Smart Broadcasting System

It is a device that transmits broadcasts in a wireless launch. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, wide coverage, unlimited expansion, convenient installation and maintenance, investment in the province, and beautiful and clear sound quality. It has completely solved problems such as difficulty in wired broadcast wiring, complex installation, poor expansion, damage to the wall and campus environment. For schools with large -scale and regional wide -scale regions, Hait Weiye Campus Wireless Broadcasting System has a traditional unparalleled superiority.

1. Simple installation and convenient maintenance:

Wireless frequency adjustment broadcasts are connected to the launch antenna with feedback lines, and then the launch antenna is established to the highest point outdoors. The terminal uses frequency adjustment speakers to receive frequency adjustment broadcast. The equipment maintenance is also very easy, just detect a terminal speaker or front -end device. It completely avoids the problem of traditional radio maintenance difficulties. (The maintenance of cable broadcasts needs to be detected from receiving terminals, lines to front -end equipment to determine which part of the problem is.)

2. Infinite expansion, no bottlenecks:


As long as the wireless frequency adjustment broadcast is within the scope of the wireless frequency regulatory signal, countless speakers can be received with countless speakers, which can be expanded infinitely. It has completely solved the problem of the expansion of the cable broadcast. (Cable broadcasts need to increase the speaker to increase the amplifier and set up a line from the computer room.)

3. Pay to the point -to -point broadcast:

The front end of the FMB uses a remote control, which can be played on a certain point, partition or all of the terminal, or all point -to -point remote control playback.

4. Stable performance:

The front stage of the FM launch adopts the currently most advanced dual -lock -frequency sub -carrier remote control coding technology. The frequency is accurate and stable.


5. Clear and beautiful sound quality:

The wireless frequency adjustment broadcast transmission is issued from the frequency regulation emission equipment, and the receiving device receives its signal and broadcast it. In the process, the high frequency and low frequency loss of the line of the line are avoided. Therefore The bass is thick, the whole sound is very full, and the sound quality is beautiful and clear.

3. Principles of Campus Wireless Broadcasting System

Computer audio, digital regulators, CD player, broadcast microphone, etc., send output composite audio signals such as mixing, mixing, volume adjustment, audio modification, etc., and then input to the frequency adjustment transmitter to the air.

The intelligent broadcast server outputs the control signal of the speaker. It is connected to the RDS encoder through RS232, and the output is output to the frequency adjustment transmitter after encoding.

The wireless frequency adjustment broadcast signal is transmitted in the air in the form of FM. The terminal can be reached through the outdoor frequency adjustment speaker. It can also use the frequency adjustment and expansion machine to decompose the audio signal and use the power to be played through the treble. Send the frequency adjustment signal to the fixed pressure amplifier to play through the lawn speaker and the fixed press speaker.

Fourth, campus wireless broadcasting system to achieve efficacy

Maintain order:

The system has the basic functions of traditional fixed -voltage campus broadcasts, such as: getting up, exercise, class, get out of class, and lighting, etc., you can set regular automatic bells as needed to maintain the teaching life order of teachers and students.

Background music:

After the spare time, Saturday and Sunday, you can play news webcasts, song blessings, light music, popular songs, etc. according to your needs, effectively alleviate the life, teaching and learning pressure of teachers and students, and create active and dynamic campus time and space.

Wireless transmission:

The audio signal and control signal, the frequency adjustment and the power amplification are enlarged. The principle of electromagnetic phase is wireless transmission, which saves system costs and greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system.

Site broadcast:

The system has a addressing broadcast function, which can automatically control the receiving state of each frequency regulating pillar through software automatically or manually. You can also arrange the receiving terminals at will to control automatically or manually through software control.

Unified broadcast:

The system can carry out unified and collective broadcasts according to teaching needs. All speakers are broadcast on the same program so that the school can conduct collective broadcasting, opening school, unified audio teaching, etc.

■ Foreign language teaching:


Recently, the demand for foreign language talents is strong. The country’s ability to cultivate students’ foreign language ability has shifted from written to written in writing and comprehensively listening. As a result, foreign language listening teaching, training, and examinations have become new tasks undertaken by campus broadcasting. Radio listening to foreign language broadcast requirements.

Broadcasting gymnastics:

The system can arranges eye exercises, radio gymnastics, music, and sports songs. It is set up automatically or manual according to needs, which can meet students’ requirements for protecting eye strength, body, and holding games.

Emergency broadcast:

The school is a place for teaching and educating people, with a large population. The system has the function of emergency situations and the function of emergency broadcasting evacuation for teachers and students, which can protect the safety of teachers and students to the greatest extent when encountering emergencies.

Fifth, the characteristics of campus wireless broadcasting system

Diverse programs:

The system can be compatible with various program playback equipment such as DVD, MIDI, computer, radio, and digital tunnels (more use in the play) to meet the current format teaching audio playback.



Support the played tracks for regular playing and arrangement. The system can automatically play the track on time according to the arrangement program to automatically manage the terminal status of the playback.

Autonomous management:

The system organically integrates computer control technology, single -chip microcomputer technology, software programming technology, etc., fully realized the autonomy of play, peripherals, and terminal management, and saved manpower and material resources.

The audio and control signals are carried on a FM high -frequency carrier wave with frequency adjustment of audio and control signals, which greatly improves the utilization rate of transmission resources.

Multi -listening:

The system supports multiple answering methods. You can listen directly with the frequency regulating speaker. You can also use the frequency adjustment to adjust the signal and then enlarge the power.

Expand at will:


There are two requirements for receiving terminals that can play normally. One is to have system power supply requirements, and the other is to have signal receiving field strong requirements. Therefore, the extension terminal does not need to re -lay cables or replace the power amplifier. On the basis of meeting strong requirements, it is enough to connect from the coaxial network.

6. Design of Campus Wireless Broadcasting System Scheme

1. Sound source part

Mainly from the audio source (the simulation sound source, such as the digital sound source, radio head, microphone, etc.), mixer (audio signal switching device), smart broadcast server (emitted digital sound source and control signal), radio launch machines (radio and control signals) Control the modulation emission equipment).

2. Broadcast control section

Combining the encoding controller and the computer, intelligent and automated control of the entire broadcast system. Including a remote control, you can freely control the broadcast of a certain point or area on the interface, or manually control it.

3. Transmission part

It consists of the launch antenna and feeder, and the audio and control signals are first adjusted to the FM frequency load and RDS sub -carrier, and then launched into the air.

4. The receiving part

Teaching buildings, dormitory buildings, and office buildings are listened to indoor regulatory speakers with crystal stabilization frequency processing. “Listening to the pillar”. Technical consultation: 13810952040 and WeChat code

Campus Wireless Broadcast-Hebei Zhaoxian Professional Center Campus Wireless Broadcasting System Plan

Wireless transmission:


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