Pet outing bags, traction ropes, anti -lost device, etc.

For shoveling officers, pets, cats, dogs, etc. at home have become a necessary component of daily life. Not only can pets move their bones and bones, but they also help enhance the feelings between the director and the pet. However, it should be noted that you must prepare enough preparations to take a pet to understand the relevant precautions. So as not to cause unnecessary troubles.

Pet outing bag

Almost all cat slaves shovel shovel officers with air boxes or hand -style pet bags. It is convenient to go to the hospital whether it is a relatives or a pet. In addition to putting pets, you can also put some pets for small things. The choice of pet outing bags mainly depends on, ① Choose a back -pull type instead of a manic; ② There is a larger space; ③ can let pets see the scenery;

Pet traction rope

The correct law of dog ropes is the key to successful training dogs. The state of the rope should be slightly drooping from the collar of the dog to maintain a certain relaxation. The owner should pay attention to whether the dog is located at any time and whether the pull rope appears.

The correct method of holding the rope is that the owner dragged the dog at any time. If you are a dog with greater power, you can use a collar with nails on the inner side. This is more intense and painful than the common collar, but it is best to avoid using it.


Small: 1.2 meters long and 1.0 cm in bandwidth, suitable for busty about 25-35 cm (recommended within 6 kg)

Middle number: 1.2 meters long and 1.5 cm in bandwidth, suitable for busty about 30-45 cm (recommended within 15 kg)

Large: the traction rope is 1.2 meters long, the bandwidth is 2.0 cm, suitable for the bust of about 35-55 cm (it is recommended to be within 40 kg)

pet toy

Ball training toys: The ball toy lies in its strong sportiness, which fully meets the characteristics of the dog’s love to chase animals. It can train dogs’ speed, bites, patrol, chasing passwords, etc.


Flying tray training toys: Flying toys are mainly agile training, which has a very good effect on the speed of training dogs and agility and cruise.

Puppet training toys: The effect and effect are equivalent to ball toys, but the shape and texture are different. The texture is soft and easy to taste.

Covenant training toys: more effective exercise the tension of dogs, suitable for dogs to grind their teeth and clean their teeth. It is a toy that is suitable for interacting with the dog.


Pull ring training toys: It has the same characteristics as knotting training, which is to allow dogs to better interact with the owner, suitable for the mouth shape of the dog.

Pet Defense

People like to remove their own pets with their own pets. After throwing on pets, instead of spending more energy to find, it is better to use high -tech once and for all. GPS positioning can allow pet owners to grasp the real location of their pets in time. I can find it, and I don’t have to worry about their problems.

When buying, first consider basic functions, positioning, and anti -throwing. Secondly, you must also pay attention to the natural appearance and beautiful appearance.

Dog snacks


Cars: Dry is suitable for dogs with good young and strong teeth. The water is softer and more fragrant, but it is easy to deteriorate.

Mixed meat: Choose the meat with high moisture content and other things to observe the quality of the meat.

Cheese products: Cheese snacks are also good for regulating dogs’ stomach.

Bite glue: They are usually made of pork skin or cowhide, which are specially used for dogs and eliminating time. Decided how big it is to buy according to the size of the dog’s mouth.

Selection of toys: Select the following four principles: the logo is unclear, choose natural fresh snacks, choose multiple brands, and control the total amount of snacks.

Precautions for dogs out

Pay attention to the dog walking time: walking dogs is a way to cultivate the feelings between dogs and people. This process does not need to be too long. Time is too long to make the dog tired and consume people’s feelings. Time needs to be determined according to the size of the dog. If the body size is small, you can choose the dog walking time of 20 to 30 minutes.

Choose a dog place: Dogs also need to pay attention to public hygiene. I believe that many people can often encounter the problem of dogs when walking dogs, and need to clean up dog feces in time.

Dog injection vaccine: must be vaccinated for dogs. Perhaps they feel that there is no big deal, but they are worried about passers -by. It is also a great safety hazard for passers -by.

Enough equipment: Although many pet dogs are more obedient, but the dogs are easily attracted by various fresh things when they come outside. At this time, for the owner Too tightly hurts the dog’s neck, and too pine will also lose the purpose of the tie, so you must grasp the looseness of the strap.


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