The Taobao shop I often buy, this time the fracture price

At the end of the year, it seems that everyone has more tasks. Various Party, Annual Meeting, and seeing parents always feel that there is a “shirt” that can support the audience in the wardrobe? Or the shape of the shape is less.

Don’t worry,

Last live broadcast in 2021,

The fashion specialty you have been shouting finally came ❗ ️ ️ ️


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This live broadcast also won a lot of benefits for you,


There will be a red envelope rain of 10,000 yuan in the live broadcast room.

Intersection 25 beautiful jersey accessories 🎁 🎁 👉 👉 👉 👉 as low as 4 % off, just wait for you!


Open the 首 🍑 Homepage or Point Tao APP,

Search for the keyword “It is a big sister of Ximen” and you can find me



Fans who have already picked their eyes first take a look at this note. There are all kinds of styles and accessories, ensuring that you can easily cope with each occasion. You do n’t have to pay attention to it, just follow it!

Bag trumpet/large

Page 8: 258 yuan/348 yuan


Dasao Live Room 1: 213 yuan/298 yuan



Page 9: 359 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 9: 299 yuan


Since I am the Boat Bags of this brand I DOOR in September, the message to be in the background has continued to this day. I finally give you a discount this time!

This bag is very special about the designer’s mother and neighbors’ hand -made hooks, so the overall sense of the native sense of hand is with a little hand.


It is still very skin -friendly 5 milk cotton, which feels good and durable.


The capacity inside is also very large, and it is easy to store it.


You can harves a small piece if you stack it casually, and you do n’t take up anywhere.


There are also a lot of colors, and each one cannot be mistakenly selected, which can add another highlight to the shape.


(Left slip view more color 👈)


In addition to bags, I also found a treasure sweater in their house. Soft and glutinous swaying flavons skin and warmth. The design of the wide sleeves+the handle of the hem,


Almost all figures can be worn.

And dark green can also break away the limitations of black and white and gray in winter,


White and well match.


Page 9: 169-179 yuan

Dasao Live Room 3: 139-149 yuan


Acrib Studio has recommended this many times, not only niche brands and original designs purchased by foreign procurement.

Like the cardigan I chose this checkerboard this time, it is very practical. It is that kind of big pattern,

Compared to dense diamond -shaped plaids, it is better to match.


Usually, it is good -looking with a high -necked base or a T -shirt, which can be worn directly to spring.

This American retro zipper sweater is also very hot this year. Simple letter printing, there is no extra design,

It is also fashionable with a simple bottom.


The most important thing is that you can have a very versatile item when you go in the early reign. Who can not be fragrant?

And I also like this big panda sweater. It is not the type of oversize, but the looseness is just right, and the effect of covering meat is online.


Panda printing does not have that kind of naive childishness, and it has a little old effect.


Motorcycle jacket

Page 9: 449 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 7: 379 yuan



Page 元: 199 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 6: 169 yuan

Fan Luo is also an old friend, and I will take a look almost every time it goes on.

Like this short locomotive jacket, the softness and flexible matte matte leather collision of the lamb hair collide with a retro and street feeling.

The simple and loose version has no limitations of gender and body,

The short ones are more favorable and convenient.


And it is usually dirty and wipe with water.

This pair of jeans,

I really want to call it a “thick -legged pants”.

The rowing degree+cone design that is just right can cover it.

It is not bloated like me hiding in the pants in it. All the tops of this article today are paired with it.


Gangster sweater


Page 9: 869 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 6: 767 yuan

Cashmere coat

Page 1: 1710-1810 yuan

Dasao Live Room 2: 1524-1614 yuan


The INSIS FEMME brand is very hot today. I can always find some basic models that are very good and can be paired repeatedly.

This 100 % woolen wool wool sweater can feel it is quite soft and glutinous, even if it is worn.


The processing of the collar is also in place, even if it is stacked to wear a shirt, it will not feel very cramped. And the white sweater is really a must -have for our wardrobe, and it is difficult to make errors at will.

There is also a cocoon -shaped coat that can be worn for a lifetime, not only the Australian cashmere rough spinning fabric, but also the two -sided process. It is light and warm to wear.


Page 9: 499 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 9: 399 yuan


Even Vintage I chose two sweater cardigans that would not be outdated for a few years, so that you can be warm+fashionable even if you take off your jacket in winter.


Like this new handmade embroidered red and white contrasting sweater, whoever reads does not say a cute sentence. The red dog teeth are small and eye -catching. The gallop elements are paired with handmade embroidery. The retro feeling is directly full!

50 % of the wool fabric is no problem in winter.

The version of the round neck sweater is versatile, no one,

The hem’s waist drawstring design is also very friendly to girls with a small belly.

Another Claine’s color is very white. With several metal alien buckles embellished on the top, a sense of fashion has been collided. The natural hair edges of the neckline and cuffs are very unrestrained.

Such a small design style in the basic model is very suitable for our daily wear.


Page 9: 4899 yuan


Dasao live broadcast room 9: 3999 yuan


At the end of the year, we always want to buy a “big piece” to work hard for a year. The entry -level charity chain of Bulgari is particularly suitable.

The main thing is that this duty -free shop usually costs 4500+. Today, as long as less than 4,000 yuan in my live broadcast room, it can be reduced by more than 200 if 88VIP has 88VIP.

Black ceramic +925 silver, with Bulgari classic spring design,

A little cool and elegant. So whether the route of GirlCrush is usually a big woman, it is right to choose this!


And because it is a charity, the chain ⛓ ️ There is also a little red man with a small red man with a child. Not only does it also add a bright color to the whole.


The necklace’s chain is long, and can usually be adjusted into the effect of the V -type Over -type extension that we want.


Special modification of neck lines.

Not only is it quite versatile by itself, but also given gifts at the end of the year. And also with identity card, you can enjoy the cleaning and maintenance of global counters for life.

Page 0: 880-1100 yuan

Dasao Live Room 8: 580-750 yuan


I always said in the video that my view of basic accessories is: it is not too much to buy.


This time I prepared a Danish brand MariaBlack, which is quite niche in China, but Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne have worn their accessories.


This snake bone chain can be said to have not left my neck recently. The smooth lines have no extra design.


The material of the 925 silver plated 18K gold is full of luster from the quality.


Like this basic necklace, not only can we wear it alone, but it will not be too hard to stack with other styles of jewelry, which is very practical!

Page-: 195-238 yuan

Dasao live room 8: 78-88 yuan


Liber AEDON is a new American designer brand in my new discovery. Earrings are basically the kind of shape that can be remembered at a glance.

Moreover, the cost -effectiveness is very high. This time I have to reach a very cost -effective discount, and the student party has no burden.

Like this asymmetric design cherry earrings, I love it at a glance,


Black silver color cherry added a trace of rebellion to the original sweet style.

Although it is only 2 digits, there is no sense of cheapness at all.

Another attitude is more intense. The classic ring chain ⛓️ is embellished with irregular folds, cross, and round pieces. It has a sense of retro and cool style collision. With a simple sweater, it can highlight personality.


Page 8: 258-499 yuan


Dasao Live Room 6: 169-309 yuan

In addition to the above foreign brands, there are many domestic original brands that have good -looking domestic brands in the past two years.

Like Sounderwang, I am very good at making a butterfly -shaped silver jewelry. From design and texture, I am also surprised. This time I also tangled these four puppets for a long time.

The styling of the necklace can be said to be very strong. The combination of butterfly+vermiculite+fold metal+tassel is not easy to hit the model.


With various clothes, there is an atmosphere of fairy.

But don’t stack this necklace like this, otherwise it will make the overall seem to have no weight.

The butterflies on the two earrings are also designed well, and a yellow vermiculite decorated in the middle adds a gloss.

Another drag down can modify the face shape. Whether it is paired with high -necked or low -neck dresses in winter, it looks good.

The ring shape is also quite interesting. The design of the double -layer opening is convenient to adjust the size, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Like this strong design, it is very suitable for wearing at the end of the year and the annual meeting. Only one piece can add highlights to the shape.

Page 元: 99 yuan

Dasao live broadcast room 4: 84 yuan

The scarf is also an essential need for winter. Fan Luo is a furry texture that can restore the scarf. It is particularly warm to look at it.

The feel is thick and soft, but it will not be tied at all


Essence There is a lazy atmosphere stacked on the neck.


And it has a total of 11 colors, each of which is a white weapon! Various styles can come to the seat.

Page 9: 219 yuan


Dasao Live Room 6: 169-179 yuan

MLB’s hat is also a product that everyone will return to the scene every time. This time, I chose a style that is more suitable for winter.


Like this big standard baseball cap,


The hat type will be more round and stiff than the small standard, and the face is smaller after wearing it.

And in winter, the clothes are thicker, and the sense of presence of this big logo will be more eye -catching.


There are also many choices in color, but our girls almost cast their tickets to the black white labels and beige blue labels. They think they are more practical and versatile.

The wool hat is also a rigid need to take care of warmth and fashion. This version of MLB is very extinct and has a small effect. Both the head and ears can be well protected, and you can’t feel the wind in the head when you go out.


The product of this live broadcast is to prepare all the wearing accessories on various occasions.

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