Unpopular domestic makeup, the original design does not lose the big name, who said it is cheap?

Now that the Chinese goods are scratching such a big situation, Xiaobian will give you a good evaluation today, those original design and very practical domestic products.

Lame steel comb


Features: use, high cost performance, easy to carry


For the nodules, flies, and small hairs on your eyelashes, you can basically comb the crispy of you. Babies who recommend mascara are recommended to buy one.

Ten 12 -color eye shadow plate

Features: Chinese style packaging and high durability

In this case, the packaging belongs to the Chinese court style, the color rendering is very high, and the durability is also good. This plate belongs to the matte eye shadow plate.

Yixiang Ten Perfume Set


Features: The welfare of unique design, sample perfume sample, and choice of phobia

Choosing the welfare of phobia, the packaging is a bit arranged like a book, these are all packaging of perfume samples, each of which is 4ml, 10 different fragrances. There is also a suggestion of the fragrance table. Which one is suitable for dating and which one is suitable for shopping, it is more intimate. Xiaobian personally likes floating birth and Su without forgetting the year of love.

Mysterious grinding


Features: intimate design and high cost performance

For the small lantern bubbles of the domestic brand fans, they have launched a 21 -day light bubble skin development activity, and they can also check in online. It is still very innovative. Xiaobian’s favorite coffee flavor. In Starbucks, the coffee powder accelerates the burning and metabolism of the subcutaneous fat, which contains natural oil components not only softened the keratin, but also deeply clean the skin

Fose Govefin makeup brush

Features: brush head conscience is soft and intimate

Caviar sauce brush, animal Maide’s hair, very soft, and the brush rod is also very intimate.

Meikang Pink Plants Sanfan

Features: natural makeup, long -lasting floating powder, skin nourishment

After using it, the makeup feels very natural. The makeup is not floating for a long time. It is definitely the benefits of large oil skin. After the face, it is more refreshing and breathable. There is also a faint taste of roses. One

Three blessings, three -in -one eyebrow pencil

Features: Natural color, good coloring, waterproof and anti -sweats and anti -sweat prevention effects


Eyebrows are the most important part of makeup. Good -looking eyebrows can change the entire makeup and face shape. The three functions are very intimate design. The focus is that the effect of waterproofing and sweat and sweat is really good. Kill a lot of Japanese and Korean makeup.

Anmei Three -color Concealer

Features: strong concealment, long makeup, high moisturizing

There are two types of family, one is ordinary concealer decentralized color numbers, and the other is the combination of green, purple, and orange. The design is very intimate. Different issues can be selected. It is not easy to crack and start after the face. It is also very convenient to carry.


Jill leen matte lip glaze

Features: Super cost -effective, not sticking cups, white white

I think these three characteristics are enough to capture your hearts. It is smooth, fast, thin, and naturally very young girls.


Semitinica concealer


Features: multiple choices, super cost -effective


This is a brand created by the previous makeup net red originator Ling Nini.

Finally, I talk about the recently hot one, the domestic product that is not online content, yes! IC, a makeup product with a large wind, the face value is indeed captured the hearts of many young women. The content and cost -effectiveness are really sorry There are some packaging phenomena in this packaging. You must also be careful when taking powder. You must also be careful about the lip glaze. The durability is weak. If it is taken out, it will be a lot of a lot. The design of the eye shadow is a bit unreasonable, and it is easy to touch the eye shadow when it is removed and covered.


Summary disadvantages: rough powder, not easy to take powder, serious flying powder, easy to remove makeup … Except for the face value, it is not online.

Well, today’s Chinese goods testing is here. If you like it, you can pay attention to Xiaobian.


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