Song Jia holds Nuanbao at the airport, the khaki lace trench coat is light and light, and beautiful and beautiful.

The trench coat and coat are essential in autumn and winter. Women wearing trench coats will have a very handsome and handsome feeling, so the trench coat is not just practical clothes. On the one hand, every girl’s wardrobe should have a trench coat or coat. It can also be dressed in beautiful, elegant, fresh or atmospheric, and there is always one that suits you. Recently, when Song Jia appeared at the airport, he wore a khaki band -tie. The light cooked wind was very strong. It looked neither naive nor mature.


Song Jia is wearing a long coat. The khaki color is a high -level color, giving people a sense of elegance. The khaki color is softer than white, brighter than brown and yellow. The color is also better to control, and it is friendly to yellow skin girls and white skin girls.


The windbreaker itself will bring people a lot of feeling, and the design of khaki weakens the sense of conflict and increases the soft temperament, so Song Jia under the trench coat is beautiful and beautiful. The lace design is more common, but Song Jia did not tie the band regularly in accordance with the conventional method. Instead

Song Jia’s figure is very thin, and the loose windbreaker has not been able to cover up her good figure. The lace -up design enhances the slimming feeling of the trench coat, but even so, the windbreaker looks very loose, highlighting Song Jia’s figure is even thinner, but the thin body is thinner, but the thin body is thinner, but But it is not weak, but a charm in it, weak but not virtual, lazy but not scattered


Song Jia is paired with a slim -fitting version of dark jeans under the trench coat. The dark color is just right. If it is still light -colored pants, the color is small, and the visual impact will be weakened. Feeling, so choosing dark colors is the best


The white high -top canvas shoes are simple at the atmosphere, without excess design, and any clothing can be matched. When wearing jeans, if you add hierarchical differences first, you can hide your trousers in the shoes; if you beautify the legs and long legs, you can choose to put the pants and feet outside shoe. Different design feels different


Song Jia chose to put the shoes outside the pants. Her legs were thin and long. This kind of stretching overall lines, the advantage is more prominent.


Song Jia’s hair color and khaki trench coat also match very well. Her hair color is lighter, and it is also very fashionable. It is very eye -catching with the khaki color. ,dull. Song Jiali’s Panda Nuanbao is also very cute


However, Song Jia has a big problem. This kind of material clothes are prone to folds. Even if you take care of it before, you can do a few movements after putting it on, and there will be folds on the clothes. But it is easy to wear the ground to spread the goods

Song Jia’s trench coats and coats are still more. This dense pattern coat is full of mature women, elegant but majestic. Song Jia wears this coat with a lot of clothes. It’s not messy, and the trench coat of this material is not easy to have folds

The loose military green trench coat reflects a strong leisure style. Such a capable, concise, loose but not lazy, peaked caps, sports shoes, simple T -shirts and streaming jeans, in sports clothing, Song Jia’s sense of fashion on sports clothing, Song Jia’s fashion sense It’s not bad at all


The pale pink woolen coat has both fashion and practicality, and the combination of gray will give people a soft and gentle feeling. If the girl is wearing a pale pink trench coat, then it shows the young girl’s greenness and beauty; and the 39 -year -old Song Jia, wearing a pale pink woolen coat, exposed the mature beauty of intellectual women, the calmness left after the years of experience is experienced


Red is a strong color, a symbol of enthusiasm, and Song Jia’s character is outgoing and atmospheric, so the red coat is also suitable for her. The charm and self -confidence of mature women are emitted from the inside out. With red high heels, it is lively, smart and smart. grace


Song Jia is a strong woman. Although he is middle -aged, he still leaves a very deep impression that it is not a word to control the trench coat and coat. The trench coat is suitable for girls of all ages. , Intellectual. The matching of the windbreaker is also very simple. Learning Song Jia, jeans and sneakers can be beautiful.


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