Officially informed Lin Shengbin’s controversy and denied the participation of the arson, but there was no answer at all questions.

At 16:45 pm on August 3, Hangzhou Public Security officially informed Lin Shengbin’s case to respond to the questions from netizens during this period, and stated that Lin Shengbin’s case was restarted.

A total of 558 words in the report plus the punctuation symbol, which can be summarized for three points, and almost explained the questions from netizens during this time.


The first point is whether Lin Shengbin participated in the nanny arson case before 2017? The Hangzhou police gave a formal denial, and the original nanny Mo Huanjing was sentenced to death. According to the investigation and evidence at the time, no interests were found between the two, nor did he find that Lin Shengbin participated in it for planning.


The second point is based on the various rumors on the Internet, such as whether Lin Shengbin’s current wife and nanny are relatives. Lin Shengbin was at the scene at the scene on the night of the crime. The official stated that these rumors were actually Huang Moumou and others from Shandong Jiaozhou netizens Huang Moumou and others. The rumors of fabricated, and the public security organs have conducted investigations in violation of public security management in violation of public order in accordance with the law.


But for this, it is still very doubtful. After all, in the previous video interview, Lin Shengbin’s death on the blackboard behind his wife’s office coincided with the arson case. The main reason for restarting the investigation. Although the official has denied this this time, it has not explained the information, and it can only be said that this statement is not comprehensive.

The third point is the focus of this announcement, which is to formally investigate Lin Shengbin’s financial issues. The official stated that “some netizens questioned and reported that Lin Moubin was suspected of tax evasion, suspected illegal public fundraising, fraud donation, etc. If the investigation has been conducted carefully in accordance with the procedures, and the verification of the facts of violations of laws and regulations, it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations. “


In fact, it can be seen that the first two points of Hangzhou police are summarized based on previous survey materials, because it has passed for many years, and it is more difficult to restart the investigation. However, it is also a signal for Lin Shengbin’s financial restart investigation, that is, many of the questions from netizens on Lin Shengbin have also been established.

On June 30, Lin Shengbin suddenly posted that he had remarried, and after having children, after the layers of excavation and news of netizens, he had many questions about the time of Lin Shengbin and his wife and the child’s fertility time. After Lin Shengbin’s new feelings and her daughter, the elder brother Zhu Xiaozhen’s brother, Zhu Xiaozhen’s sister, and others posted an article to question Lin Shengbin. After netizens calmed down, they found that there were more questions about Lin Shengbin’s financial issues.


Some netizens once broke the news that Lin Shengbin received hundreds of millions of Greentown property compensation at the time, and there were the insurance costs of Zhu Xiaozhen and the child. These were not a small number.

As for this, Greentown once publicly stated that at that time, only Lin Shengbin was paid 2.7 million yuan, and Lin Shengbin also issued a detailed explanation of the whereabouts of the use of compensation, which were used to repay fire housing loans, company bank loans, Zhu Xiaozhen and children behind the things. As well as the cost of the cemetery, about 33%of the remaining 33%were left to his father -in -law and mother -in -law, and his Porsche sports car was also given to his father -in -law. He did not invade the fire compensation, and the whereabouts of all the money were clear.


But in fact, 33%of the 2.7 million yuan is actually less than one million. This is not much for the second elder of the elderly.


Although the compensation is going, it is necessary to know that after Zhu Xiaozhen and their children’s death, Lin Shengbin promised the “Tong Zhen’s Life” fund, and the online store promised to buy 10%of the donation of a piece of clothing.

According to netizens, Lin Shengbin’s online store’s earnings of a year are close to 200 million. The price of a girl’s skirt in the store is generally between 100-200 yuan. Between -500 yuan, the cost of children’s clothing is up to 20 % of the tag price.


In other words, even if the sales of sales are 10%, there should be at least 20 million public welfare funds, and these have not been donated. In addition to 80%of the net profit, the annual income can be as high as 180 million, from from the from From 2018 to the present, it is estimated that Lin Shengbin’s number of money with this online store cannot be underestimated.

For the Hangzhou police’s investigation, a few days ago, netizens asked privately that the police’s response was not investigated at the time, but now a statement suddenly came out of such a statement. It is estimated that the police at the time was likely because the police were investigating the investigation at the time. , So is it inconvenient to disclose it?


Fortunately, it has now officially investigated Lin Shengbin’s financial issues. It is also a message for netizens. In the later surveys, it is likely to investigate more problems. Now that the police have officially restarted the investigation, netizens have returned to the police in the hands of the police, hoping to let all the water come out as soon as possible.


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