Why can’t your TOEFL have been crazy about the question?

Many students who learn TOEFL will feel this: I have brushed a lot of reading, listening, and even brushed TPOs, and the oral audio has been recorded a lot. The score of the single subject is still hovering around 20 points. Is it really not enough for me to work hard?

In fact, the effect of reading hearing exercises without refined treatment, and spoken language writing exercises that have not pointed out the error modification, the effect is not good. I have invested a lot of energy in the early stage, but if there is no teacher to point out the corresponding mistakes in time, it will be difficult for us to always be on the road of efficient test preparation.


Therefore, in the TOEFL division, the most common thing for teachers is to give students one -on -one guidance, and take the students to practice repeatedly in the correct direction. What do teachers do?

Reading part

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There are always classmates who like to brush the questions crazy without looking back to see why they do wrong? Then the reading teacher who split class will stop you. In addition to the problem -solving techniques where you go where you go, the teachers do more, let you die every sentence and paragraph, find out the trunk of each sentence, determine the type of modification, and then translate it according to the requirements. If you just finish the question at random, you can put down the article if you are wrong. Only by brushing sentences and refinement to make every sentence and every paragraph, can it be really thoroughly penetrated. Each sentence in the homework will have a variety of “magical translations”, but the teachers will still modify them in verbatim, and then return to the correction after the correction. This time and time again and again, you can really understand how the sentence is translated. When you see the long difficulty, you will have less fear and more calmness.

Reading teachers are correcting homework by students

Hearing part

Inti -listening has always been a training that everyone can’t avoid. I always feel that it takes a long time to listen to one, but in fact, the listening teachers are also full of tricks in order to make everyone listening: a sentence in class for everyone to repeat and translate, and give you a get out of class for everyone to give you a class. Dig out the empty hearing text, or the 1-2 sentences in the audio to listen to the writing, and improve everyone’s experience. At the same time, the structure in the lecture is also very important. Teachers demonstrate on the blackboard, or ask the students to complete the hearing notes. Everyone discusses the level of the lecture, which will allow students to dial on the basis of understanding a sentence alone. The fog of layers of structure was opened to reach the correct answer. Students who are in the summer vacation will also receive the soul torture from the hearing teacher at night: “Did you do it? Wait for you to send your homework!” So he hurriedly put on the headset and picked up the pen. Although the process of grinding ears is difficult, the company’s company and guidance also seem not so boring.


Student TOEFL Listening Note

Spoken part

Many classmates have practiced a lot of speaking questions, but they are still hovering below 24 points. They may still not be refined and have been repeating errors. The pronunciation of words is a big problem for many students. Only the teacher will take you to complete it over and over again. Just change the pronunciation will inevitably be repeated. The teacher will constantly take out such a question to remind you to correct it. Similarly, whether the syntax of the answer is correct, the entire answer logic and time allocation are reasonable, and the teacher will also remind you in daily training. If you think that the teacher is finished wrong, then you are wrong. The teacher will follow you to polish this answer over and over again, try to train the distribution of pronunciation, grammar, and time, so that we can do effective practice.

2019 Beijing New Oriental TOEFL Summer Course

Writing part

It takes a long time to write an independent writing. It is easy to hand over the homework. When you return, the teacher is approved by the teacher in the homework. It may be even more frustrated. In order to allow you to feel the fun of writing, at least you will not be so uncomfortable. It will make you try to change the obvious grammar errors with your classmates, helping your classmates also improve yourself, and Peer Pressure (pressure on the same age) It will also allow everyone to treat these small grammatical errors more seriously and make corrections as soon as possible. At the same time, in the teacher’s correction, a large -scale and key errors will be picked out several modifications, so that every time you can see where you are wrong, you will not feel frustrated. Every time I see countless composition lying on the computer’s writing teacher’s computer, I want to pay deep respect to the writer, because they will modify the articles completely for your style and interests, and have always responded.

Student TOEFL writing homework correction


The TOEFL sub -class in the summer vacation in Beijing, the teachers will receive dozens of students’ homework every day. Although there are different errors in each assignment, the teachers will also be patiently changed and feedback to the classmates one by one. Follow the homework every day. If you have not received the correction of the teacher today, it must be that the teacher is being corrected.

On the way to studying abroad, students should also have other standardized examinations such as GPA and SAT/ACT in addition to TOEFL. I often stay in the middle of the night every day. Date, leave a serious hidden danger for your final application. Teachers who are in the score will accompany you classmates in a hot summer to help you avoid this hidden danger, and go forward solidly.

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The author of this article Pan Xin, Beijing New Oriental School North American Examination Project Department Meiben TOEFL class reading teacher


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