Five different material bathroom racks make the bathroom neat and orderly.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more daily necessities in the home. Many times we are worried about how to settle these items. Sometimes things are chaotic, and it will be more troublesome when you find it. Let’s take a look at the main points of the material and the selection of the bathroom racks.

What materials are good in the bathroom shelf

One: Glass bathroom standing rack

Features: General glass racks are made of tempered glass. Not only is styling and simple, but also easy to clean, but to avoid strong impact on the glass surface. Cost -effective: high.

Two: alloy bathroom standing rack

Features: The alloy bathroom rack is a substance with metal characteristics composed of two or more metals or non -metals. It can be decorated with a bathroom with various colors, and it will have a better decorative effect. Cost -effective: medium and high.

Three: Stainless Steel Bathroom Set frame

Features: The stainless steel bathroom rack has the case that does not cause corrosion, erosion, rust, or wear. Because stainless steel has good wear resistance. Therefore, it can keep the structural components permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design and lasting time. Cost -effective: medium.

Four: Plastic bathroom shelf

Features: The plastic bathroom rack has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti -aging, rustless, non -toxic, odorless, high pressure resistance, light weight, simple construction, etc. Cost -effective: low.

Five: Space aluminum bathroom rack

Features: It has the advantages of non -rust, non -fading, environmental protection, durability, and so on. It is one of the quality of decoration. The environmental protection is better than ordinary copper supplies. Oxidation is better than stainless steel. High.

The purchase of racks

Sanitary Hardware Buy Full Raiders

Sanitary racks generally refer to products installed on the bathroom and bathroom walls for placing or drying cleaning products and towels. They are generally hardware products. There are many types of bathroom hangers, including clothing hooks, single -layer towel rods, double -layer towel rods, single cup holders, double cup holders, soap discs, soap nets, towel rings, towel racks, cosmetic folders, toilet brush, bath towel racks, etc. Essence The sanitary frame brings a lot of convenience to our lives, and the purchase and installation of pendants are skillful.


The bathroom environment is often wet, so you should pay attention to the choice of bathroom pendants:


1. Look at the material

Choosing a toilet frame must not be selected from wooden. The humidity of the bathroom is well known. It is easy to rot, which leads to a reduction in the service life of the rack. However, the selection of stainless steel racks is different. It will not only be rotten but also long. Choosing this shelf saves money and quantity for everyone, is it what everyone wants?

Bare and supplies include copper -plated products, as well as copper polished copper products, and more chrome -plated products. Among them, titanium -plated products are the most high -end, and then they are copper chromium products, stainless steel chrome -plated products, aluminum chromium -plated products , Iron chrome -plated products and even plastic products.

2. Reinstall

It is necessary to match the three -dimensional style of the bathroom (bathtub, toilet, and basin) you configured with the sanitary noodle and pendant sleeve, and it must also be matched with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating.

The buying racks are purchased because of different sizes, which are small or small, or they are large. How should I deal with this situation? This requires everyone to measure the size and find a company with a certain customized bathroom rack. They will save you space and cost. Make your home warm and more comfortable.

3. Look at the plating layer

The quasi -plating layer can not only make the surface of the product delicate and uniform, but also avoid oxidation and rust in a humid environment. Look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no foam on the surface and the plating layer is uniform, you can choose.


4. Look at the process

Through strict processing products, it is often processed by complex mechanical processing, polishing, welding, inspection, etc. The product is not only beautiful, good for use, but also excellent feel, uniform and smooth, and flawless.

5. See the acceptance

When choosing a toilet rack, you must first observe whether the base of the rack is firm, especially whether there is a shaking when pushing.

The actual application and load -bearing capacity selected by the rack is the most fundamental capacity of the shelf is its load -bearing capacity. Generally speaking, it can be dependent on the actual storage of the residents; to choose, to observe its deformation with hand properly.

6. Match

Choose a rack to match things in the bathroom. Generally speaking, it is necessary to consistent with the color tone of the three -piece bathroom set to ensure the unity of the bathroom style.


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