“Hard core” WTAPS and its military style double jacket

Recently, Xiaobian found a quite hard -core military -style jacket for everyone in the vast sea of ​​nets. This jacket comes from WTAPS. Most people may not know this brand, so Xiaobian will take you to know this ” “Hard core” brand

WTAPS brand introduction


WTAPS chief designer Xishan Toru was born in 1974. He is very friendly with the “” designer. Everyone loves military costumes and military supplies, but he is low -key, rarely shows the true face in front of the camera, and rarely falls in love with the mirror as much as he loves the mirror. Essence When Xishan is still a middle school student, I have already met Fujiyuan Hao and NIGO, and often go out to play together

WTAPS was formerly known as “40% Against Rights”, which was established in 1993 by Xishanche and Skate-Thing. At that time, it was only sold on “Nowhere” for sale. It was not officially sold in “” in 1994.


WTAPS is the same as Neighborhood. It has extremely high military, locomotive, and tooling styles, adhering to the most essential characteristics in the Nharajuku culture in Japan. At the same time, WTAPS clothing has good clothing functions while inheriting the style of tooling, military, and other styles. Today, Rharahara has changed and changing the route today, WTAPS still insists on its most primitive route.

Do you think this brand is a bit “hard”? So, what is the costume made by such a hard -core company?


Let’s appear in our protagonist now!

WTAPS ten bags of military double -layer thick jacket


In fact, ten bags of jackets were sold in WTAPS in the early years

Xishan has been changing the details and editions of each season


This year, a more loose silhouette is adopted in line with Asian personal materials, regardless of length and width.


Therefore, it has become an excellent style that you have taken the cargo king on the ins in this year.

The upper body of various tide people is really handsome

After reading the upper body map of the big coffee, are you also a little bit moved?

Let’s start introducing!

The fabric of this clothes 100%full cotton fixed fabric


Top 10 pockets in a total of 10 pockets and arms

There are many jobs to see the picture by yourself! Intersection


And pull the zipper on the side of the collar

It can be found that there is a military hat in it

There is no shadow in the shape of the collar in the storage state

Pocket details are the biggest highlights of this item


Very special anti -woolen material with neatly stipulated flat lines and use double magic stickers for fixation

In terms of other details: the YKK double -headed chain and printed woven belt that uses the Japanese port in Japan, and the two -layer cotton cloth stickers are seamless. High -density fabrics make it feel It is particularly soft, but the two -level material makes the silhouette still stiff.



The light water washing technology makes the fabrics feel retro, and at the same time, the fabric has a strong and three -dimensional feeling, eliminating odors, and full of military style.


Various big coffees bring the goods to the price of frying 6800+! Intersection Intersection

Let’s see how it is in the clothes. It is more comfortable to buy more than buying clothes!


Finally, let’s take a look at the real picture


Okay, this time the clothes are here all the introduction is over

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