No matter how bad the shoes are, teach you the correct practice, the odor disappears, clean and hygienic

After entering the spring, I finally bid farewell to the thick cotton shoes and put on a single shoes. I thought I didn’t cover my feet in a single shoe, and there would be no odor in the shoes. I did not expect to wear a single shoes. Intersection

I do n’t know if there are friends like me. Even if they wash their feet and socks every day, there is still a strange taste in the shoes, and some embarrassing incidents often encounter in life.

For example, before going to a friend’s house,

I am particularly worried that my shoes are suspected; I dare not go to the mall to buy shoes

; Especially when I went to the Japanese store, it was simply the scene of the social death.

I also try many deodorization methods, such as

Stinky feet powder, deodorant insole


… I have used these methods, but the effect is not very good.


Fortunately, in my many failures, I found the way to really remove the smell in the shoes. Today I will talk to you about how to correctly remove the smell of shoes.


Why does the shoes stink

If you want to bid farewell to the problem of shoes, you must know the cause.


There are two reasons for our shoes:

The first type: The sweat glands of our feet are more developed,

Frequent sweating can cause foot odor

This is why many people who love sweating are less appreciated than those who do not sweat.

The second: shoes are closed space,

Choose impermeable shoes, it is easy to breed bacteria

, Resulting in the smell in the shoes.


If you want to solve the problem of shoes, you need to start from these two days. Let’s explain the practice in detail below.

How to correctly cope with the problem of shoe odor

01 Washing your feet and replacing socks


The first thing for many friends to go home is lying on the sofa to play mobile phones,

In fact, the first thing that friends who want to go home are washing their feet and cleaning the socks that have been worn for a day.


Foot washing is the most basic hygiene problem every day. Secondly, it is necessary to change socks every day to maintain personal hygiene is the first step to remove foot odor!

02 Choose shoes with good breathability

If the shoes are not selected well, it is easy to cover your feet, which will not only cause foot odor, but also breed bacteria and cause athletes.

So when you choose your shoes, you must choose the shoes with strong breathability.



When we enter the house, do we smell all kinds of odors at the porch? The most serious of which is the taste emitted by the shoes. If you want to keep this taste away from our lives, you must try removing balls.

It can be different from ordinary flavors,


It is a solid state, and it contains a lot of herbal essence

It is not to remove the taste, but to suppress the taste from the root.


There is also a layer of plastic shell outside it, which can well protect the solid deodorant inside, taste

Tao is also a faint herbic fragrance and does not cause any harm to the body.

Putting it in the porch, you can say goodbye to the smell of shoes. This method is convenient and fast, and must be lazy.

If your bathroom also has a odor, you can also place the deodorant ball in the bathroom; in addition, it also has the effect of preventing the humid items, so friends who worry about the return of clothes in spring can be placed in the wardrobe.

04 Removal spray

The Japanese minded foot odor very much, so they would use shoes deodorant, and they needed to spray them when they went out and entry, so they didn’t have to worry about the problem of foot odor.

This shoe deodorant contains a lot of active factors, which can not only remove the taste of the shoes, but also spray it on the feet, but also to suppress the sweating on the feet.


I usually use shoes deodorant to spray with shoes before going out, so that there is no need to worry about the smell in the shoes.


Many friends are worried that after spraying this spray, shoes and feet will be wet. You can rest assured,

Because the nozzle of this spray is a relatively thin one

, So don’t worry about wet shoes and socks.

There is almost no taste spraying on the feet. For a few seconds, the taste on the feet completely disappeared, which is simply amazing.

I usually place a deodorant ball at the porch. After going out or home, spray with shoes deodorant, and there is no odor on the shoes and feet!


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