11 anti-sweat / body fragrance evaluation: Which one can help you avoid summer?

Fumad said:


In the hot summer, the outdoor temperature is more than 30 ° C, and the sweat is inevitable.

In order to avoid emit an embarrassing taste, many people are used to using antiperspirants or body incenses to achieve antiperspirant, alleviate the scent or maintain a refreshing effect.

But the product has a wide variety of products, the shape is diverse, is it really effective?

What is the difference between antiperspirant and fragrance, which is worth buying?

Today, Fuma finished the test report of 11 anti-sweepstakes released by Hong Kong “Choose” magazine, I hope to help you better understand, buy.

It is necessary to arrange it!



Evaluation samples & evaluation indicators

Canal, decent effect

Textile residual performance

Volunteer experience

Packaging and environmental performance

Label ID

General review

Product use Q & A

Before entering the formal assessment, you must first understand the difference between antiperspirant and body incense.

1. Fragrant anticipatis flavors are not sweaty.

Fragrance (also known as “fragrant agent”), usually contain

Fungicide / antibacterial agent

For example, ethanol ingredients can inhibit bacterial breeding.

At the same time, there may be different spices, which can reduce the sweat and taste.

But it does not contain antiperspirant components, so it cannot suppress sweat secretion, no dry effect.

2. The antiperspirant is stopped and sweating.

Antiperspirant, usually contain

Aluminum or zirconium compound,

You can temporarily block the gland, inhibit sweating.

It is also possible to add a variety of spices, which make the product all the aroma, and the taste and antipersis.



This test sample includes 7 ball type antiperspirants, 2 compressed spray-type antiperspirants, 2 ordinary spray body incense, a total of 11, and purchased from chain personal care products stores and supermarkets.


Dove, Nivea

Selected a variety of models, the specific information is as shown below:

Evaluation indicator

Dove ORIGINAL (# 8) antiperspirant, the desirable effect is best

Everyone uses antiperspirant, and the fragrance is to drive away the various small embarrassments brought by the sweat. Therefore, the antiperspirant effect of the product is the “focus” of this assessment.

Antiperspirant effect

Test method: In the case where the test environment, the intensity, drinking water, the amount of water, the amount of drinking water, and each product are used to compare the weight difference of sweat in the underarm before and after using the product, thereby calculating the antiperspirant effect of each product.

Smell effect

Test method: 3 flavor experts, contrast, no product and 4 hours of test personnel, 4 hours after using the product, 4 hours of the test personnel 4 hours later, the smell / odor concentration.

The antiperspirant of 11 products, the designs shown in the figure below:

Swipe, more products with better taste performance

Fen Original (# 8), Nivea Dry Comfort (# 1), Dove Invisible Dry (# 2);

Poor product is

Dove ORIGINAL (# 5), Shiba (# 10).

Shiba, Ai Shi clothing residual printing

After using antiperspirant / body incense, the laundry may be printed due to residual chemicals.

So what is the performance of various products?

Test Method: With 1 cotton cloth and polyester cloth, the undead coated skin of the antiperspirant / body incense is observed, respectively, the printer remaining on the fabric and the printer after drying and drying.

The performance score is shown in the figure below:


1. Bum (# 10), Ai Shi (# 6)

The overall performance is better, and the residual printing is small, and the comprehensive score is the highest.

2. Nivea Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 9)

The performance is most inferior, and the printing is pronounced, the score is the lowest.

Before you clean, residual printing is printed on 2 fabrics

However, the residual print can be washed away.

It is recommended that the clothes should be replaced at the same day, and the undressed part of the clothes is carefully removed.

Dove, Nivea is well received

In order to further verify the performance of the product, the evaluation staff also invited 30 ladies to use each sample for 5 days.


Convenient use

(Including smear, odor, drying speed, skin irritability, degree of expression, and printing in clothing, etc.),

Use a post-active view

(Including odor and dishpeaking effect),

Accidentality and buying intentions


The evaluation situation is shown below:

Dove ORIGINAL (# 8)

The most favored;

Secondly, there is a good evaluation.

Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 9), Nivea Dry Comfort (# 1), Dove Original (# 5).

2. Ai Shi (# 6), Bi soft (# 11)

The evaluation is low because it is inferior to odor and fast drying.


Dove (# 5), fa (# 7) is very difficult to use

Taking into account the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, this test also refers to the environmental packaging requirements for the flushing products in Europe to assess the environmental protection of product packaging.

The test results are as follows:

Can usage

After the product is used, the weight of the sample remaining in the container should not be more than 10% of the product.


Ai Shi (# 6), Dove Original (# 8), Nivea Niveability & White Invisible (# 9), Shiba (# 10)

The amount of usage exceeds 97%, and the economy is environmentally friendly.



Dove Original (# 5), fa (# 7)

The amount of usage is less than 90%, the performance is most inferior.

2. Packaging and product ratio (PIR ratio)

According to the environmental requirements, the PIR ratio is the package of each product is ≤0.28 grams.

Value> 0.28: The amount of waste that needs to be processed is more, not environmentally friendly;

Numerical ≤0.28: There is less waste to handle, and the material used is lighter, reducing the cost of processing waste, and is more environmentally friendly.

In this 11 samples,

Nivea Dry Comfort (# 1), Nivea Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 3), Ai Shi (# 6), FA (# 7), Shib (# 10),

Poor environmentally, all of which are glass containers, heavier.

Dove ORIGINAL (# 8), Nivea Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 9),

The environmentally friendly is good, all of which are aluminum metals, and light weight.

3. Do you have additional packaging materials in addition to the container

Shiba (# 10), Bi soft (# 11)

There are cartons, cardboard descriptions, plastic outer packaging.

In summary, 11 product packaging environmental performance scores are shown in the following figure:

Can you use it, or an aluminum tank container, an environmentally friendly performance, and the highest score;


The environmental protection is poor and the score is the lowest.

Ai Shi (# 6), Birou (# 11) does not list ingredients

The antiperspirant / body incense should be in the product packaging, the specification, the use of validity periods, etc., to facilitate consumers to purchase.

The labeling of each product is shown below:

1. Ai Shi (# 6), Bi soft (# 11)

There is no ingredients listed on the package.

2. The antiperspirant ingredient indicated by the antiperspirant is hydroxyuminous aluminum, but all samples are not indicated by the ingredient content.

The test results of the above indicators, the star evaluation of 11 products is shown below:

9 anti-sweats,

Nivea Dry Comfort (# 1), Dove Original (# 8)

The antiperspirant, the desirable effect is good, won 4.5 stars, and first.

Secondly, there is better

Dove Invisible Dry (# 2), Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 3),

Get 4 stars.

2 in the incense,

The performance is good, won 4 stars, and they do not breathe.

In addition, the 11 samples of this assessment are port-edition products, and Fumad finds and compares the sales channels to private purchases in China’s major e-commerce platforms in mainland China.

If you want to buy a review product, you can choose to import supermarket purchase online.

1. When is the antiperspirant / body incense effect?

Anti-proof: It is recommended to use it before going to bed at night.

Because when you sleep at night, the sweat gland is not active, you can make the aluminum compound contained in the antiperspipe have enough time to form a gel at the top of the sweat gland, thereby blocking the gland, and play sweating effect.


You don’t need to make up after waking up, you will reuse it at night. For a few days, the anti-sweat effect will be better.

Fragrance: Suitable for out before, exercise and bathing, the skin is dry.

2. Will long-term antiperspirant affect health?

The antiperspirant contains aluminum compound, but there is no real study that shows that long-term use will affect health.

And the antiperspirant material left on the sweat gland is water soluble. When disabled antiperspirant, the bath can be washed, do not have to worry about the excessive aluminum ingestion.

If you are worried, you can transfer other fragrance of aluminum or zirconium compounds, but the antiperspirant effect of the body is weak.

3. Compressed spray, ordinary spray, how to choose?

Compressed spray, generally containing propellant, if the product is a propellant such as butane hydrocarbon, it is a fuel-burning material, and is uncomfortable to the fire source, and is used in the air circulation.

Ordinary spraying, no pressurization, but generally alcohol or other organic solvents, it is also necessary to avoid the source.

In addition, the spray volume is very small, and it is easy to enter the human body via the respiratory tract. It should be avoided near the face to avoid contacting the eyes near children or pets.

The ball is relatively simple, there is not much demand for the use of environment and skills, but remember to keep hygiene, do not share with others.

4. Who is not suitable for use antiperspirant?

In general, if the skin has an allergic reaction to certain substances or products, such as aluminum, spices or preservatives such as antiperspirant, stop using it.

In addition, if the skin is damaged, just hair removal or shaving, there is a skin disease such as eczema, folliculitis, and it is not suitable for use, so as not to stimulate the skin.

5. Don’t have antiperspirant or body incense, what is the way to reduce sweating or taste?

Usually wear more loose, refreshing and breathable clothes, so that sweat is easy to volatilize.

Reduce foods with strong eating smell, such as curry, garlic or other spicy food, also help to reduce the taste.

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Canal, decent effect

Textile residual performance

Volunteer experience

Packaging and environmental performance

Label ID

General review

Product use Q & A




Dove Original (# 5), fa (# 7)

Dove ORIGINAL (# 8), Nivea Nivea Black & White Invisible (# 9),

Shiba (# 10), Bi soft (# 11)

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