Colorful Dingdang Wet Scarf Machine, self -made 0 add disinfection wet towel, a must -have for baby families

In the post -epidemic era, personal protection is the top priority. Washing hands and disinfection and sterilization is the key to preventing epidemic prevention. Now everyone pays attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Many parents will use wet towels to wipe their hands on the way to school and disinfect family toys. Traditional wet towels have shortcomings such as allergies, strong irritation, and taste. How to choose a safe and reliable wet towel has become a problem for many people. Recently, I bought a colorful dotted sterilized wet scarf machine. Its weak and irritating is more suitable for users with sensitive skin, and non -toxic and environmental protection are also more at ease and healthy.


Colorful Dingdang disinfection wet towel is packaged in cowhide paper, which has a zoom diagram of the product on the front, which can be environmentally friendly and ensure the safety of transportation.

In addition to the colorful Dingdang disinfection wipes, the packaging also has a Typec charging cable and a manual.


Colorful Dingdang disinfection wet towel is like a portable small water cup with a weight of only 300g. It has a built -in 950mAh battery. It is more convenient to carry.

The blue and white color matching with the transparent cup body value is very good, both in life and work are suitable.

The top of the colorful dotted wet towel is the dust cover, which can prevent dust and bacteria from invading when not in use.


On the side of the cup, there is a layer of silicon glue material covered with a Type-C charging interface covered with waterproof plugs. After drawing, it is a convenient salt storage bottle.

The salt bottle is used to install salt. It only needs to be mounted in the edible salt when used, and the raw materials are also well found.


The overall production process is very simple. First of all, add the water to the MAX position. Be careful not to be too much or too little.


Then you only need to add 1-2 spoons of salt before each electrolyte. The main ingredient of the salt is sodium chloride, which is dissolved in the water and forms a sodium chloride solution, and then an electrolyte is used to generate sodium chloride solution.

Next, enter the preparation of the electrolytic water mode. The long-press function key is on the light of the 3 seconds. When the indicator light goes off, it means that the preparation is completed. Generally speaking, the preparation process is about 6-15 minutes.


After the electrolyte is completed, you need to put a compressed towel on the top, and click the button to automatically produce electrolyte water.

The compressed towel quickly swells and then becomes a wet paper towel, which can be completed within 2 seconds.


The electrolytic water solution is sodium chloride solution. Compared with alcohol or other chemical sterilization solution, sodium hypochlorite is widely used in various living scenarios. Most of the disinfectant we bought back. I had a pet cat at home before, and the whole room was particularly smelly every time I was pulled. Later, I heard a friend recommending that I bought a bottle removal agent. This takes a closer look at the ingredients in the deodorant. In addition to pet -disinfection and deodorization, I usually spray on the bed, mites on the sofa, and clean the fruits and vegetables. Now you can also make a secondary chloride solution, which is really convenient!

In the past, when other brands disinfected wet towels to wipe their children, the child was always very resistant to it. It was not sure whether it was a smell or other problems. The child occasionally said spicy eyes. Since using colorful Dingdang disinfection wet towels, the child is no longer troubled, and the colorful Dingdang disinfection machine has become his toy. Every night, he takes the initiative to use the disinfection wet towel mechanism to make a wet towel to wipe his face. For parents like me, it is for my parents like me. It really saves a lot of things!


When we travel during the holidays, the traditional containing wine and wet towel cannot be carried. This causes many troubles, and the child’s disinfection work will be put on hold. I believe that a child with a child will have a pack of wet towels in the car. Usually, children eat some snacks in the car to make it sticky and easy to clean up in time. However, there is a disadvantage to put ordinary wet towels. The temperature in summer is high, and the temperature in the car will be very high. Alcohol placing alcohol in the car will easily cause spontaneous combustion and cause hidden safety hazards. Do you dare to believe those wet towels that claim not to contain alcohol?

The colorful dotted sterilized wet scarf machine perfectly solves the above problems. It can be used immediately, and low -concentration of hypochlorite solution has no volatile harm. According to the official experimental test, the sterilized wipes reached 99.99%of the sterilization rate, and there were no additives. Compared with ordinary wet towels on the market, it was safer and healthy, especially suitable for children and pregnant women.

I have used the colorful Dingdang disinfection wipes for more than a month, and the children are really recommended at home. The sterilized wet towel reaches 99.99%of the sterilization rate. There is no additive. Its safety is higher than that of ordinary wet towels. It is especially suitable for use of disinfected and sensitive users.


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