Marifier light module: SFP+to RJ45 port solution

Marifier light module: SFP+to RJ45 port solution

In the access layer of the data center, most service network cards (NICs) and storage devices use 10GBase-T RJ45 ports, and the connected TOR (top of the rack) switch is usually equipped with SFP+ports, and the two cannot be directly connected to connecting Essence In order to solve this problem, we can use the 10G RJ45 port to use the 10G RJ45 power port device to convert the SFP+port of the switch with the SFP+port of the switch to interconnect with the 10G RJ45 electric port equipment.


What is the SFP+port RJ45 port solution?

The Magazine Module Module is widely used in Wanzo Ethernet. Its major advantage is that the optical port on the switch can be converted to the electric port to meet the needs of the lack of port RJ45 on the switch. As shown in the figure, one end of the 10,000 -gallium power port module is the SFP+port, and the other end is the RJ45 interface. First of all, we insert the SFP+port of the 10MD power port module to the 10D switch, and then use the RJ45 interface of the RJ45 interface and server/storage end of the 10 Magazine module to connect the 10 Magazine Power Power Module. And there is no need to buy additional equipment (such as fiber transceiver) to save installation costs.

Speed ​​(FS) SFP+to RJ45 port solution


Adopting high -quality Broadcom chips, which is less than 2.3W, is a scalable, high flexibility and economical efficient solution. It provides excellent interoperability between the 10GBase-T device and the 10D fiber switch, and easily converts the switch’s 10G SFP+port into the RJ45 port.

The functional characteristics of different types of 10D power port modules are shown in the table as follows:

Select 4 factors that you need to consider before selecting the SFP+to the RJ45 port solution

In the actual data center and high density wiring, network upgrade is a complex process. Before the conversion port, we need to consider the following four important factors:


Network rate

With the increase of operators’ demand for high bandwidth, the data center network has continuously expanded and upgraded, from early 1G to 10G, 25G, or even higher. Today, the 10GBase-T (IEEE 802.3Ae) Ethernet standard is the most widely used communication standard for data centers. The 10GBase-T module (10GBase-T) module has the backward compatibility of automatic negotiation, which can be compatible with the previous generation 10/100/1000Base-T network and seamlessly migrate to 10G networks. It can be seen that when we need to upgrade the network to 10G, we can choose SFP+to turn the RJ45 port solution.

Network cable type

The network cable (that is, the twisted pair) consists of two copper guide lines with the insulation protection layer, which reduces the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the interference between the line pairs, and improves the electromagnetic compatibility. Today, aluminum foil is often used as a shielding layer to reduce the impact of the outer skewers, and the protection signal is not disturbed by mutual interference. At present, the CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, and CAT8 network jumper on the market can be connected to the 10D power outlet module. Among them, the transmission distance can reach 80m when the 10D power port module is used with the CAT6A and above network cables.


As we all know, the delay is related to the quality of the data transmission performance. The lower the delay, the better the device communication effect. The delay of the Magazine Module is about 2.6 microseconds, and the performance is relatively stable. The data can be transmitted accurately on the copper cable.

Power consumption

For data center professional IT personnel, the power consumption of active equipment is crucial. After all, every one watt consumed by the device means that you need to consume two watts of electricity to cool down to increase the operating cost of data center. Nowadays, the light module is mainly developing in a low power consumption direction. Taking the speed (FS) 10 -dimensional power port module as an example, its power consumption is below 2.5W. The farther the transmission distance, the lower the power consumption.

The advantages and disadvantages of SFP+to the RJ45 port solution


1. Use ordinary RJ45 connector to support downward compatibility and lower network upgrade costs;

2. Compared to the additional 10GBase-T electric port switch, it is more economical and efficient;

3. Compared to using 10G SFP+RJ45 optical fiber transceiver, it is more stable and reliable;

4. Support a variety of transmission rates (10/100/1000MPBS and 10Gbps), easy to operate and manage;


1. Compared with the optical fiber wiring, its power consumption is higher (especially when multiple ports that connect the switch);

2. Compared with the optical fiber wiring, its calories are higher (especially when multiple ports connecting switches);

3. Increase network latency (especially when connecting multiple nodes);

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