Why does London rank first in the world in the world?

According to the Nikkei Chinese website, the Institute of the Institute of Memorial Corporation of the Japanese Think Tank Memorial Consortium recently released the “2020 Global City Comprehensive Power Ranking” list, London once again became the world’s most powerful city!


The United States New York and Tokyo, Japan followed closely, in Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Berlin, Germany, and Seoul, South Korea ranked fourth to eighth.

The Global Urban Power Index (GPCI Index) is hired by the Japanese Mori Memorial Consortium to hire scholars from top universities in the world for selection. The judges are professors from the University of Tokyo, the University of Columbia, the University of California, Berkeley, University of London, etc. composition.

The Japanese Think Tank Memorial Consortium Municipal Institute of Strategy has been released every year since 2008. With 48 major cities around the world, it has made economic, research and development, cultural exchanges, living, environmental and transportation convenience. Index, compare.

It is worth mentioning that in the 2019 city strength rankings (the “2019 Global Urban Power Index” released by the Mori Memorial Foundation), the Mori Memorial Foundation), the Global City Foundation),

The British capital London has pushed over the United States New York, and has been elected in the world’s most powerful cities for eight consecutive years.

Tokyo, Paris, and Singapore are ranked three to five.


Since 2012, London, England, has replaced New York into a “world’s first city”. At present, it has won the world for the eight consecutive years. In Asian cities, Tokyo has been in the top three after surpassing Paris in 2016.


In the world’s best investment cities in the world, the Fund Corporation Schroders has the first one in London, and the top ten of San Francisco, Boston, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, San Jose, Seattle, and Melbourne. This ranking is based on economic, environmental, innovation, and transportation as a reference indicator to comprehensively investigate economic vitality, excellent universities, forward -looking environmental policies and excellent transportation infrastructure.

GDP is an important indicator of a city. The London City Hall in the United Kingdom announced the economic statistics of the Economic Statistics in the first half of 2020. From January to June 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, a total of 332.576 billion US dollars (257.488 billion pounds, about 2.3 trillion) of GDPs in the Greater London area, accounting for 21.4%of the British GDP. Compared with last year, it decreased by 8.7%, the largest decline in the financial crisis in 2008.

In the first half of 2020, the total GDP in London ranked second in the world city, second only to New York, USA (US $ 542 billion). It exceeded US $ 287.5 billion in Tokyo, Japan and US $ 276 billion in Paris, France.

According to relevant data, as early as 2018, the GDP in London reached US $ 653.2 billion (the exchange rate at that time was equivalent to about 4.58 trillion yuan); on the per capita GDP For 325,400 yuan), this data can be said to be very good.

London is the world’s largest gold trading center, the world’s largest futures, spot and option trading center, the world’s largest energy trading center, the world’s largest foreign exchange trading center, the world’s largest offshore financial center, and the world’s largest financial financial center Derivatives market.

One of the economic characteristics of London: London’s first city in the world for eight consecutive years.

In the 2019 selection indicators, London is still extraordinary.

From the perspective of economic strength indicators: New York and London ranked first and second, Beijing ranked third, followed by Tokyo and Zurich, Switzerland.

From the perspective of cultural indicators: London ranks first and New York ranked second, but London has nearly 130 points more than New York in terms of scores, showing London’s strong cultural soft power.

From the perspective of R & D: New York ranks first, London is second. Among the top 10 cities in R & D, the United States accounts for 5, namely New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, which fully shows that the United States is here in this place A far -leading advantage in the first field.


From the survey of global entrepreneurs and professional managers: London’s performance was outstanding, and in the 2019 ranking, it became the most worthy of entrepreneurial and work. At the same time, tourists from the world have also made five stars in London. In surveys of global tourists, London has become the world’s most tourist city.

In summary, London has a very outstanding performance in terms of cultural, economic, research and development, business environment, or tourism indicators. Under the bureau and pessimistic expectations, London still has the strong strength of the world’s first city.


It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, due to its strong economic fundamentals and creativity, London has also gained a lot of global first in the city’s strength index ranking. For example, London replaced Hong Kong, China, and became the world’s largest offshore RMB trading center.


On November 11, 2019, the London Financial City and the People’s Bank of China European Office jointly released the fifth issue of the RMB RMB Business Quarter Report. It exceeded £ 85 billion (about 765 billion yuan), an increase of 8.8 % over the previous quarter, an increase of 22.9 % over the same period last year, a record high. According to the report, London continued to reach the throne of the world’s largest offshore RMB foreign exchange trading center.

According to data, London has accounted for 43.9%of the total global offshore RMB transactions, nearly half, and Hong Kong, China ranked second, but only 24.37%.


London won the best cities in the world in 2018. For example, on November 15, 2018, the 2018 version of the World City Rating Report released by GAWC, London topped the list of world cities seven consecutive times. Especially in the ranking of GAWC, there are only two Alpha ++ cities in the super -first -line -London and New York, and London still ranks first.

On November 12, 2018, the Canadian consulting company Resonance Consultation released the “Global Best Cities” ranking. London is still the first in the world

London was elected as the best city in 2019: In the selection of the famous QS 2019 best study abroad, London once again scored high scores, ranking first in the world, becoming the world’s most suitable city for studying abroad.

Britain won the world’s first global business environment: The 2019 “Best Countries for Business” released by the US “Forbes” magazine in 2019 shows that the British topped the list for the second consecutive year and was elected in the world in the world. one.

Forbes has a strong authority. It selects 15 indicators such as comprehensive property rights, innovation environment, taxation, technology, labor, corruption, investment protection, and quality of life. ,,

The reason why London can win so many worldwide first, a simple data fully illustrates, such as data released by the London Mayor’s Office at the previous London Technology Week show that British technology companies attracted risk investment in 2019 hit a record high It reached £ 2.99 billion, of which London’s technology companies attracted £ 2.45 billion, accounting for 82%. If a horizontal contrast is made, London’s attraction is far more than any other European cities, almost four times that of Germany, even more than the sum of France, Ireland and Sweden.

Starting from the Brexit referendum, British technology companies have received more than 5 billion pounds of venture capital, of which 80%have been in London. In terms of venture capital companies, the top 10 venture capital giants in Europe actually set up headquarters in London.

Britain has 13 in 34 European technology unicorn (market value is 1 billion US dollars or more), accounting for nearly 40%, and ranks first in Europe. For example, the British unicorn in the world includes: takeaway giant Deliveroo, artificial intelligence company Benevolent AI, fintech company Oaknorth Bank, Mozo, etc.

The previous data released by Tech National also shows that London has become the third largest and European largest technology entrepreneurial ecosystem (Tech Start-Up Ecosystem) after Silicon Valley New York, while the entire ecosystem of London is as high as $ 44 billion. In particular, the American technology giants represented by Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google decisively set their European headquarters in London, and they also recruited a lot of people and buying land. For example, Amazon’s new headquarters in London Science and Technology City has been opened, and the new headquarters of Google’s Cross of the King will also be officially completed in the past two years.

In summary, London has always enriched its economic industry and increasing economic elasticity, which has obtained a virtuous circle of cities, especially in the Brexit chaos.

A scholar once compared London to a miniature version of the United States. He said: In London, you can find Silicon Valley’s technology, New York’s finance, and even Los Angeles’s entertainment media advertising industry.

London’s economic characteristics 2: London is the world -renowned financial capital

Essence London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Greater Britain and the Northern Ireland. It is recognized as the World Financial Center and is also known as the “Port of New Year” with New York and Hong Kong, China.

London is the political, economic, cultural, and financial center of the United Kingdom, and London is the largest city in museums, libraries and gymnasiums around the world. There are 19 universities in London with the top 100 world -renowned headquarters and the top 100 world -ranked universities in London.

London is the world’s leading world -class city. It is one of the richest, the most developed, most prosperous in business, and the highest level of living. , Fashion and other aspects affect the world and become a model of globalization.

London is the world’s largest financial center. It controls 45%of the world’s foreign exchange transactions and gold, silver, and crude oil pricing rights. It is also the world’s largest bank, insurance, futures and shipping centers. The average daily foreign exchange transaction volume in London is as high as US $ 2.7 trillion. It is the world’s first, and the total wealth of residents ranks second in the world.


Especially in Forbes’s global city influence rankings, London is the most influential city in the world. At the same time, London defeated New York and was elected the world’s largest wealth center.

The Global Financial Center Index (GFCI) 2018 report showed that London once again topped the global financial center. Global Financial Center Index (GFCI) is the most authoritative data released in the field.


Investors in the Asia -Pacific region have always been keen to invest in Britain. Regardless of the commercial investment environment, infrastructure, human resources, laws and regulations, etc., London has an impeccable world’s core business core position.


There are five major business centers in London, the biggest is the City of London, which is the famous London Financial City. The financial city in London only covers a square miles of districts, but it is the heart of the British economy and even the world’s financial industry.

Financial cities have accommodated the world’s top international insurance market, the oldest stock exchange and the gold market; about 75 % of the global top 500 companies have set up their own branches in the financial city. Every day, 41%of the world’s foreign exchange trading volume is held in London, with an average daily transaction volume of up to 2.7 trillion US dollars, twice that of the Wall Street of the US Financial Center.

London is the world’s leading financial center. It can create a economic value of $ 600 billion each year, accounting for about 30%of the entire British economy. Especially its businesses occur in London Financial City, including the historical center of London and the major commercial districts Essence The annual US dollar transaction in London Financial City even exceeds New York. Only the foreign exchange market, the global turnover is close to $ 3 trillion every day.

There are more than 500 banks (to 1991) in London, and banks are ranked first in the world’s big cities. Among them, there are 470 foreign banks. London is the world’s largest international foreign exchange market. His total foreign exchange transactions can reach £ 3 trillion each year, and about 31%of the world’s currency business can be traded in London. The city of London is also the world’s largest European US dollar market. The oil income turnover of oil exporting countries can sometimes reach more than 50 billion US dollars a day, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world’s European dollars.

The Central Bank of England -Bank of England and 13 liquidation banks and more than 60 commercial banks are located here. The most famous of London’s liquidation banks: Barclays, Lawad, Midland, and National Westminster four clearing banks.

London is the largest international insurance center in the world, with more than 800 insurance companies, of which more than 170 are branches of foreign insurance companies. In the London insurance industry, the oldest history is the longest, the most funds, and the highest reputation is Lawde Insurance.


London Stock Exchange in London is one of the 4 largest stock exchanges in the world. In addition, there are many commodity exchanges in London City, engaged in gold, silver, non -ferrous metals, wool, rubber, coffee, cotton, cotton, oil, wood, sugar, tea and antiques.

London’s office time and regions that account for 99%of the total GDP of GDP, it means that it can easily connect with multinational companies at working hours. Bloods and traders are able to provide financial services to customers in Europe, Asia and North America happily, and do not have to wait until midnight to work.

The New York Stock Exchange in the United States depends to a large extent in terms of market capitalization. Therefore, compared to London, New York is not so easy to enter the Asian market. Because New York, as an international financial center, its foreign exchange market is all over the world, but it mainly involves Europe and the Far East. Because it has exactly the opposite working time with the customer market, people who work at the New York Financial Center often work overtime, and often have a feeling of day and night. Therefore, New York has always been a night city, and many buildings are brightly lit and cannot distinguish day and night.


The financial center of London is mainly distributed in two places: one is the old financial city, and the other is the Golden Bark Wharf. London’s financial talents are mainly distributed in these two places. Golden Bark Wharf is the new financial center of London.

London has obvious advantages in the employment environment. It has more fixed income work. Compared with New York -related work, London’s jumping and challenging are also greater. Hedge funds and private equity in New York are much more than London, and the financial banking industry in London is relatively developed.

International banks in London are available, such as the European continent, the Middle East, and Africa are available in various regions and countries. In the financial industry, in terms of employment in New York and London, some people say that it is best to go to New York to make stocks, and the best choice for foreign exchange and commodities is London.

London’s economic characteristics: London is the famous European economic center.

London is the capital of Greater Britain and the Northern Ireland Kingdom and the largest city and the largest economic and financial center in Europe. In history, more than two thousand years ago, the Romans established this city here. London has been in great influence in the world in recent century. The core area of ​​its city has still maintained the boundaries divided since the Middle Ages.

London is a very diverse metropolis, and its residents come from all over the world, so London has a variety of races, religion and culture; the language used in cities exceeds 300 amazing species.

About 71%of London are white, 10%are descendants of India, Bangladesh or Pakistan, 5%are the descendants of African blacks, 5%are the descendants of the Caribbean blacks, 3%mixed -race, and about 1%of the Chinese. Among them, 58.2%of the population believe in Christianity, and 15.8%of the population has no religious beliefs. About 21.8%of London residents were born outside the European Union.

Many people think that Britain is a country of Anglo -Saxon, and white people account for the vast majority. But this is not the case. For the first time, guests who come to London will be surprised to see so many black people and Orientals here. In fact, London not only contained the heritage of the old colonies, but also a large number of immigrants.

London is the top four world -class cities and tied with New York, Tokyo, Japan, and Paris, France. From 1801 to the beginning of the 20th century, as the capital of the Great British Empire, London became the world’s largest city in the world because of its outstanding achievements in politics, economy, humanistic culture, scientific and technological inventions.

London is also the largest economic center in Europe. London is the political center of the United Kingdom. It is the place where the British royal family, the government, the parliament, and the headquarters of various political parties.

Westminster Palace is the venue of the British Parliament and the lower courtyard, known as the parliamentary hall. The Westminster Cathedral in the south of the parliament square, after completion in 1065, has always been the place where the British king or queen crowns and the royal family members held a wedding. There are more than 20 British kings, well -known politicians, militaryists, and cemeteries of scientists, writers and artists in Newton, Darwin, Dickens, Hardy, and Hardy.

The Buckingham Palace of London is the British Palace. In the central area of ​​Western London, it is connected to St. James Park in the east and the Hyde Park in the west. It is a place for members of the British royal family to live and work.

The White Hall is the location of the British government agencies. The prime minister’s office, the Privy Court, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Defense are all set up here. The core of the White Hall is the Prime Minister’s House located at No. 10 Tangning Street. It is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the British generation.

London is not only the political center of the UK, but also the location of many international organization headquarters in the world.


The fourth economic characteristics of London: London is the European transportation center+economic center

Essence The United Kingdom and the United States belong to the two major countries of the World English Department. Therefore, with the advantages of international capital circulation, London and New York have always been the two most important financial central cities in the world. Essence

London is one of the most important economic centers in the world and the largest economic center in Europe. The port of London is also the second largest port in the UK, with an throughput of about 53 million tons each year.

Public transportation in London is a huge transportation system in the world. London’s aviation transportation is very developed, with two major airports of Henhero Airport and Gatwick Airport. The famous Hehaelo Airport is located on the western suburbs of London. It is the largest passenger airport in Europe. Sometimes it takes nearly a thousand aircraft to land and land a day. Especially during the peak of the air transportation, an average aircraft takes off and land per minute.

The Metro of London is the main transportation in the city. On January 10, 1863, the world’s first underground railway -London Underground Railway began to traffic. London has built a total of 408 kilometers of subway networks, of which 160 kilometers are on the ground, with a total of 12 lines and 275 operating stations. The average daily load is as high as 3.04 million. Calculated according to the length of the line, the total length is 408 kilometers. It is the fourth -long subway network in the world, second only to the Shanghai Metro, Beijing Metro and Guangzhou Metro.

As early as 1897, London began to have bus services and is one of the earliest cities in the world. By 1991, there were more than 350 buses in the urban area of ​​Greater London, with a total length of 2,800 kilometers and more than 6,600 buses. There are about 13,000 taxis in London. Port London is the largest port in the UK and one of the world -renowned ports. The entire Hong Kong includes Royal Wharf areas, India and Millwal Wharf areas, and Tilbury Wharf areas. They have established connections with the ports of more than 70 countries, with an annual throughput of about 45 million tons.

The core of the London Public Transport Network is the London Metro. Since its establishment in 1863, it is the oldest and largest underground railway system in the world. The London underground railway also includes the world’s first underground electrical railway line, the city and the South London railway. This route has been served since 1890. About one billion passengers take the subway system in London each year. The main service scope of the London subway is most of the suburbs in the city center and north of the Thames.

European Star in London, St. Pancras in London to Rile and Paris, France, and Brussels in Belgium. London is the busiest and oldest railway network in the world.

London Heathro International Airport is


Important International Airlines Port in London. London Hidelo Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world, dealing with various domestic, European and cross -state passengers and flights. And some cheap and short flights will also take off and land at Gatwick Airport.


Fifth economic characteristics of London: London is a world -renowned cultural and sports city in the world


London is the largest number of students in the UK and has a large number of universities, colleges, schools, and academic research institutions. For example, the famous universities of the University of London, Empire Institute of Technology, Greenwich University, Royal Conservatory of Music, Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Dance Schools, and other famous British universities.


1) University of London is the largest university in the United Kingdom and Europe. It is the most influential public university federal in the world. As of October 2019, the University of London has 18 member institutions and 2 million alumni, including 12 monarchs or or Royal members, 52 presidents or prime ministers, 84 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Olympic gold medals and “father of nation” in several countries.

The University of London and Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the Empire Institute of Technology, and the London School of Political Economics are also called “G5 Super Elite University”.

2) King College of London: King College of London and the University of London (UCL) are also founding colleges of the University of London, a world -renowned research university. The King’s College was founded in 1829 by King George IV of the United Kingdom and awarded the Royal Charter in the same year. The King’s College is second only to Oxford and Cambridge, and is the third older educational institution in England.

The college’s alumni and faculty members were born in 12 Nobel Prize winners, 16 governments or heads of the country, and 34 British current parliament. Among them, the father of “God’s particle”, the Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs, the founder of Bentley Motor Walter Benteli, the literary giant Thomas Hardy, and the female essay Woolf.

The University of London is the famous British “Golden Triangle Famous School” with the University of Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of London, Empire Institute of Technology, and London University of Political Science and Technology. In addition, KCL is also a member of the “Science and Engineering South League (SES-5)”.

The University of London King’s College is one of the most stricter and most difficult institutions of admission standards in the UK.


3) London School of Political Economics: LSE for short. Founded in 1895, it is a member of the University of London, and it is also called “G5 Super Elite University” with Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of London, and Empires. The London School of Political Economics is a world -leading school focusing on the field of social sciences and is a global pioneer in the field of economic and financial.

LSE enjoys a high reputation in the financial and political and business circles. The current Federal Reserve Chairman Jennte Yellen has coached LSE. As of 2016, LSE’s alumni and teachers included 18 Nobel Prize winners, 34 governments or heads of state, 31 British House members and 42 House of House of Representatives.

LSE is the Target School of the world’s top investment banks and financial institutions, and its average starting salary is the highest salary of British universities. SHAFIK, deputy president of the UK, will be the president of his alma mater LSE in September 2017.

In the QS World University rankings from 2013 to 2017, LSE has been in the world’s second consecutive year in the field of social science and management, second only to Harvard University. In the past 6 years (2011-2016), the social science field of Shanghai Jiaotong University World University (ARWU), LSE ranked first in Europe. In the latest university scientific research level (REF) released by British officials every 7 years, LSE has the highest percentage of the world’s top research in the UK, which is higher than Oxford and Cambridge. Among all European universities, LSE has cultivated the most billionaires.

4) University of the University of London (UCL): The University of London City College has more than 120 years of teaching and research history. The school was founded in 1894, obtained the Royal Charter in 1966, and officially joined the University of London in 2016, renamed the University of London City College. More than two -thirds of the school’s courses have been recognized by the corresponding professional institutions. There are five colleges under the University of London, of which the Cas Business School is the most famous. The Cas Business School is the top four in the UK, the top 37 in the world, and a well -known alumni at the University of London, such as Mrs. Sachel, the first female Prime Minister in the UK. Saint -male Gandhi.


The honorary presidents of the University of London are the mayor of previous London City. London student satisfaction (British Fully University Guide 2017 and 2018), enjoys a very high reputation throughout Europe, and has obtained the three international certifications of AMBA, Equis and AACSB.

5) London Business School (LBS): London Business School is an international business school, one of the two graduate schools of the University of London. The London Business School has always been considered the top business school in Europe, and it is also one of the top 10 business schools in the world.

In 2011, the school was rated in the world by the Global Business School in the Global Business School for the third consecutive year, and tied with Wharton School of Business. In the 2012 ranking, the London Business School was rated as the fourth world in the world. In other global business school rankings, London Business School has always ranked among the top five in the world. The admission process of LBS is extremely strict and is one of the most difficult business schools in the world. Excellent GPA scores, high GMAT test scores, and strong personal comprehensive ability are usually necessary conditions for admission. The average GMAT admission score of the London Business School is 701 points, which is equivalent to the London School of Political Economics (LSE), which belongs to the University of London.

Queen Mary College, University of London

Royal Hollow College of University of London

London Asian and African College (SOAS)


Art University of London

University of Westminster, etc.

Cultural celebrities in London: Charles Dickens, a famous novelist, named “Fog Capital”, “Pockei Waiting”; Arthur Conan Dour, a world -renowned reasoning novelist, representative “Complete Works of Holmes Detective” ; Agatha Christie, a famous female reasoning novelist, his masterpiece is “Tragedy on the Nile”. Francis Bacon, a world -class philosophy master, “Bacon Essays” and “Bacon Life Theory”, his epitaphs say the light of science “and” the tongue of legal “.

Britain is the birthplace of modern football. On October 26, 1863, the world’s first football organization in London, the world’s first football association, England Football Association.

London is the famous Olympic city and has held three Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were successfully held in 1908 and 1948, and on July 6, 2005, it was hosted by the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In 1934, London also held the British Empire Games. In 1966, the World Cup was held in the UK. Thirty years later, the European Cup was held in London.


The Fourth Olympic Games was held in London, England from April 27 to October 31, 1908. Berlin, Milan, and Rome were also applied at the same time to host this Olympic Games at the same time. Originally selected Rome, and later the city was abandoned in 1906 due to financial issues, and was hosted by London. The London Olympic Games has made significant contributions to the regularization of various competition systems of the Olympic Games.


The opening ceremony of the London Olympics

For the first time at this Games, they officially awarded the gold medal to the players who won the championship. After the sports meeting, the statistical table of winning awards was issued for the first time. The most noticeable of this Olympic Games is the Italian Marathon player Donando Pidley. When he approaches the end, he has exhausted his physical strength and fell at the place several times. He was finally helped to walk through the end. The organizing committee first determined that he was the gold medal winner of the Olympic Games, but his gold medal was canceled under the strong protest of the United States.

The 14th Olympic Games was held in London, UK from July 29th to August 14th, 1948. There are Baltimores, Lausanne, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Minne Plus. This is the first Olympic Games held 12 years after World War II. London was designated as the 13th Olympic Games, but it was suspended because the war at the time (1944) was still underway, so this year was once again selected as the host. In 1924, the Winberley Empire Stadium was built, and later became the main field and football field of the 14th Olympic Games. In addition, there are Winbolden Stadium, known as tennis competition, Kenham Stadium for football, and Crystal Palace Swimming Pavilion.

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games was held in London, Britain on July 27, and closed on August 12. On July 6, 2005, the 117th Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee continued in Singapore. London passed 4 rounds of voting and defeated Paris 54:50 in the last round. London has also become the first city to win the Olympic Games three times. Previously, London held the Olympic Games in 1908 and 1948, respectively.

The first World Expo was born in Britain in 1851. London first held a very successful industrial exhibition in 1761; from 1828 to 1845, the United Kingdom organized many attempts similar to the expo many times in China; in 1849, Britain first built a temporary venue for the exhibition in Birmingham. The frequent industrial expo has also germinated the UK to hold an expo in the world.

London has five professional symphony orchestras: such as the famous world -class London Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and BBC Symphony Orchestra.

The London Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1904. It is a famous performance group representing the British level with the British Broadcasting Corporation Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This orchestra is the best of the three major symphony orchestras in the UK and one of the world’s highest -level symphony orchestras. For more than ten years when the London Symphony Orchestra has been under construction, many well -known commands and training have been subject to, including Richter, Nikish, Bichem, Monerberg, Weingatner, Pierre · Monte and Andrei Pliervin.


Since 1979, the well -known Italian conductor Abado has served as the command of the regiment. Since Abbado’s entry, this orchestra has maintained a tradition of hiring first -class commanders as chief commanders. Under the command of Abado, the orchestra’s performance level has been greatly improved.

London also has a world -renowned Royal Grand Theater, the National Theater and Royal Hall. London is a world -famous city. For example, the British Museum (officially known as the British Museum) was built in the 18th century and is the largest museum in the world. It focuses on many ancient cultural relics in Britain and the world. In the museum, more than 70,000 ancient Egyptian cultural relics are displayed in the Museum;

London is an important media center in the world. Many televisions and radio media including Broadcasting Corporation and Reuters have set up headquarters in London. They are the concentration of the British newspaper industry. “Daily Telegraph”, “Guardian”, “Observer”, “Weekly”, etc.

London’s economic characteristics 6: London is the world’s four most famous fashion capitals.

(The other three cities of the world’s fashion capitals are Paris, New York, Milan), and the world -famous Harlow Department Store in London is located in the city.

It is worth mentioning that London was selected as the global fashion capital of 2011 and defeated Paris, France and New York, USA. The reason for Britain was the big marriage of Prince William and Princess Kate, but London is actually a veritable history of long -standing fashion. All.

Seventh Economic Features of London: London is a world -renowned tourist capital

Essence As early as 2014, the Global Tourism Destination Index Report, London became the world’s most popular city.

In the “World Tourism City Development Report” officially released by the World Tourism Cities Federation, the 2019 World Tourism City Development Ranking Ranking and the top 20 cities in 6 single rankings are announced.

In the top ten single rankings of the comprehensive ranking, London ranks first in the world’s popularity; New York, USA, ranks first in industrial prosperity. Tourism satisfaction list is the first place.


London is a prosperous city, and many of its buildings are left over from the Victorian era. There are Royal Society, University of London, British Museum, British Library (7 million books), etc. The First International was established here in 1864.

The British Library is a creative, resource, and efficient library. It is based on Britain and serves the world. It has a unique exquisite collection and a history of 250 years. It is one of the main sources of academic, research and innovation in the world. In addition to being one of the storage libraries of global information, it is also the hub of the national library network.


There are many well -known buildings in London, such as the Tomwell Castle (built in 1087), the Church (110 meters high), Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Church. There is the original site of the world -renowned Greenwich Observatory in the southeast of the city, which is the first meridian of the earth.


There is also the famous London Tower. The Waterloo Bridge was named after the British commemorating General Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon. The most famous and beautiful bridge is the Tower Bridge in London. This tower bridge has a unique style and magnificent. There are 5 floors of high tower on the two huge bridge piers. The bridge deck is opened. Whenever there are ships above the bridge deck, the bridge deck can be lifted separately, and so on.

Eighth Economic features of London: London is the world’s first national park city.


July 22, 2019), London was officially recognized as the world’s first national park city.

The philosophy of the national park is: citizens work hard to make the city greener, healthier, and more wild, and make more people willing to participate more actively to participate in outdoor activities. In fact, national park cities are also a promise, that is, the environment, culture, heritage, education and health issues, and will become the central issue for those who apply to join the national park city initiative. These standards were formulated by the National Park Urban Foundation, World Urban Park, Nature Conservation Alliance and Salzburg Global Symposium.

World Geographic and National Geographical Adventure Daniel Lavin Erisen once said: “More than 250 organizations in London have participated, and 90%of London supports this goal.” He said: Compared with the Rain Forest National Park, London has very different urban landscapes, but “foxes, falcons and other wild animals in cities” are also valuable.

Together with the organizations of the world and the mayor of London, the mayor of London, Sadick Khan, signed a “Charter of the London National Park City” to show their support for the construction of a green, healthier and more wild city. Now there is the first international charter of the National Park City (NPC).

Newcastle on the British Tyan River will also launch a sport to make the city the next national park city in Britain. At the same time, Glasgo has also begun.

The status of London’s position in the national park was put forward in the declaration of mayor Sadick Khan. Since taking office in 2016, he has protected the green belt of London by funding 200 green space improvement projects and planting 170,000 trees. At the same time, the mayor’s office also developed a digital green map in London to determine the green space of the capital and supervise improvement. “I am proud to help the world’s most environmentally friendly city in London to become the world’s first national park city.”


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