How much is the northeast? The worst is hacked and contributed the most

In this epidemic, when various provinces supported Hubei, many fun stalks appeared, such as

Shandong Province, a “moving” support for bulk support, Shandong Province


In fact, Crow, as a Northeast, has always wanted to justify the Northeast, because in this epidemic, Northeast aid is also very powerful, but few people pay attention.

Although the Northern Northern because of the poor economy, the things we took out may not be as much as other provinces, but in the Northeast, we took out everything of us.

On the evening of February 8th, it is the time of the Lantern Festival reunion, at


Zhou Shuizi International Airport staged a touching farewell.

The mother hugged her daughter with tears, and her son didn’t want to let go around his father’s neck.


People wearing uniform uniforms boarded 4 planes, and they all had a common destination -Wuhan.

The next morning at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, a medical staff named Zhang Na said that he had signed it

“Body Donation Agreement”

“After I wrote, I asked the war book and registered online.


I think if I really leave, I also want to continue my life and help more people in need.

I have a fourth -grade daughter. Our family is very loving and harmonious. They all understand and support me! “


Figure: Zhang Na


The medical team on February 8th is already


Liaoning supports the second batch of medical teams in Hubei.

When the Shenyang Health Commission just received a notice from the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission, time was actually very urgent, because the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission requested that the medical team immediately set up a medical team and assisted Wuhan at 10 am on February 9.


However, after receiving the notice, medical staff in major hospitals have enthusiastically signed up,

In just one hour, a medical team was established.

They are all sent to the elite and opposite medical staff:

Doctors are majoring in breathing, severe illnesses, and hospital sensing, and nurses are all internal medicine.

Within two days, they assisted Hubei in two ways.

At this time, Liaoning’s total number of Hubei has nearly 1,400 people.

In addition to the total number of medical staff in Hubei, the three provinces in Northeast China, Jilin and Heilongjiang, Liaoning’s brothers provinces, have reached about 2,400.

One of the medical staff who supported Hubei is from the Northeast.

In the past few days, the Northeast medical staff to Wuhan has been increasing. As of the early morning of February 14, 3,100 people have reached 3,100.

In Vulcan Mountain

Leishan Hospital

More than half of the medical staff are northeast.


There are a total of 32 wires in Leishan Mountain Hospital, and the Liaoning Medical Team alone will take over 17 of them!

Now in these two squares hospitals, except for Hubei dialects, the Northeast dialect will be heard most.

Of course, in order to communicate conveniently, many Northeast doctors also learned Hubei dialect.


The total population of the three east provinces only accounts for 10%of the country, but it provides 20%of the medical teams in this assistance!

Although the medical resources in Northeast China are okay, the assistance is too strong, and even a bit of Hubei itself.

In order to support Hubei, he sacrificed his medical resources at the expense of

Temporarily closed some medical clinics in the city, so that the excellent medical staff first supplied to the most urgent Wuhan front line!

In terms of supplies, Northeast people also took out everything they could take out.


On January 26, on the Z12 trains from Shenyang to Guangdong, there were a group of special passengers –

20 tons of large cabbage

Because there are too many cabbage, a train cannot be pulled down, so the Liaoning Laodong handle has a total of 130 tons of Chinese cabbage and divided into 10 batches and shipped to Hubei.

Although cabbage is not expensive, everyone knows that the Chinese cabbage in winter is the favorite of Northeast people.

However, in order to support Hubei this time, this winter can not eat Chinese cabbage!

Heilongjiang is a large agricultural province. As of February 8, we have supported more than 9,000 tons of agricultural supplies from Hubei.


In addition to the dishes and rice, on February 14, Heilongjiang mobilized 3,000 tons of high -quality rice Chichi to help Hubei.

It is said that the Northeast rice is delicious, so 3,000 tons of Hubei brother.

Many Northeast companies have also made an example, Liaoning

Fangda Group


Donated 200 million yuan, and many medical supplies were also donated.



Amending the pharmaceutical industry


A total of 35 million drugs were donated to the epidemic area in two batches.

Because of the front -line gap and protective clothing, Heilongjiang


Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

I also bought the production line of Dongguan directly and produced it myself.

In terms of helping Hubei, Northeast China took out everything.


Anyone who knows the economy a little knows that the economy in the Northeast in recent years is not good.

When it comes to the industrial level of the Northeast, the most commonly used words of netizens are:

“The heavy industry depends on barbecue, and light industry depends on live broadcast.”

When it comes to the population quality of the Northeast, when the netizens mentioned in the Northeast in recent years, they are almost all negative content. Northeast people seem to have become a representative of poor quality and old -fashioned.

When it comes to the economy of the Northeast, it is


“Investment can’t be Shanhaiguan”

On the Internet, the northeast has almost become the worst part of the region.


Including some of my friends around me, I asked me about some of the questions about the Northeast, and they were more or less stereotyped and prejudiced to the Northeast:

“Are your Northeast people poor in law and order?”

“Are your Northeast girls ‘tigers’?”

“Do Northeast men like domestic violence?”

Including the beginning of this epidemic, many people began to hack the Northeast people, saying that the Northeast people had a bad odor and forced the irritable Northeast brother to respond: “Who is the three provinces in the East East? There are many wild animals that do not mean that we dare to eat.

I have eaten the worst, that is, fungus, mushrooms, and mother -in -law. Wildlife in the northeast is either Northeastern tiger or bears blind. Who dares to eat?

We are not bad in the Northeast’s odor. We dare to eat odors in the Northeast? Intersection “”.

Figure: The Tucao of an old iron in the Northeast.

In fact, what I want to say as the Northeast is that many of the prejudices of netizens on the Northeast are due to historical and economic reasons.

At the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Northeast was

The highest level of industrial level in China, the highest level of education, the highest level of education, and the best urbanization development is the “eldest son of the Republic”.

But later, for various reasons, the Northeast gradually began to transfusion to the Mainland, and slowly hollowed out the bottom of his home.

In the process of the rapid development of the country after the opening, the hollowed on the northeast force was unintelligible and gradually fell behind.


So -called

“Kuraki knows the etiquette, and he knows the glory and disgrace.”

If the economy is not good, people who have the ability are forced to go out. The social security problems of the hollowed cities, the problem of population quality will slowly highlight.

This is the same in any part of the world.

Many netizens see the problems of the Northeast and the Northeast three provinces, and they will directly open the map cannon, and the regional is black.


As the eldest son of the Republic in the Northeast, even if the strength of these years has been declining and has been declining, but in the Mainland provinces, when you want to take care of the younger brothers and sisters at home, the Northeast will definitely stand up and do his best without reservation!


It’s just that the Northeast has paid too much, and our own media is not very powerful, so often everyone takes the help of the Northeast as the normal state, and we can’t keep a little impression.

“The eldest son” northeast, why

“Things do their best than anyone else, but there are fewer applause than anyone else.”

This has to start with the concept of “Northeast” itself.

If Jiangsu’s characteristics are “bulk”, the characteristics of the Northeast are Jiangsu’s mirror reversal-


“TOEIC”, super rectification.

Whether in the Northeast or provinces outside the Northeast, people are accustomed to seeing the three northeast provinces as a whole.

People in Jiangsu need to call each other in the same district, but northeast people can call each other fellows, even if they have left a dozen latitude.

Even if you do n’t deliberately mention it, many people do n’t know that the scope of the Northeast is actually like this:

Many of these reasons are historical reasons.

The Northeast China was in the core area of ​​Huaxia Civilization for a long time. In addition, there is no shortage of strong northern regimes of challenging the Central Plains dynasty.


Although the Qing Dynasty had the prototype of the “three east provinces” -the three generals were jurisdiction, the difference between the scope of each district and today could not even recognize the mother.

On the eve of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Northeast even appeared in an amazing 19 provincial division!

Even after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, until 1978, the zone of the Northeast was still like this:

Therefore, since modern times, the Northeast has been forced to consider together. I really want to ask “Which province you are in the Northeast”? Northeast people are really not conceptual.

Secondly, many people in Northeast China have moved from the Mainland.

The Northeast is the so -called “Land of Longxing” in the Qing Dynasty, but the strategy of the Qing court’s rulers is to strictly restrict the entry of the Han people and set up the Northeast version of the Great Wall “willow bars”, which has caused the Northeast to be scarce and feel a bit “outside”.

It was not until Xianfeng’s years that this policy was canceled, and the mainland rose.

“Break through the customs”

The boom.

After the founding of New China, the highest industrial level in the Northeast is the highest.

Half of the steel production capacity in China is in the northeast. There are 156 projects in the 15th plan, and 57 are placed in the northeast!

At that time, the northeast was the undoubted leadership of the industrial development of the New China, a well -deserved “eldest son of the Republic”.

Therefore, a considerable number of industrial workers in the Mainland transferred to the northeast.

There are many friends around the crow. The ancestors were workers in the southern provinces. In the 1950s, they responded to the national call and took the family to the northeast.


Like crows are “Northeast” in the third and fourth generations, it is not uncommon in the three East provinces.

In this way, the identity of the Northeast people is rarely attached to the city where they are, but the concept of the entire “Great Northeast”.

It is precisely because of the characteristics of reorganization from the source, the northeast has been used to collectivism that concentrates on major events. Whether it is the development of new industries or new agriculture, there is no heavy historical burden. Essence

In the process, the Northeast was working hard and quickly laid the industrial foundation of New China:

In Harbin and Qiqihar, heavy industry and military factories were built;

A chemical industry belt was built in Jilin;

Make Liaoning into the core of steel, coal, and mechanical industry.

At that time, the northeast was simply a paradise for the working class.

Workers work in state -owned factories, and other things don’t have to worry about anything:

There are factories in the canteen of the factory, buying things to the public supply and marketing cooperatives, sickness to the hospital under the jurisdiction of the factory, and getting a house for you when you get married.

At that time, there was a specific faucet in the factory. You could come out to the salt soda when you unscrewed it.

Many people stay in the factory for a lifetime, treating the factory as their own home.

The factory in the northeast is indeed full of talents. At that time

The density of technical talents should be far higher than the Mainland


If you just find a small job in the Northeast, you can make the seamless steel tube into a barrel.

When it was just open, the technical leaders in state -owned enterprises confidently told the owner of the private enterprise.

We just pick out a mouse here, which is larger than your cat

Even in the 1980s, Northeast Manufacturing was still equivalent to high -end products in China.

If there are no machine tools made in the Northeast in the state -owned factory, it will be difficult to hang up with high -yield and high -efficiency enterprises. The bearing produced in Northeast China is standard for the manufacturing industry.

Even when you get married, many people have designated it, and it is necessary

Without this thing to be appointed, you can avoid talking.


The famous Beida warehouse in the Northeast is also an important food base in China.

For many years, Heilongjiang has been used to the top position in China’s grain output and output volume. Jilin and Liaoning ranked quite high in terms of grain production.

As mentioned earlier, the northeast in history is not among the farming areas, and it is impossible to mention any “grain producing provinces”. The farming level of the Northeast today is of course from the famous “Peking Wilderness” wasteland.

The process of opening wasteland in Peking University is a industrialized farming development.

Many people have devoted themselves to wasteland to contribute their lives to China’s food strategic reserves.

It was their originally barren Beidahuang into the current “Beida Cang”.

It is precisely because of the development of Peking University’s agriculture that it was a big conclusion when he assisted Hubei rice.

Of course, great ability and responsibility.

Northeast China has never forgotten its development. This was created under the idea of ​​a game of chess in the country. Be sure to give back to the Mainland and bring the younger brothers and sisters at home.


We must make money and take care of the family.

For younger brothers and sisters who have not grown up, this “big brother” is always generous, and even all of them:

From 1953 to 1957, Liaoning alone raised 4.9 million tons of raw iron, 4.38 million tons of steel, and 5.75 million tons of cement.


The output of these industrial products exceeds half of the output of Liaoning, and the output of some products even reaches 70 % of the output.


A Steel Steel supported more than 12 million tons of steel in the 1950s.


Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Yumen Oilfield, Sanmenxia Hydropower Station, Baosteel and other well -known large projects are all built on the basis of steel and steel provided by Aansteel.

Angang relief on Angang on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

The most sparkling era in the country was in the 1960s.

Due to the changes in China and the Soviet Union, the national defense environment has changed, and the northeast is facing the threat of the enemy. If the war really occurs, the enemy destroys the Northeast, which can destroy the industrial capabilities of the whole China and make us unable to fight back.

According to the development law of the industry, of course, the more developed, the better the industrial resources must be given to make the development of industrial development faster.


But the potential war threat made us have to divide the eggs in several baskets.

As a result, New China began to comprehensively suspend the new industrial projects to be built in the Northeast Line, try to compress the existing projects, and at the same time began to transfer the industrial system on a large -scale three -line land to the Mainland.

In order to support the construction of a third -tier line, politically, the Northeast has transferred his most advanced cadre; technically, the Northeast sent his best workers; on the equipment, the northeast sent his best equipment.

This is like the biggest brother at home earnestly earned the most, but when it was spent, he was not willing to spend on himself.

Northeast China is the area with the largest number of three -line construction tasks. Throughout the process, the Northeast made every effort to make its modern core resources “continuously input” in the three -line region, and nearly 40 % of the production capacity was transferred to the Mainland.











In this process, although the Northeast has gradually become empty, it has been supported by urban and towns and its areas.


The huge gap between talents, equipment, technology, systems, management and culture of talents, equipment, technology, systems, management, and culture of the Northeast is rapidly shortened.

Angang handle the handle of the handle

Panzhihua Steel Base;

Changchun Automobile aid Dongfeng Erqi in Hubei;

A group of people from Shenyang Aircraft Industry went to Chengdu to establish Chengfei, that is, the bulls that later developed the J -10 and J -20.

Even in the language of Panzhihua today, there is still a mark of Northeast dialect …

Dialects in Panzhihua City Dialect Comparison Form

The younger brothers and sisters in the family have been in a hurry, and they have gone out and grew up. They see that they are full of food. The elder brother is happy in his heart.

But gradually hollowed out his northeast, and the opportunity for further development was slowly lost.

The change of the times has exacerbated the turning point of the Northeast’s fate.

After the establishment of New China, the priority development of heavy industries is like major projects and infrastructure projects. It is not a market profit orientation, but a long -term industrial decision -making decision made from the national strategic level. In order to “cultivate internal force”, it allows sacrificing short -term benefits.

In other words, this industrialized road sometimes looks like losing money.


As the “eldest son” in the Northeast, it is the pioneer and vanguard who practice this road.

After the reform and opening up, when my country’s industrialization development has shifted to foreign trade and market -driven era, the problem is more serious.

It turned out that the strong industrial foundation in the Northeast has begun to become a “burden” after the reform and opening up.

After all, capital always flows to places where short -term visible profits and money can be made.

The development of the northeast in the 1980s and 1990s fell into a great dilemma. Even “more than the more produced”, a large number of factories and enterprises were in business difficulties, and even bankruptcy closed down.

“The factory is yellow”, the problem that the Northeast workers have never thought of it before, a considerable number of Northeast workers had been trapped in a place of launch before they knew what the term “laid -off” was.


Prior to Song Dandan’s “Laido” stalk, a considerable number of employees in the Northeast were actually laid -off.

The previous development trajectory of the Northeast determines that this is high -urbanization, and urban residents, especially the huge area of ​​employees.

Now that some people are dedicated to think that the Northeast is the representative of “backward”, and even want to take it for granted,

The most northeast should be the “big rural”, and it will never associate “high urbanization” with the Northeast.

It seems that it is incredible to be on the list in the Northeast.

In fact, the situation is exactly the opposite. The Northeast has achieved a high level of urbanization very early. Of the five provinces with the highest domestic urbanization rate, one is the Northeast.

In 2000, the average urbanization rate nationwide was only 36%, and the Northeast had reached more than 50%.

In recent years, the younger brother and sister are chasing the level of urbanization of the elder brother, and the elder brother has been wrapped in.


However, even if it is chased by the rapid trend, the urbanization rate in the northeast is still at the forefront of the country.

This is the imprint of the glorious era of the Northeast Industry to the Northeast.

The Northeast is not even some people think of the “soil” and “no culture”. The average education level of Northeast people is at the forefront of the country, and the illiterate rate is very low.


However, the first pattern of high -urbanization rate is the first to make the Northeast a heavy burden on the new historical period.


In the “one -child” era of family planning, urban residents, especially employee families, were very strict when implementing policies.

The impact of this strict implementation on the population of the Northeast is not weaker than the so -called “outflow”. When the labor -intensive industry represented by the processing industry after opening, the northeast is full of force.

The large number of urban employees also means that the Northeast people have suffered a large impact in the tide of laid -off.

A large number of industrial employees and even technical talents in the Northeast, either go far away;

Either forced to transfer to the urban service industry, this is also the origin of the “heavy industrial barbecue” of the northeast that is currently ridiculed;


In addition, it has been reduced to the urban unemployed. Some unemployed people even evolved into the nature of the underworld. The fighting and the robbery occurred from time to time. Social security deteriorated in a period of time.

For example, the well -known walking quality emoji package -professional mage Liu Haizhu, the prototype comes from that era.

However, many people now regard the phenomenon of this era as a stereotype of the Northeast. When it comes to the “triads”, “poor security”, and “fighting everywhere” in the Northeast.

I don’t know,

This is the eldest son of the Northeast, and he is overworked in the tide of the development of the times, and he has left a injury to himself.

Now some people on the Internet see a big injury of the Northeast Brother. Regardless of the source or the reason, they only know the regional black.

But as everyone knows, there will be everywhere in this phenomenon. Now many counties and towns under the provinces, because the regional development is uneven, young people who have gone out of them, left -behind High, the population quality will decline.


Some people’s brainlessness will only let the Northeast people, especially the old generation of the Northeast people who have dedicated their lives in the third -tier construction.

But even if the Northeast people have suffered so many criticisms on the Internet, there are difficulties in other provinces. When the younger brother and sister happened,

The Northeast is still standing forward and exhausting all the one, and has never changed for decades.

During the “SARS” period, I learned that Beijing waschemia, and Heilongjiang Province’s health department was

I raised 100,000 milliliters of fresh blood in the shortest time


Chi Aid the capital; troops and local hospitals in the three provinces of Hei, Ji, and Liaoning


Thousands of hard -working medical staff went to Beijing

Combat the epidemic …

In the Wenchuan earthquake disaster, Heilongjiang collected a total of 995 million yuan in disaster relief donations, which created

The largest number of donations, the widest scope of donation, and the highest amount of donations

Historical records; Liaoning and Jilin have also donated billions of yuan, medical supplies and foods …

In the epidemic in Hubei Province this time, the Northeast also worked hard to ignore its own. It can be said that it is

“Cover the wound to assist Hubei.”


In the face of this epidemic, everyone must deeply feel that all provinces in China are one family, and one party has difficulty and support.


Everywhere, the hardest dragon scale on himself was pulled down to Hubei, and the elder brother in the Northeast was no exception.

Although the older brother is not as rich as before, the only thing in the family can get things, and in front of the younger brother and sister who has met the big world, it is not as rare as before.


But the elder brother’s heart that the brothers at home are still the same as many years ago, as new.


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