Don’t wear it messy in autumn.

#What to wear today#



#Star Style Review Competition#



There are many styles, and the color and color materials are different.


As a British grid shirt with some orthodox feelings

It is still very popular this fall, and I have received a lot of fashion women like it.

Whether in the workplace or in daily life, you can wear a different fashionable taste


So don’t wear it in autumn.

Checked shirt star wearing


In many stars wardrobe, checkered shirts are also very popular, especially in their daily private server, which has a high appearance rate

It looks elegant and intellectual,


And it looks very layered

Different shapes and checkered patterns can show a different fashion style, combined with different items,

Easily wear full of fashionable trend


The pattern of a checkered shirt

The grid of the plaid shirt has different sorting,

Large or small ones, or dark -colored light colors

, Can all create different visuals to see both

Combined with different clothing items, you can interpret different fashion flavor presentations. It is also one of the clothing that many girls love


Large grid


Large grid shirt,

It looks gentle and atmospheric,

And the sense of hierarchy is also super praise

It looks like




, And also created a full level of charm

Combined with the version of the shirt, you can wear out what you want

Fashionable style

In many different scenes, you can wear a very relaxed upper body,


Perfect creation of temperament lady style emotions

Small grid

Little grid shirt, it looks dense, it will look stronger,

The upper body looks fashionable and simple to wear

If the color is beautiful, then you can also create a different fashion trendy temperament.


If it is a dark color system, then the implicit low -key charm can also be presented very easily. In many different scenes, it can be very easy.

Wearing your own unique style


The color of the checkered shirt

There are different differences in the color shirt on the color, which can create a different visual sense, combined with different other items,


You can easily wear your own unique temperament

And it is also adapted to various scenes, which has won many girls love


Light -colored

Light -colored checkered shirt, stylish and simple,


Bring a beautiful and fresh visual effect

The upper body looks like

Fair skin

For yellow skin and black skin girls, they can be easily upper body

The temperament interpretation is full of fashion visual sense. In different occasions, you can wear it freely.

Express your unique style

Dark color

Dark -colored checkered shirt,


Fashionable and elegant and a bit stable


It is also very suitable for the OLs of the workplace OL

Or mature female friends are wearing it, it seems very suitable

With light or dark pants or skirts, you can wear your own unique style.

Everywhere is gentle and gentle

What are the styles of checkered shirts?

The checkered shirt is different on the style, and there are different styles. Different styles are adapted to different downfits, and they are also suitable for different body upper body.

It shows a different fashionable taste when wearing it. The girls who like it can combine their dress style to choose from.

Create your own fashion temperament

Loose big version

Loose version of the large version,

Fashionable and casual and natural


The tolerance of the body is very strong, and you can wear a simple and casual feeling.


In some modification occasions that go out of the street or play, it looks very suitable, and it is also one of many girls that many girls are super favorite. They are worn with slim pants.

It looks fashionable and simple


Tight -fitting

Tight -fitting small plaid shirt,

Simple wearing is still very slim

, Can highlight the slender and charming of the origin

Design that can adopt a Wici

Modify the slender curve of the waist, and then wear it with your favorite bottom. It looks fashionable and sexy.

Express the full trend style

How to match the checkered shirt

The checkered shirt is also different in matching. It can be combined with different downfits to create a different visual sense of visual vision.

And what kind of different matching combinations, interested girls, let’s take a look together

Checked shirt+casual pants

Match with a checkered shirt with casual pants,

Real wear is quite high

You can wear your own simple style

In many scenes,

You can get on your body easily


, Perfectly create a different fashion style

In these scenes of going out of the street,


They all look very good shots

And this kind of wear design has also been liked by many girls


Many styles of casual pants have many styles, but they are matched with checkered shirts,

Most of them use more solid colors


This looks more like this

Fashion and hierarchical charm.


If the color is still very picky, then the whole dress seems to be even more


Fashionable and beautiful


, Wear a pair of comfortable sneakers combined

You can interpret your unique atmosphere, Harun’s stylish casual trousers,

Simple and elegant

And for girls with strong thighs, it looks quite suitable

The pants mouth is slightly narrow,


Wear concise and neat

And there is no delay at all

With a fashionable and simple checkered shirt, it looks like the whole wear is full of full

Trendy tone

Come out, and then choose the adapted shoe and bag, you can easily go out the street to smell the beauty.

Dress the same color or smooth color,

Fashionable, simple and generous


, Full of upper body wearing comfort


Combined with a casual checkered shirt, you can wear your own

Unique temperament

Combined with the fashionable and simple casual single shoe upper body, perfectly create a simple and casual nature

Feel at ease


, It’s very picky everywhere

Checked shirt+skirt

Classic plaid shirt,

Fashionable, concise and generous

, The upper body is wearing a bit

Dignified breath


Combined with the elegant small A -shaped skirt, it looks fashionable and elegant.

Display the slender sense of origin

Put on a pair of fashionable heels or boots, you can easily wear your own

The disappearance of the shirt is often welcomed by everyone.

It is simple to wear,


And it can also highlight the slender beautiful legs

If the top is still loose,

Then the fashionableness of wearing is also very good

You can put on a pair of comfortable sneakers or flat -bottomed short boots at will, which can show full of trendy style.

Eye -catching


Checked shirt+tight pants


If the checkered shirt version is relatively large, then the stylish casual style of wearing is more strong.

And tolerance is also very strong.

Combined with tight pants

You can easily wear out the difference


Then wear a handsome baseball cap, you can easily wear your playful youth trend.

Checked shirt+shorts


Fashionable and simple checkered shirt, elegant and generous, comfortable and versatile,

And do not pick people to wear

With loose and comfortable shorts,


It seems 100 % leisurely

And wearing a combination like this, many girls like it very much

With different shoes and hats, these items can be worn well.

Unique style

, Everywhere looks super eye -catching

Pure color shorts, combined with checkered shirts,

The sense of hierarchy on the vision is also very eye -catching

It also looks like wearing


Fashionable and foreign


Essence Adopting a combination of upper and shorter wearing, you can well interpret your own unique tempera

And it is also suitable for different people and occasions, which can perfectly create their own

The must -have British grid shirt in autumn is fashionable and retro, and it looks good at wearing it alone.

These style and color checkered shirts,

Fashionable, simple and generous, with an elegant and beautiful upper body

You can wear your own unique style well

Combining with different other items, you can wear your own fashion style. In many different scenes, you can easily get on your body.

Unique temperament

Unique temperament


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