Flat girls, please check this wave of 100 -dollar girl swimsuit evaluation!

Hangzhou has about 40 degrees of body feel every day. There is only one idea of ​​such a hot weather dirt mushroom -give me a swimming pool, I am the happiest mushroom in the world!


So today I will give you a period of girls with a sense of pure and conservative swimsuit! In addition, today’s swimsuit is super suitable for flat -breasted girls ~ (Model Pin Sauce Section Information: 160/45)

As the saying goes, there are three treasures on vacation: seaside, swimsuit, firebird! In the first set, the essential elements of the INS net celebrities of Firebird+Banana Leaf are all available. The color matching is a small fresh girl style. If you buy a pink love swimming circle, you can definitely shoot a small cherry blossoms by the pool The beautiful soap roar on INS (Star Eye)

The shoulders are loose, so you do n’t need to adjust it by yourself. If you feel too loose, you can pull it into a flat shoulder and say that you like to wrap the upper body tightly in this way, and you do n’t show anything (anyway, there is no chest)!


The second set of look is the white chicken with white chicken, and there is no color difference at all. Girls, they are all white and tender! The lower body pants have a rowing strap, and it really makes the meat on the lower abdomen less obvious, and the attention is focused on


There will be some strokes in the squeak, and it is easy to accidentally squeeze out of the hand, and the image of the girl cracks! Although Xiaofei sleeves want to highlight the design of girlishness, they do not cover the meat … M code may try.

in conclusion:


There is a rare conjoined swimsuit, which has both conservative and small sexy W front placket design that is just a god.


Although the triangular butt is large, the slender shoulder strap perfectly shows the lines of the neck. Seeing the girly figure with the collarbone and the hip curve connected, the straight men on the swimming pool cannot flow nosebleeds. Over

Although black is not a girl color, the illustrator Miya loves to wear black ruffled swimsuits alone ~~ The new mixed -blooded Madou Fujita Nicola in “VIVI” also prefers ruffles! Well, try the black and white match with the trend boldly. I am the first fashion girl of the beach


The first choice of flat breasts is oversized large lotus leaf edge. , It’s still a girl who is so good, isn’t it?


This set was planted by Lin Xiaozhai, but after the upper body … I was worried. Essence The shoulder strap is not tight and cannot be adjusted. It is suffocated. It cannot fit the shoulders at all, and may even fall down. The quality of the white lace is also difficult to say, but fortunately, the price is very close to the people, and it has been reluctant to have the quality of quality.


Regarding the tiered rope on the chest, the buyer’s show is all kinds of fancy methods:

① Hang the neck like a small house


② Tied into chocker decorative neck

③ Simple bow


What about the lively and cute girl? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection The real red is far from reaching the “girl red” I expected. It is too bright. It makes me feel like I feel that this is definitely not my problem. I think this is definitely not my problem. … Rose red, please … choose carefully …


Hold is a real girl who can hold the milk white, and the blue background is also a pure blow from the girl ~ Of course, if you want even the girl, there is still a lot of lotus leaf to help the field, even if the upper body is still returned to adolescence ~~ And it inside There is also a layer of flat trousers, which are safe and safe!

There are some extended visual effects on the side of the lotus leaf, but the aging effect of the chest pads is more really haha. This is very intimate! A little shy girls, this one thinks it can be called the first choice ~

After reading 6 sets of swimsuit evaluation, you found that as long as the swimsuit is good, you are a beautiful girl with a shining pool! Intersection

The following three points are summarized by the dirt mushroom:


1️⃣ The color does not need to be too bright, fresh and natural is suitable for girls. It is recommended that everyone prefer blue, turmeric, and wine red


2️⃣ Super large lotus leaf edges can not only highlight the cuteness of the girl, but also modify the chest lines and visually alleviate the flat breasts


3️⃣ Concern’s triangle swimsuit is small sexy, and the flat -angle swimsuit is more comfortable ~


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