Night talk heavy snow: rain and snow , can’t be warm in heart …

Time is quiet to the year old

There seems to be a wise old man on the earth

His beard and hair are already white

But still walking on the way home

He sang a song, praising the vast white snow

And the gorgeous time and life

Thousands of trees and pear flowers

Faced with mountains and rivers

Calm after time

We ushered in the third solar terms after winter

Heavy snow

Until this

The process of winter has performed more than half

The snow struck the earth like a broken Jade jade

The proud plum blossom is quietly blooming

There are three trees in heavy snow

Wait for

Two Tigers started

Sanwanli stands out


Snow is coming


May wish to try alone with yourself


Listen to the songs of the first Yinzhong Yang Yang

Pick a book that wants to read for a long time

Ren Yu Xueyu outside the window, Twilight

My heart is always filled with rare calmness and stability

In winter, let’s go to the north to see the snow

When it is snowing, of course, the scene will change again. In the morning, open your eyes from a thick quilt, and the light of a room will dizzy your eyes. Under the sunlight, the snow was shining one by one, and the birds who had been dormant for a long time would fly out to find food to show up, talk about the sky, and squeak. The dark sky in the past few days, the sad clouds were swept away, and suddenly they became clear, and there was no obstacles; so the young northern residents could live outside the camp, skating, snowman, and ice car and snow cart, right This kind of life is the most powerful.

I used to go up with a few friends on this kind of snowy evening in the evening of the heavy snow. A heavy snowfall outside the suburbs of Beiping, countless dead woods, and many white peaks faintly appeared in Xishan, and the northwestern winds that were blowing from time to time, the impression of people was deep, great, mysterious, mysterious to mysterious, it was mysterious to mysterious. Can’t be described in words. Until more than ten years later, when I remembered the scene at the time, I had to shivering and spit out my breath, just like the moment when I was standing next to the Diaoyutai Creek.

The festival is from Yu Dafu’s “Four Seasons of Peiping”

Winter seems to be the tofu falling from the chopsticks of my father’s chopsticks

Speaking of winter, I suddenly thought of tofu. It is a “Xiaoyang pot” (aluminum pot) white boiled tofu, hot. The water rolled, like a small fish’s eyes, a small piece of tofu was kept in it, tender and slippery, as if the white fox coat was worn. The pot is on the “foreign stove” (the kerosene does not hit the stove), and the stove is smoked black and black, and the more white the tofu is. This is at night, the room is old, although it is still dark. Sitting around the table was three father and our brother. “Yang Furnace” is too high. His father often stood up, raised his face slightly, looked at his eyes, stretched into the chopsticks from the hot air, pinched tofu, and placed in our soy sauce dishes one by one. We sometimes do it ourselves, but the stove is too high, and we still enjoy it. This is not eating, just playing. My father said that it was cold at night and everyone was warm. We all like this kind of white water tofu; as soon as we served, we looked at the pot, waiting for the hot air, waiting for the tofu that fell from the chopsticks from his father.

Selected from Zhu Ziqing “Winter”

In the past winter, the snow fell lightly, uniform, and free

After having breakfast, the snow fell up again. Without wind, the snow fell lightly, uniform, and free, and it was not melted on the ground. There is no room between heaven and earth.

Only the well in the village entrance was not buried, and the steam was sprayed up from a distance. The little daughter -in -law liked to wash the radish by the well, soaked in the water in the water, and couldn’t bear to propose it.

This wife was bloated and swollen, and she put on hoof -shaped gloves on her hand and shake the spinning car on the cymbal. The cat no longer fell in love, curled around, connected with the head and tail, and couldn’t get away. The children woke up early and looked out of the glass window. A layer of water vapor on the glass, wipe it out, and see the wire in the courtyard, almost the fingers are thick:

“Grandma, the wire is swollen.”

“It was snowing.” Grandma said.

“Then you are in spinning, and the scion is swollen.”

They ran out of the house, opened their mouths, and let the snowflake fall in, but before the snow arrived in their mouths, they always melted. They are not afraid of cold, especially children, holding the snow from each other, throwing around their necks, shouting.

Under the thick snow, the leaves did not grow up and did not die. A few old farmers of Long Zhong stood by the ground, grabbed the snow with their hands, pinched a dumplings, and said, “Good snow, good snow, cold in winter, not hot in summer, the grain is not ended.” They laughed, shouting Go back and roast wine.

The snow was still down, so big snow.

A person walks silently in the snow, watching the winter scenery. Step out a footprint in front of the foot, leave the back foot, and the footprints are wiped away by the snow again. Those who did not go before, and there was no one afterwards. He felt a little super dusty. He thought of a poem and couldn’t say.

Selection from Jia Pingwa “Winter Scenery”

In winter, I really touch the years

It can be touched to the years every winter. The year is the boundary between the middle of winter. With this division, I felt that the years had become shorter a day ago, until there is not much residual! Suddenly there was a lot of days after the New Year, and the rich man who became a time was really good at all.

Time is calculated with time. So where is time? On the clock, the calendar, or the sun in front of the window?

The window is the most charming frame of the house. The festival changes the scenery in the frame. On those days with the strongest winter meaning, the heat in the room worked hard with the sunlight outside the window to melt the ice and snow frozen on the glass; it always opened from the middle and spread to the four sides. Through this wonderful ice hole, I found that the world’s world is the brightest. In the midsummer of the youthful youth, there are always shadow shadows, but lush but dark. Why is there such a bright light? Suddenly I respect the concept of the old man. Only when you read your life and take off the leaves of your life, will the small forest in front of you look clear. Only through this thorough thoroughness can there be this boundless tranquility. Anning is not An Yan, but a broad and rich self -enjoyment. The only self -sharing owned by the creator in the world is the true happiness of life.

Festivals from Feng Jicai’s “Winter Sword”

The severe cold and long snowy night

Everything is deeply sleeping, peace is silent

Aoxue Lingshuang

The vastness between the heavens and the earth

But the sublimation of countless poets

Snow in poetry

Which one has been moist?

The severe winter in the snow is the most silver -wrapped

Bai Xuege sent a martial artist to return to Beijing

(Elected) Cen Shen


The north wind rolls the white grass, and Hu Tian will fly snow in August.

Suddenly like the spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom.


Translation: Beifeng swept the earth to blow the white grass, and Hu Di fell into the snow as soon as it passed in August. Suddenly, it seemed like a spring breeze blowing, as if it was a thousand trees.

There is a quiet night in the snow, the most silent

Night snow

Bai Juyi

I was surprised that the pillow was cold, and the windows were clear.

Night knows the heavy snow, and when I hear the sound of bamboo.

Translation: The night lying pillow was like ice, and I couldn’t help but surprise me, and saw the light of the windows glowed by white snow. At night, I knew that the snow was very large because it could hear the sound of snow folding the bamboo branches from time to time.

The cold plum in the snow, the most winter companion


Fisherman’s Snow, Knowing Chunxinzhi

Li Qingzhao

It is known in the snow to know the spring letter,

Han Mei was embellished with Qiong Zhi.

The fragrant face is half open,

When the intercontinental, the jade people bathe in new makeup.

Creating may be intentional,

Therefore, it is exquisitely taught.

Appreciate the bounty to sink the green ants,

Mo Ci drunk, this flower is not compared with group flowers.

Translation: snow -capped, full of silver world. Just in this silver world, a tree cold plum embellished. The snow -covered plum branches are crystal clear, don’t be on the branches, plum blossoms, rich and clean. This Aoxue’s plum blossoms passed on to people’s spring is coming. The plum blossoms are blooming, delicate and pitiful, and the qi strikes people, just like the beauty in the courtyard just out of the bath, changing the beauty of new makeup.

Nature may also have preferences, and love this gorgeous plum blossom, as a foil, so that the moonlight is so bright and clear, full of earth. Let’s raise a drink and drink. It ’s good to spend the moon, enjoy the wine, and take a drunk. You know, the flowers are gorgeous, but they can’t be compared to this plum blossom.

Xuezhong Road, the most difficult and dangerous obstruction

It is difficult to walk

(Elected) Li Bai

If you stop the cup, you ca n’t eat, and you will be blank.


If you want to cross the Yellow River Bingsechuan, you will board the mountains.

Translation: I’m depressed in my chest. I put down the wine glass and chopsticks can’t eat things; pulling the sword to look around, and my heart is really confused. If you want to cross the Yellow River, the ice and snow block this Dawa; to climb Taihang Mountain, the reckless snow has long been sealed.

Bare in the snow, the most true love cut

Da Dong

High -quality

Thousands of miles of yellow clouds and white sun,

The north wind blows geese and snow.

Mochou has no confidant,

Whoever does not know the monarch in the world.

Translation: The sunset at dusk makes thousands of miles floating clouds dark, the north wind blows, the snow is all over, and the Yan’er flies south. Don’t worry about no confidant on the road ahead. Who else knows you in the world?

Drink in the snow, the most timely time

Ask Liu Nineteen

Green ants new wine, red mud small stove.

If you come to the snow in the evening, can you drink a cup?

Translation: It was brewed with light green rice wine and burned a small stove. It will gradually get stronger in the night. Can I drink a glass of warm wine with me?


The orphan in the snow, the most stunned


Liu Zongyuan

Thousands of mountain birds are flying, and people are destroyed by thousands of people.


Boat PC World Weng, fishing alone trees and snow.

Translation: There is no trace of flying birds in thousands of mountains and mountains, and the footprints of pedestrians are not seen in thousands of paths. On the lonely boat, a fisherman wearing a dressed head was fishing alone in the snow.

The return of people in the snow is the most warm ironing


Master of Fengxue Su Furong Mountain

Liu Changqing

The sun is far away, and the cold white house is poor.

Chai Men heard the dog barking, and the snowy night returned.

Translation: Twilight is coming, the mountains are vast, the road is far away, the weather is cold, and the thatched house seems to be more poorer. The sound of dog barking came from outside Chai Men, and it turned out that someone returned home with snow.

Xueben is a poem

May winter


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Bai Juyi


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