Solving the habit of throwing grass draft paper, Xiaoxun big screen liquid crystal handwriting board evaluation experience

I often need to draft drafts when studying, and scattered draft paper often appears on the desktop, which not only affects the tidyness of the desktop, but also adds a lot of garbage. Sometimes it is necessary to make a draft temporarily, and find paper everywhere, which makes the author headache. Later, when brushing the shake, I accidentally discovered the liquid crystal handwriting board that could be repeatedly wiped, so I started a small search 16 -inch color LCD handwriting board on the Internet, and finally solved the problem of the children’s draft paper. Let me share the experience of this product.


This liquid crystal handwriting board is the third -generation product of Xiaoxun, which has been upgraded compared to the previous two generations. The outer packaging of the product uses a flat rectangular sheet box, the orange background color and the front 1: 1 product color printing picture, which looks very atmospheric.


The inner packaging is fixed with transparent plastic shells. The packaging list includes handwriting boards, handwriting and manuals.


The LCD handwriting board uses a 16 -inch screen. Compared with the 10 -inch tablet computer, the screen can be seen that the screen is really large. The frame of the screen is made of engineering plastic, and the design of the arc and rounded corners makes children use safer to use. The slim body is light in the hand.

On the front frame, the button of the home key is the clearance key. This is also the only place for the handwriting board to power. Each press will generate a clearing voltage once and eliminate the content of the screen.


On the side frame near the removal key, there is a card slot like the upper and lower sound keys of the mobile phone, which is a battery compartment with a 2025 button lithium battery. In order to prevent children from taking it privately, it is difficult to open. When the parents open, they need to squeeze the two keys to the middle, and then pull out the battery. Although it is a 3V button battery, it is very durable for handwriting and can reach the battery life of about 1W.

There is also a rope hole on the frame of the color LCD mobile phone, which can save space on the wall. However, the rope needs to be prepared, and it should not be too thick. Next to the rope hole is the screen lock button. When the button is located at the lock end, the removal of the keys is the failure state, so that in order to prevent the important content from unintentionally cleared.


The handwriting pen is about the same size, the length is moderate, and the feel is comfortable. The pen is also magnetic. It can be adsorbed on the frame of the handwriting board after use. It is more convenient than the storage design of the card slot, and it can be exempted from the troubles to find a pen. This is also one of the highlights of this product upgrade from the previous two generations.

Xiaoxun color LCD handwriting panels use flexible screens, so the screen will not be as fragile as hard screen. If you look closely, you will find that the LCD screen has nine long -colored long -strips areas. This design makes the screen achieve the effect of color changes. The reason why the screen can show the font is that after the screen is stressed, the liquid crystal distorted reflects the external light to our eyes, and the light without fonts is absorbed, displaying black. Because the screen itself is not glowing, the brighter the light of the outside world, the clearer the screen font, and it also achieves zero power consumption.


The thickness of the handwriting board is determined by the time of contact with the screen and the screen, so the effect of similar sketching and brush writing is formed. Xiaoxun’s physical response when writing and painting was very sensitive when writing and painting. It was not delayed. It felt the same as when writing and drawing on paper.



Although the screen of this liquid crystal handwriting board is still very different from the resolution of the mobile phone screen, the 16 -inch screen and the coarseness of the strokes make this handwritten board record a lot of content. I try to write the smallest font. After comparison, I found that there is no problem writing a 500 -word composition with a handwritten board.


Although the liquid crystal handwriting board has good superiority in terms of convenience and environmental protection, similar products in the market can not achieve casual partial erasure at present, so what is written or wrong. Clear and start again. And Xiaoxun’s 16 -inch LCD handwriting board, because of the large screen, compared to the small screen LCD handwriting board can reduce the number of removal times. For children, painting, writing, and drafts are usually a good product.


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